Trusted media sources?

The UK Daily Mail reports on the “first” refugee children arriving from Calais, into the UK. Are they really the first, as in the only ones to have arrived via Calais? How does the Daily Mail writer know this? Surely with all the immigrants sneaking in via the Calais route over the years, no one knows how many under-age young people have slipped into the UK with family members or on their own. We have a similar situation here, with many Latino children (at least, the media assures us they are children) coming across the border without parents or other older relatives.

But as in our country, questions are being raised by skeptics about whether some of these ‘child migrants’ are in fact adults lying about their ages. And as the authorities wish to have as many of these people entering our country as possible, they are determined to accept the word of the alleged children as to their actual age. There have been cases where the supposed child proved to be a mature man. This has happened in the UK also. The fact that the supposed children are often laughably obvious as adults shows how gullible or dishonest the authorities are. But the whole thing is far from laughable; serious consequences have resulted from this transparent deception.

The Daily Mail article contains the usual pro-immigrant sympathy, but the commenters, in many cases, are having none of it. At least some people are finally rejecting the media lies.

But earlier today, when checking in on the Russia Today channel, which we get via a streaming device, the ticker reported this story with something about ‘Child migrants being greeted with skepticism’ as they arrived in the UK. And this, with a tone of disapproval.

The RT news channel is so often recommended by people on the right as a source of real news, as opposed to our lying media. I’ve given RT a second chance because the American media is so obviously lacking credibility that I sometimes think any source is better, but what other sources, at least on streaming media, have any credibility at all? So I have given RT a second chance. Unfortunately my impression is as it was at first: RT does give a pro-Russian viewpoint, which is what it should be for, but it also presents an anti-Western, anti-American point of view, which it should not necessarily do. Yes, I realize ‘our’ government has been on an anti-Russian tear, baiting Putin and Russia shamefully. But is Russia necessarily on ‘our’ side, meaning pro-White? From viewing RT, you would not get that impression, if you view it with open eyes. I am probably considered, by my readers at least, to be anti-Russian, though I’m not. In my youth I was fascinated with Russia (the USSR generally), including the language, culture, films, and the people. I still have an affinity for the culture and I’ve known many Russians I liked or was fond of, though they still seem enigmatic to me. I simply warn people that we must not make Russia a Rohrschach inkblot in which we show what is in our own minds, rather than what is really there. We see in Putin or Russia that which we sorely need here: strong confidence and leadership; toughness in the form of ethnopatriotism.

All that aside, Russia Today seems most of all like a Russian version of Fox News. Many of the personalities (and I use that term purposely rather than journalists) on the English version of RT are native English-speakers, either British or American; some of them bear Jewish surnames and other intimations of their ancestry. Why this does not evoke skepticism from the Alt-Right  viewers who are very awake to the Jewish presence in our own media baffles me.

RT has its ‘news babes’, much as Fox News does, and RT is very much of the mindset that makes ‘diversity’ a mandatory feature.

But I do notice that a couple of Irish Savant’s commenters have noticed these things, and these responses followed after someone recommended RT as a reliable media source:

Yeah I have no sympathy for RT. They are playing both sides of the field and yes they do show another perspective but they are a propaganda entity or at least a counter-propaganda element and only show that other side to gain an effect.

I don’t blame the Russians for setting it up like that, but they will expand on the Leftist PC bullshit not because they believe in it but because it destabilises the West who of course has dug their own grave and asked for it by trying to destabilise Russia and her neighbours and allies.

Therefore I don’t care much for RT just as I feel fuck-all for the Western NWO controlled media houses. There are no completely “good guys” in this.”


Anonymous eleos said…

Jay, RT does indeed provide an alternative to the usual anti-Russian Ziocon media. However it otherwise adheres totally to the PC multicultural, blacks-are-victims, mass immigration good agenda.”

The verdict, for my part, is that there is no broadcast or streaming news source that I know of that is on our side, and that is trustworthy.  If anyone out there knows of such a source, I’m open to hearing it.

And I’m glad to see that others are not taken in, in their desperation for some source they can trust.

2 thoughts on “Trusted media sources?

  1. Regarding RT, as with any news source, it can still be useful when viewed critically. Sometimes the truth, while mixed with lies, is buried deep somewhere in the mix. Our job is to sort out reality, somewhat like those logic puzzles in high school math, when you are given a dozen statements describing some crime from different viewpoints. As prisoners of the system, we must put together all the clues to solve the mystery. RT may just be one of our many incomplete data points.


  2. but they will expand on the Leftist PC bullshit not because they believe in it but because it destabilises the West who of course has dug their own grave and asked for it by trying to destabilise Russia and her neighbours and allies.

    I think the Russians are making a mistake. Political Correctness is not just a mortal threat to western civilisation, it’s a mortal threat to Russian civilisation as well in the long term. I can understand why they’re tempted to use it to attack the US and I don’t blame them for feeling a great deal of bitterness towards the US. But in terms of long term survival it’s a serious error.

    They should be focusing on the war-crazed American neocons who want to lead the whole world to ruin.


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