On pessimism


I’ve been reading so many pessimistic, ‘we’re doomed‘ comments online that I needed to post this. Pessimism and warring amongst ourselves are having a demoralizing effect. I used to do more posts exhorting my readers, trying to rally people’s spirits, though I have never been a real Pollyanna. I wonder how many of the doomsayers are operatives amongst us, even those who are veteran commenters on some blogs. Even if the other side is not responsible for all the negative posts I am sure our foes are applauding the demoralizing result. Meanwhile I like to remind myself that none of us, even the most perceptive and informed, knows the future. And I believe that God is sovereign, not any mortal human being, however powerful.

3 thoughts on “On pessimism

  1. Pessimism is better than optimism at this point, but neither are as good as the Stone Cold Attitude of “I don’t care”. You should realize that we didn’t start this War, and we didn’t do anything to start it either, but at this point we have no choice and nothing to lose. Irregardless of what happens, its better than this. When you fight, you fight not just for yourself, but for your children, grandchildren, ancestors and all posterity. If we lose we will dine with the Gods in Valhalla for fighting the Good Fight for our people and our future. If we win, never again will this swine stink up our lives with their lies and never again shall anyone even DARE to try this kind of obvious chicanery. NEVER AGAIN. Its sweet to use the enemy’s own words against them.

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  2. Joshua, I agree. I suppose many people (if not most) would regard me as a pessimist though I think I am a realist, and if that means being pessimistic at times, then that’s what I am when it’s justified. I think my problem is with the defeatists and the fatalists who seem determined to make all of us just give in to defeatism.
    I agree that we have no choice about the situation we’re in and that we can’t just resign ourselves.

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