On the generational warfare front…

If the following was written about most groups, it would be considered some kind of incitement. Which it is.

Anonymous—- said…

Old people are committing White genocide. Baby boomers are DESTROYING the next generation of Whites. Generation identitaire are correct.

The older generation are RAPING the young, forcing them to fund their retirements with rent.

A backlash will occur. Old whites are going to hell. When Tim Wise’s clock stops ticking, immigrants will vote to not pay them.

Old retired whites ARE destroying the white race, and none of them seem to care. “But I paid into my retirement account my whole life.” Maybe they did, but ALL that money is gone. The younger generations actually owe them nothing. The western social welfare ponzi scheme is white genocide.”

Wonder which generation the writer is part of, and how he would justify his generation’s existence? What have he and his age cohort done to reverse things? Let some of these daddy-haters explain themselves and their (lack of) action other than reviling their parents and/or grandparents and cheering for their demise.

Until proven otherwise, these people are plants/operatives paid to sow division or to exacerbate division that already exists. Or they are self-haters, because you cannot, can not love your folk while hating your progenitors.

Hate is a natural human emotion. It is part of our makeup. It is not condemned in the Bible as a sin. We are to hate what is evil — but that’s not enough. We are to love that which is good, and cleave to it.

Hating our own folk is not consistent with being pro-White or an ethnopatriot. Anyone who preaches this kind of elder-loathing venom should be called out on it. And no one is doing so. Apparently it’s OK with most, judging by the loud silence.


One thought on “On the generational warfare front…

  1. Until proven otherwise, these people are plants/operatives paid to sow division or to exacerbate division that already exists.

    That’s plausible. The silly inter-generational name-calling certainly serves the interests of the elites.

    Any elite is going to use divide-and-rule tactics but it’s depressing when it’s made so easy for them.

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