Evangelicals prefer Trump

According to one poll, 69 per cent of Evangelicals prefer Trump.

This contradicts what many of the news media have been saying, and it’s also the opposite of the popular opinion on many Alt-Right/dissident right blogs, where people say that Christians will not vote for Trump.

Personally I think that the seculars out there who are Trump supporters simply have a low opinion of Christians (or Evangelicals specifically), as the public at large has been conditioned to have negative images of Christians. So many on the secular right are lumping Christians together with the ‘Churchians.’ Not all Christians are Churchians, or ‘cucked’.

I live in a town where the majority of people are Christian, I mean, actively Christian, who belong to churches and attend every Sunday. They even read (and believe) their Bibles. They aren’t just casual Christians; they’re not just Christians by default because they haven’t yet become Moslems or Hindus or Mormons or atheists. But in my town, the vast majority of yard signs, bumper stickers or other such displays are for Trump. I have seen one sign for Hillary, though there may be a handful here and there.

Even in the University town which is about 20 minutes away, I have seen a total of two yard signs for Hillary. It’s hard to believe because that town, population about 80,000, is an ultra-liberal town, populated by many academics and young naive college kids. There are still some ‘Bernie’ signs there that were never taken down; Bernie was the choice for most of the lefties there. But I’ve seen two Hillary signs in my recent visits.

Anecdotes aren’t data, I know. But if there is a lot of support for Hillary, people must be too embarrassed to show their support. I can only hope they will be too embarrassed to go to the polls to vote for Hillary.

The media, I think, are trying to demoralize potential Trump voters by their barrage of false data and skewed ‘news.’

2 thoughts on “Evangelicals prefer Trump

  1. Thanks for for pointing this out. A few weeks ago some in the alt-right/WN community were insulting “the evangelicals” as a group because of some silly petition  where 100 so called evangelicals attacked Trump. The vast majority of people on the petition are people no one has ever heard of or well known left wing activists.

    Mike Huckabee, Jerry Falwell Jr, Gary Bauer, James Dobson, Ralph Reed and many other well known evangelicals endorse Trump but do they get any credit for it? Nope, that would spoil the bash fest by the Roman Catholic and atheist “ethnics.”

    Also awhile back when I listed senators with colonial New England ancestry I left someone out because I stupidly neglected  to check the southern states for them. Turns out Sen. Richard Burr of NC is related to the famous VP Aaron Burr who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel. The Burrs of course trace back to Connecticut and then to Suffolk. That may make the Burr’s the one famous early republic era family with a representative still in the Federal government.

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  2. There may be other Southrons of colonial stock who have New England descent. In my family line there is the Epes family who started out in New England. The Epes family of course were connected to the Jefferson family. Then also in my family line there were the Bordmans/Boardmans, some of whom stayed in New England while some went to Virginia.
    So there must be some percentage of Southrons who have similar family lines, even if they aren’t aware of it.
    I think the Hall family also had a branch in New England.


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