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This was posted on Facebook.  I found it on Morgoth’s blog, on a thread which is featuring memes which could be used in trying to engage Hillary voters and the brainwashed left. Could it be useful? I like it because it is absolutely true. The kind of thinking that is denounced as ‘extremist’, ‘hateful’, and ‘bigoted’ was common to most normal people back then; even Democrats had views that are considered reprehensible today.  Yet right and wrong don’t change with time. Truth is not based on shifting, fickle public opinion. What was good and right in 1965 still is.

First we have the election ahead of us. I hope to persuade some of my lefty relatives to stay home and not vote; that may be the best possibility of preventing the disaster that the election might bring.

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  1. It is hard not to feel that relatives who vote for the machine are not betraying you. However, we should endeavor to not think that way. The power of the machine to achieve mind control is very sophisticated.

    A few people didn’t suddenly learn how to bring down a civilization 50 years ago. This took centuries or millennia of know-how. It also took practice many times to pull it off today where we have books, telephones, and printing press and now the Internet. Those make it harder, but they know how to get around that by techniques of duping people into self-destruction. That took a long long time to learn how to do.

    This is happening in every major European country that took part in WW1 and WW2. To have such a well developed ability to dupe people already in place, they had to be in control before WW1, so that WW1 and WW2 were done on purpose.

    I still believe we can defeat them. As you have written before, despair is their most potent weapon. Speaking out feels like taking a risk, but it is the safest bet. It is obvious that they fear this the most.

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  2. This is happening in every major European country that took part in WW1 and WW2.

    The odd thing is that it’s not actually happening to all the countries that participated in those futile wars. It’s not happening to the Hungarians for instance. Or the Russians. At least not to anywhere near the same extent.

    And the Swedes were neutral in both wars, and they’re the most determined of all to destroy themselves. The Spanish were also neutral and they’re not much better. So that explanation doesn’t quite work.

    It’s also not guilt as a result of a colonialist past. None of the Scandinavian countries were colonial powers but they’re all bent on self-destruction.

    It may be that these things have had an indirect effect – that the Swedes believe that merely being white is enough to make them guilty even of things they didn’t do.

    The really odd thing is that the only sane nations in Europe today are former Warsaw Pact countries. It’s as if living under communism provides a kind of vaccine against self-hatred and madness. It is possible that the communist countries actually had much better education systems, education systems that focused on learning useful things like math rather than learning guilt and self-hatred.

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    • You have a point about the fact that the erstwhile Eastern bloc nations have proven to be more resistant to the programming than the West, the former ‘free world.’ There’s evidently something to the idea that their decades under the Communist yoke inoculated them to some extent.
      I don’t know if you’re familiar with the late Balint Vaszonyi, who was a Hungarian pianist who immigrated to the U.S. as a young man and who wrote to warn Americans that he saw all the signs of the West falling prey to leftism and a takeover as happened in his country. Evidently it takes someone who experienced life under a leftist regime to recognize the early symptoms of the pathology. He wrote a book called ‘America’s 30 Years War, and Who’s Winning” (IIRC) and I read it some years ago. He made a lot of good points; I admired him though he might be seen as ‘neoconnish’ by some on the right.
      Still the troubling fact is that Russia is in fact a multicultural ’empire’ still, though diminished in size and power; there are many Moslems there and many immigrants. I don’t know that the Eastern European countries are 100 per cent immune; I hope they aren’t being sold out too.
      As they say, wise men learn from others’ mistakes.


  3. Fertility rates

    Sweden 1.91

    USA 1.88.

    Norway 1.85

    Finland 1.80

    Denmark 1.73

    Russia. 1.59

    Ukraine 1.53

    Romania 1.53

    Bulgaria 1.50

    Czech Republic 1.45

    Germany 1.38

    Hungary 1.34

    Spain 1.32

    Poland 1.30

    Germany was most traumatized by the war. Extreme feminism was imposed on the Soviet Union, Germany post war and the USA. All 3 countries were also among the most deeply traumatized by the cold war hysteria.

    Spain was traumatized for over 2 millennia with wars, occupations and conflicts with Moslems. The Moslem invasion is going on there. Sweden is swept up in the efforts of the new world order, and is a target. The Nordic nations sat out WW1 completely and had less of WW2.

    The point is not that WW1 and WW2 caused this by themselves, but that the destruction of the White race and civilization is widespread and are the target of a very old war to enslave and destroy them. The point of my original post is that the destruction is as widespread as those in fought in WW1 and WW2 not just in the US. That the destruction is wider spread than the direct participants in the 2 wars, helps my basic thesis that this is a directed war against Whites.

    I believe the war had already started by 1200 BC with the Sea Peoples (aka Egyptian military) slave raids on Crete and Greece. Egypt and Mesopotamia’s priests, in this hypothesis, formed a plan to take over the world and they decided that the White race was too independent and honest for their plan to succeed, so it had to be mixed out or replaced.


  4. I sort of lost my own point in that reply. The point is to show that 1) there is a conspiracy 2) it is evil.

    That the destruction of the White West is wider than the US is something we agree on. It is happening in many countries. That includes the major countries in WW1 and WW2.

    For this to be happening in the last 50 years so successfully and without substantial effective opposition shows there had to be a conspiracy in place in all those countries before 1965. To do that so effectively it had to be set up much earlier, in particular before WW1 in the major countries in the West.

    That means WW1 and WW2 were done on purpose in that conspiracy. This proves the conspiracy is evil.

    People can argue if feminism is evil or not. But everyone recognizes if WW1 or WW2 was done on purpose by a conspiracy, then that conspiracy is evil.

    Both wars also promoted feminism which is a driver of the lower fertility of Whites in those countries and a driver of White replacement. Sweden and Germany have extreme feminism and are showing the effects of it.

    So one works backward from the last 50 years of an almost perfect roll out of White replacement, it indicates a conspiracy that started much earlier in the major countries in the West in WW1 and WW2. That means the conspiracy caused those wars on purpose. So the conspiracy is evil. So every White should oppose it.

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  5. OA, good points. I agree on the role played by the wars in promoting feminism, women in the workforce, etc. We’ve been discussing within the family how the war(s) or war in general tends to weaken sexual morals (lonely soldiers seeking female company, women alone at home having affairs was very common; marriages broke up, etc.) and also wars tend to promote miscegenation — producing half-caste children like the many children born to Asian women by White American GIs, and the children abandoned in orphanages, with some later adopted here. Then there was the also-not-uncommon story of black GIs in Germany fathering children with local girls, or the same in Britain and in Asia.
    War is great for breaking down racial/ethnic boundaries. The elites seem to love that above all else, judging by how it’s a crime to even notice differences, let alone trying to preserve ethnic and racial distinctions.

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  6. […] The kind of thinking that is denounced as ‘extremist’, ‘hateful’, and ‘bigoted’ was common to most normal people back then; even Democrats had views that are considered reprehensible today.  Yet right and wrong don’t change with time. Truth is not based on shifting, fickle public opinion. What was good and right in 1965 … still is.   […]  >>Source […]


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