Wikileaks on deleted e-mails

From Wikileaks latest, Hillary Clinton and her people deleted 33,000+ e-mails, knowing that it was illegal to do so.

This brings to mind the Nixon tapes during the Watergate hearings back in the 1970s, wherein the media treated as shocking the idea that Nixon’s secretary (on his orders, allegedly) purposely deleted parts of those tapes. All of 18 minutes of the tapes! Compare that to the potentially damning material in tens of thousands of e-mails. Notice the obvious difference in the way the media treats the two situations.

Hillary? Give her the benefit of the doubt, by all means. Maybe she wasn’t aware she was doing anything illegal — yes, she’s supposedly a brilliant woman, has been a ‘co-president’ with her reprobate ‘husband’, was supposedly a hot-shot  lawyer and an Ivy Leaguer with a high IQ but she didn’t know? Which is it? Brilliant woman, or simply ignorant of the law?

But Nixon and the missing 18 minutes? He was an evil, diabolical man who was obviously covering up some kind of serious wrongdoing.

And remember, the genius Hillary was one of those who was part of the Watergate investigation. It’s ironic that now she is caught doing the kind of thing for which Nixon was so reviled by the likes of Hillary and the leftist media. Does this fall under the heading of ‘karma’ to which the lefty New-Agers are always alluding? If so, then it’s fitting.

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