Hate hoax story

The other day I intended to post a link to this story, in which two students (now apparently ex-students) at Northwestern were charged with vandalism, in an alleged ‘hate crime’ incident.

It appears that the article as it appears on Gateway Pundit was ‘updated’ to correct some information; for instance, the article identified both students as Jewish, and I think the fact that the incident happened in March, and not after the recent election, was not made clear in the first version of the story.

I see now that the Thinking Housewife blog has removed the link to the story because of the confusion over some of the facts of the case.

I can only surmise that some dispute was made over whether the two ‘men’ were Jewish. Actually, I did wonder about the one on the left, who has a common Hispanic surname. The other student I would guess by surname and appearance to be Jewish — although some people do insist that there is no ‘Jewish look’, and that even a surname may be deceiving as to origin.

The surname ‘Kafker’ is found on this Jewish genealogy website, so that certainly makes it possible that the one accused student is Jewish. How does it matter? Well, that’s obvious; it helps the ‘narrative’ and the cause to cry ‘hate crime’ after creating the incident oneself; there have been many instances of hate hoaxes, in which those making the allegations have proven to have done the vandalism or scrawled threats or ‘hate symbols’ themselves. I try to draw attention to that fact because time and again these things are shown to be faked. There are websites devoted to exposing these but the lying media still shamelessly treat each and every allegation as gospel truth — why? Because victim groups cannot lie or deceive, can they? Only White Christians lie. Everyone else is above scrutiny and suspicion, even when we consider that the ‘victim’ groups have something to gain by such hoaxes. First, the libel against the “oppressor” group is itself revenge. Then there is the attention such individuals crave, and the crocodile-tears sympathy they get from guilt-ridden White lefties, and fellow ‘victims’. And it advances their fictitious worldview in which there are evil White right-wingers and ‘Nazis’ (these days, wearing Trump caps, no doubt) hiding around every dark corner to attack and abuse them, if not outright kill them. This is the excuse for much of the hysteria and the whimpering and crying emanating from college campuses and Tumblr blogs lately.

Anybody who fuels the flames of this insanity and paranoia (and it is paranoia, not reality) is guilty of inciting bloodshed, as the left and its various minority constituencies act out against random Whites. This stuff should not be taken lightly, and should not be allowed to go on.

The incident in the linked story happened seven months ago, but it is part of an ongoing pattern which has contributed to today’s out-of-control situation. It needs to stop. And it has to be exposed and talked about more.

Note: See the website Fake Hate Crimes for information on these hoax incidents.

5 thoughts on “Hate hoax story

  1. Poor Kafker. Now his work is not going to be an exhibit in the museum. Unless he can graduate to grander hoaxes next time.

    I wonder what type of work for the cause Kafker did before his spray painting gig. Getting people banned on Twitter? Or spreading antiWhite memes on social media?

    Mark Rudd talks about his time in SDS and as a Freedom Rider in the 1960s. This was a time for Jewish kids from New York to terrorize the South using just these techniques. For them it is just kicks. Then they become professors and do their 1 year stints on leave in DC or at a NGO. In effect, their terrorism against Whites continues.

    They don’t just terrorize Whites as individuals. This is done to tamper with our minds. To guilt us into accepting White replacement.

    When I was a physics grad student, swastikas were spray painted in the stairwell of the physics building. This was back in the early 80s.

    The swastikas were left up for weeks or months with no effort to remove them. So the administration and professors must have been in on it. This shows the Goyim grad students in physics like me were the target of this manipulation.

    I believe they keep files on us and record how we have been manipulated and how well it works. The more you contribute to society, the more you are targeted this way and files kept on you. It is the most productive who are the greatest threat.

    We can see a part of that in Jeff Sessions made to disavow the Klan in the media recently. To be AG he must go through this rite of passage of disavowing the cause of his own people. Their method of war is a thousand cuts and manipulations. They likely have a record of every way that Sessions was manipulated back to college.

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    • I agree OA, these things are meant to manipulate Whites in general, and to reinforce among the susceptible-to-PC Whites that there really are ‘hate groups’ out there doing these things.
      Interesting that those things happened back in the early 80s. I was in grad school around that time and it seemed that the political correctness was then not nearly as insane as it has become recently — but obviously it was already at work.
      About Sessions, I really hate how they dredge up things that they can use to make people like him (Southrons or anybody not sufficiently PC subservient) grovel and apologize. I hope he does not have to do too much of that; it’s a humiliation for all of us, and I am sure it is meant to be so.
      I just hope that after his ritual apologies he does not have to lean over backwards to “prove” that he’s repented.


