On cultural appropriation

Here’s an interesting piece giving some perspective on our Hallowe’en traditions:
The rise and fall of Halloween trick-or-treating

It looks like Halloween traditions are being transformed, and in the wake of  mass immigration from entirely unrelated cultures, we will probably see the observance of it vanish eventually — possibly overshadowed by the Hispanic ‘El Dia de los Muertos‘, the ‘Day of the Dead.’

Cultural appropriation, so-called, is increasingly being denounced as some kind of crime against minority victim groups. Most recently there was a bizarre story about canoes:

“According to Misao Dean, Professor of English at the University of Victoria, the canoe can be a symbol of colonialism, imperialism and genocide due to history. She also accused the canoers of cultural appropriation because they are primarily white men and have a privileged place in society.”

This is how strange things are becoming. However some online commenters pointed out how the design of the canoe resembles the Viking boats and ships, and visually, this seems evident. It could be argued that the Vikings, who apparently arrived in North America many centuries ago and founded short-lived settlements, may have inspired the American Indian tribes to try to replicate their boats. Seems plausible to me. So then the Amerindians were the ones ‘stealing.’

Back to Halloween: that festival, under the influence of an increasingly dark popular culture (Hollywood movies, sensationalistic horror fiction, etc.) has become more sinister and creepy than it once was in less corrupt times. Despite that, though, the Hispanic ‘Dia de los Muertos’ is even less wholesome. If you do an internet search, you will find lots of articles about the Hispanic observance, and they are overwhelmingly positive. Food Network has recipes for ‘Day of the Dead’ foods, and Hallmark even has a line of merchandise which celebrates Day of the Dead. Many of the articles you find insist that it’s all about ‘celebrating life’. But then it is associated with the ‘deity’ known as Santa Muerte, or Saint Death.

By Christian lights, the ‘deity’ is a false idol and the holiday is pagan. However, it appears to be on the way to becoming part of our culture, or what was once ‘our’ culture. An acquaintance and I were noticing how much merchandise is now in stores at Halloween time, featuring the multicolored skulls and other ‘Day of the Dead’-related imagery. Christians, if you think Halloween isn’t fit for Christian children, then Day of the Dead is not something we should welcome — though because of Political Correctness, to object to it will be called ‘racism.’

So, liberal ‘whites’ and Hispanics should be raising a fuss about our ‘culturally appropriating’ the Day of the Dead. But they’re not.

Liberals and their allies/mascots should also be objecting to Whites ‘twerking’ and listening to hip-hop, urban, rap, and other forms of music created by (and for) blacks. Why not object to that? I oppose our ‘culturally appropriating’ music and entertainment for blacks. That belongs to them, is best fitted to their tastes and predilections; it shouldn’t be for White consumption.

And what about the trend towards foreign foods? I realize most White Americans now have been conditioned and encouraged to eat exotic ethnic foods, and many White Americans are addicted. How else to explain the sudden craze for consumption of highly-spiced, hot foods, like Sriracha sauce/Sriracha-flavored everything, to ‘ghost peppers‘? Call me old-fashioned and stodgy, but I don’t think European, or at least Northern European digestion is designed for these types of foods.Given what we know about HBD and very real physiological/anatomical differences, it seems that maybe we are not all meant to eat the same diet.

It does seem that the excessively-spiced foods are a staple in very hot climates, and they seem to serve a purpose of inducing perspiration, which is good in that kind of environment. It isn’t needed in temperate and cold climes.

An old saying has it that ‘You are what you eat.’ Maybe food does help to make us who we are in ways we don’t quite understand. The French used to call the English ‘rosbifs‘, from their fondness for roast beef. Now it seems the English are just as fond of the exotic foods — kebabs, curry, Thai food, and all the rest — that the traditional English diet is less popular.

And what about the global pop culture that has swamped our own traditions? Everywhere you go on this planet, it seems you see all ages of people in jeans and athletic shoes (sneakers, trainers, whatever you call them). Then there is the ubiquitous ugly graffiti (no, it is not art) and ‘gang signs’. That’s cultural appropriation from blacks, again. Give it back to them; it’s theirs, not ours.

Our slang, too, is increasingly based in ghetto jargon, and even pro-Whites’ vocabularies are saturated with it, often oblivious to its origin.

On the opposite side, nonwhites, while howling about Whites ‘appropriating’ their dubious ‘culture’, affect White physical features. See ‘black’ celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, et al, with fake blonde hair, whether it’s weaves or straightened and dyed natural hair, and lightened skin. Some, of course, is photoshop  effects in their pictures, but obviously they bleach or use skin-lightening cosmetics. Yet they claim pride in their race, and express anti-White sentiments. They shouldn’t try to mimic a White appearance, then. It isn’t convincing in any way, and we could say it is the equivalent of Whites using blackface — which nonwhites complain bitterly of.

Even East Asians are now attempting to whiten their appearance. For decades East Asian women have been able to have eye surgery to remove their natural epicanthic fold and widen their eyes, to approximate the rounder eye of White people. Now it seems that lightening the hair to an auburn or reddish color, or even a pale blonde color (approximately) is the in-thing. Even the young males are doing this. I notice on some of the Korean and Japanese ‘dramas’ that most of the cast, of both sexes, have European-colored hair, rather than their natural jet-black or very dark brown hair.

Hindu women, too, seem to like to use cosmetics or bleaches to make their skin lighter.

Paradoxical, isn’t it, that though they resent and often hate us, they try their best to look like Whites, and in the case of the women, to get White spouses? Or maybe it isn’t paradoxical. I think that their animosity and resentment of Whites is a product of envy, pure and simple. Envy, wishing that we had the possessions and qualities of others, often produces hatred or resentment of those who have what we want, and imagine we deserve.

We often ask why they come to our countries yet undermine us, or express hatred and ‘fear’ of us. The answer again is envy. Envy is no minor thing; it was traditionally one of the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ in Christian teaching. Envy, pride, and covetousness, all wrong, morally. Those who make excuses for those who envy and hate us, who attempt to gin up sympathy for them, are excusing those very obvious sins of envy and covetousness.

But on our side, why do we ‘culturally appropriate’ aspects of nonwhite cultures? Do we actually envy them, or covet what they possess? Liberals and xenophiles think their ways are more ‘colorful and vibrant’ and more ‘authentic’ than our bland and ‘plastic’ culture.

We need not envy them or imagine them superior in any way. Their desire to live amongst us shows that they see our culture as preferable. When will we see that for ourselves, and stop living in their shadow?

2 thoughts on “On cultural appropriation

  1. I sometimes refer to white liberals as “vibrancy vampires.” Living in their worlds of abstract delusions, they have no connection to the earth and reality. Consequently, these dead vapid souls seek to tap the supposed passion and vibrancy of blacks and immigrants.

    Behind the liberals’ egotism is a void of death they constantly try to fill with their abstractions and vibrancy blood. It never really works, so they nurse a profound death wish–one they seek to impose on the rest of us after the fashion of Jim Jones of Guyana fame.

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  2. Roland – ‘Vibrancy vampires’ — that’s an apt description of them. I never thought of it in that way before.
    It does seem as if they seem to crave something that the ‘vibrants’ and noble savages provide for them. Liberals do seem sort of bloodless in a way; I think I’ve used that word to describe them, and it does seem as though they either try to deny the reality of death (obsession with diet and fitness, as if these would prevent dying or even aging) and they probably do at the same time have a ‘death wish’ — that is if I understand that term properly.


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