Do we care?

I’ve got my ballot ready to go; it will be deposited tomorrow first thing.

Like most people on the right, I see this election as the most crucial one of my lifetime. I don’t see how anyone on our side could sit this one out.

I care about my nation — by which I mean that I care about the people of this country, the ‘generational Americans’, the ‘legacy Americans’, or ‘birthright Americans’, the Posterity of the Founders. We are the ones with everything to lose now. Not the rest.

But when I ask, “do we care?” I mean: have we grown so complacent, so jaded, so apathetic, and in the case of the dissident right, have we grown so disillusioned and so alienated from the “normies”, also known as ‘the sheeple’ or ‘Amurkans’ that we are wishing for it all to come down?

To me, my nation is like my family. I have some lefty relatives, and lately I am ashamed to claim them. Some of us were temporarily not on speaking terms due to their confrontational political rantings in my presence. But the fact is they are still my kin, and we still share ancestry and memories, good as well as bad. They may ultimately see the light, God willing. I am not willing to write them off. And I hope some of our ignorant lefty countrymen may come around to the Truth. So I can’t hate them.

But do we care in that we still at least make our voices known, even suspecting that politics and voting alone will not save us? I keep on with this blog although I suspect that it’s a vain effort on my part; I often feel I am writing for about five people out there, and the comments are few and far between. Am I just indulging myself here? Maybe so, and like many on the dissident right, in my little efforts here I may be putting myself on the radar screen of the powers-that-be, even though this blog is insignificant in terms of traffic and even less significant in terms of influence. But I feel duty-bound to make my voice heard even though I reach few and influence fewer. I honestly believe we will be held accountable for what we failed to do, for failing to speak up on the side of right and Truth, in whatever small way we can find. The point is to raise our voices; we can only do what we can do, regardless of how little the apparent result.

“I do not believe the greatest threat to our future is from bombs or guided missiles. I don’t think our civilization will die that way. I think it will die when we no longer care. Arnold Toynbee has pointed out that 19 of 21 civilizations have died from within and not by conquest from without. There were no bands playing and flags waving when these civilizations decayed. It happened slowly, in the quiet and the dark when no one was aware.” – Laurence M. Gould, former president of Carleton College, 1968


6 thoughts on “Do we care?

  1. Vanishing American, you sometimes feel you write for 4 or 5 persons? well it is now 5 or 6. ( Actually I am sure hundreds of people read you, if not thousands )

    I used to read you everyday about 4 or 5 years ago before you vanished from the internet ( no pun intended)

    I found out you are back by pure chance, I was at irishsavant, who linked to another site, where in the comments someone linked to this site.

    I am happy you are back, I am happy I will now be able to read you again.

    You may not remember me, and I’m not even sure if back then I was using this name or another one, but I am the French Canadian from the province of Quebec who was posting comments sort of regularly.

    I think people like you are doing a very important thing, I would even say there is something noble in trying to make people wake up and realize what is going on.

    If people like Trump and many others that will follow manage to reverse the race replacement program imposed on us ( I I say “us” even though I am not American, every white person in every white nation is going trough something similar; our own governments are imposing on us a race replacement program and they are making it illegal to not be happy about it …all of us whites are in the same sinking boat , figuratively) what was I saying/ yes that if people like trump and those who will follow succeed in reversing this slow soft genocide on the white race, it will in part thanks to people like you ( and in a much much smaller part people like me ) who are sounding the alarm, who are informing people , who are making people think about what is going on.

    The role I play is microscopic, but for over 10 years every time I find a good article, or video or a good source of facts that clearly show the demise of us whites, I repost it on other blogs because I want more people to see it, to become aware.

    Vanishing American I have told you about 5 years ago that what you do is noble, and I was not simply being nice.

    You do not do what you do out of hatred for other races or cultures , you do this ( as far as I understand, but of course I can not speak for you ) out of love for your own race, culture, and civilization.

    There is nothing wrong with loving our own people, our own culture, our own civilization.

    Trying to stop this race replacement, this soft slow genocide by raising awareness trough well written articles and providing solid evidence of what is going ( and the the main stream media does its best to hide from the populace ) may not be as spectacular as saving a drowning pregnant woman or throwing yourself on a grenade to save soldiers in your team, but it is just as noble.