  2. The entire left and their main stream media ( who are their propaganda arm ) have become nothing but hoax ” producers”

    so little they say is true.

    it does not matter what the topic is, global warming, aids/hiv, the pay gap between women and men, domestic violence, illegal immigration, crime rates per race etc etc, whatever the left says is usually not close to the truth and often so exaggerated or distorted that it is the equivalent of a hoax.

    I remember when Bush ( son ) was president the left and their media kept sounding the alarm about the fact Bush had put a stop to some stem cell research…it was a lie… that contained only a tiny bit of truth ; the truth was that over 90 % of the money for that type of research comes from private sources, they do not depend on money from the USA government…less than 10% of the research was subsidized by the government.

    the left and the media made it sound like for the next 8 years NO one in the USA could do any stem cell research and hordes of people would die of cancer because Bush had stopped ALL research, but that was a lie so big it was almost a hoax.

    And that blacklivesmatter thing, that too is based on big hoax; over 96 % of blacks are murdered by other blacks not by the police, and of the 4 % who are shot by the police almost all of them have criminal record and were know to be violent and attacked the police, thus were not innocent victims and in most cases the police was justified to shoot in self defense.

    that hundreds of thousands or millions of people are supporting the blacklivesmatter movement and are not only destroying cities but assassinating plice officers is kind of “surreal” because those people are up in arms over something that does not exist! there is no epidemic of white cops shooting innocent balcks

    … and the actuall real problem that is 24 times bigger ( 96 % versus 4 % ) is completely ignored like the proverbial elephant in the room.

    let me put it in another way, there is a grizzly bear trying to come inside our tent to eat us alive, but the left is sounding the alarm about the bee that is in the tent and may sting one of us.
    They ignore the real and HUGE problem and focus obsessively on one so small in comparison, that it is irrelevant.

    having hundreds of thousands or millions of people believe the complete myth that police officers shoot blacks for ” sports” just because of racism is what a hoax is.

    I just re-checked the definition of hoax to be sure

    “…Something that has been established or accepted by fraudulent means…

    yes that is exactly how the left and the media got people believing that complete lie ( and many more ugly lies )

    the news on the main stream media is mostly stuff to feed existent hoaxes or help start new ones.

    we could cal the main stream media ; the hoax media.

    they so rarely say anything that is true.

    the main stream media is a little shop of hoax ( almost a little shop a horrors, a movie I have never seen by the way ), they manufacture, fabricate, construct, produce new hoaxes everyday.

    one last one,

    Sarah Palin never EVER said she could see Russia from her kitchen window, that was a complete fabrication by the left, thus a hoax invented only to destroy the woman and the political right.

    But to this day many people still believe it really happened.

    What Palin actually said was that from the coast of Alaska you can see the coast of Russia, and not only is that a scientific fact, but there is nothing stupid about it, Russia used to be an enemy of the USA, and they might have chosen to enter or invade or attack the USA by entering trough Alaska.

    During the cold war having Russia so close Russians could almost swim to the USA was something not to be ignored or taken lightly.

    And when Palin was in charge of Alaska, having Russia so close was a serious concern.

    Palin was right and the left and their media were wrong and created another hoax.

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  3. And now with the project Veritas videos we know that another Hoax was planned and carefully ” brought to life” by the evil left.
    I am talking about leftists admitting on camera that they ( Democrats ) hire and pay people to harrass, tease, taunt and provoke Trump supporters until they do something violent that their accomplices – the main stream media – will videotape and then use on the 6 o’clock news to bash Trump and his supporter.

    there are so many more examples of such hoaxes ( and of collusion between the left and the main stream media )

    It is actually hard to find something that the left has not lied about.

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    • Canadian Friend, thanks for your comments, very insightful and also appropriate to my later post about more such hoaxes, and the media’s complicity in manufacturing, giving credibility, and publicizing these frauds.
      “Little shop of hoax(es)” describes the media, who are just mouthpieces for the powers-that-be, the Democrats, and the whole ‘edifice of lies.’


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