Illegal alien crimes

Here’s a blog devoted to reporting crimes by illegal aliens (including some refugee crimes, apparently). While their efforts are worthwhile, seeing as how the lying media probably under-report and downplay such crimes, I can’t help reiterating that legal or illegal, the issue should be that the quality of the immigrants we now admit to our country means that more crime in our country is the result.

I don’t see why so many immigration restrictionists want to reduce the issue to one of ‘illegal vs. legal immigrants’, with legal=good and illegal, bad. It is not that cut and dried. Even apart from the serious crimes committed by immigrants of all kinds, we just do not need more immigrants, especially those from violent, unstable, high-crime countries.

A ‘Startpage’ web search yielded a slew of articles by a range of sources, from the Wall Street Journal (yes, they of ‘There Shall Be Open Borders’ fame) to PBS, the WaPo, some libertarian open-borders sources, and so on. Skewed much? In any case, reading those sources would have us believe that immigrants are much more law-abiding than natives of this country. Maybe — depending, of course, on which ‘natives’ you mean.

Even alternative search engines seem to give heavily biased results.

This article from American Thinker says that it appears illegal immigrants commit murder at a higher rate than the native-born population. Whether there is any data on the difference between immigrants here legally vs. those here illegally, it isn’t easy to determine.

Yet what logical basis could there be to believe that only those who enter the country illegally are even potentially lawbreakers? I suppose there is just the vague unsupported assumption that a criminally-prone person would not ”go by the rules” in coming to this country. But what of those who come here via chain migration, as relatives of legal immigrants or legal residents of foreign birth? Or refugees? Are they vetted thoroughly, and as has been asked often, how can we vet people from third-world countries, where good public records are not kept, or not available?

Donald Trump has taken a lot of flak for saying that Mexicans commit a lot of rape in this country. Some sources, even the normally immigration-skeptical CIS, have argued that data shows immigrants commit less crime, but as is pointed out here, it isn’t that simple. The methods used in collecting data (including self-reporting, in many cases, by offenders) and the unwillingness of government departments to collect and collate such data means that even the government really has no definitive answers.

It’s simple common sense to look at the countries from which most of our immigrants come; are those countries high-crime, high-violence countries, reflecting cultures of that type? In the vast majority of cases, the answer is yes. Why, then, should those immigrating here suddenly become law-abiding and peaceable, when their countries are violent and dysfunctional, and in many cases, downright lawless? It requires a great deal of credulity to believe that people from countries where violence and crime are a way of life would suddenly become model neighbors here in the United States.

We are being misled by the media and by the powers-that-be, as in so many things.

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