    Any little thing we do to save the white race is noble.

    I believe Trump will win today, and this will be the start of a lot of new things. Trump can not do everything alone, but he opened a breach.

    Trump will win, he will win big and America will start to take a new better – more sane – direction.

    The USA is the Bulwark of western civilization, if you go down, we go down, if you become Brazil , we will also one day become Brazil, if you become Detroit City eventually we will too.

    Trump will win and win big.

    This insanity imposed on us by deranged liberals is about to maybe not stop but slow down greatly, there is hope.

    Trump will win, and a new day will dawn.

    Am I emotional? a little

    Am I exaggerating? I don’t think so.

    is this comment too long, probably…so I will stop here

    Keep up the excellent work Vanishing American !!!

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    • Canadian Friend – welcome, glad you found this blog again, and yes I do remember you!
      It seems you had more faith than I had in the outcome of this election. I think some of us here in the States have become reluctant to believe the best, to believe in ourselves. I wonder if that’s true in your country, too? I too hope you and those in other kindred countries can turn things around for our folk. Here’s hoping.

      Thanks so much for the kind words and the encouragement. God bless.


  2. Our rulers mock us for being apathetic and accepting our fate. They do this to our face on TV and in Congress. All their rhetoric of replacement is a mocking of us for being apathetic. They laugh at us as stupid. They say we are inarticulate inbred rubes.

    However, when one of us is not apathetic, but is articulate and persistent, then they see that person as a threat. They try to make them feel that their efforts are worthless, and as you say a vain pursuit.

    By your efforts and high quality writing and thinking, you should have risen up to be a star of the Alt-Right, instead your work languishes in the backwaters of the Internet. This is no accident. People are assigned to make sure it continues.

    It is becoming more and more clear to those on the inside that they are dupes as much as we are. They realize the whole system is rigged to replace their own extended families. They also do the math and realize 3 grandchildren is the road to extinction.

    This is why they have to show the insiders they are in control. They make this more obvious year by year and president by president.

    This is why they have to show the insiders that blogs like yours won’t succeed. If you give up, the insiders will be told it was the apathy of Whites that was responsible.

    However, they manipulate the Alt-right to raise up bubbles like Milo. They suck in the attention to themselves, keeping it from those who should get it. This is a well crafted system.

    It will take almost super-human persistence and dedication to overcome it. I believe it is possible, because they are so corrupt and are finishing Whites off so much in our face. That is done to make the insiders give up.

    So it comes down to a very few who if they can keep waving the flag, they will rally many to resist and undermine the system as they have a chance. This includes insiders and those who keep the Alt-Right off-balance. All of them know this system is rigged, corrupt and genocidal.

    The very volume of social media fake accounts and bot-like behavior we see shows us how much they fear social media. This is because even on the inside they are seen as illegitimate. Moreover, they are seen as a mortal threat to Whites even on the inside among Whites. They are ripe to collapse. They know this.

    So it is very important you keep on. You rally and inspire forces you know not of. As you have pointed out, making us give up is their main technique. That applies in and out of government, power or their own cells and lodges.

    Never before has a race like the White race been exterminated. Our rulers know it is not a certainty they can do it. As you have pointed out, they are not God or even gods. They don’t know the future, but they fear it. They fear you. They fear the future you are working towards.

    Their fear is their most sincere flattery. The way you are ignored by the Alt-Right is deliberate. It is not an oversight. Take that as a type of tribute to you. I’ve been told exactly that by them, so I know it is how they think. It is a sort of inverse prize in their system.

    It takes a great effort to keep going despite their organized shunning of your brilliant work. They count on their shunning system to shut down the people outside their system. It is what they pin their hopes on. Their fear is it will fail. Make it fail. Keep on.

    Show them and others, their shunning system doesn’t work and is becoming weaker as people see through it and use social media to make it fail. Long term persistence is the only way to pierce their balloon and make them collapse. More people have woken up in the last round of this election. Your spot in this is key at this time.

    It is not a small victory to persist as you have, but a great one.

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    • Yes, we did. I think we all (on the right, especially the ethnopatriot right) played a part in this, in whatever small way. A great many people made this happen, and of course Trump provided the impetus for this movement and deserves a great deal of credit for what he’s done.


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