Yet more hoaxes

Breitbart reports that a recent supposed ‘hate crime’ has now been found to be a hoax.

The article also mentions other recent ‘hate’ crime allegations, usually with fictional ‘Trump supporters’ as the perpetrators, that are now admitted to be lies. The other fabricated incidents occurred in various places, from Lafayette, Louisiana to Santa Monica, California, New York City, and Fort Pierce, Florida.

Is this all coincidence? Are the fake ‘victims’ just the usual histrionic attention-seekers or deranged lefties? Or is this all coordinated by the same people who organize all these supposedly spontaneous protests, with bused-in protesters carrying professionally-made signs? Is Soros behind this?

Notice that the hate-hoax stories all involve not just garden-variety ‘bigotry’ wherein somebody is assailed with ”racial epithets and slurs” or ”hate symbols”, but the tall tales in these cases all involve vicious ”Trump supporters” going around harassing and beating POCs.

If the bogeyman doesn’t exist, they are forced to make up these stories. I don’t even think the lying media believe these things; they know it’s all agitprop. Shame on everybody involved in this. It’s a transparent campaign of lies, meant to further criminalize Whites, especially those ‘badwhites’ who voted for the latest incarnation of “Hitler.”

2 thoughts on “Yet more hoaxes

  1. Meanwhile MSM is covering up some major stories linked to safety in our food. Fake news is what MSM spews. It displaces real news about our food.

    Glyphosate is a word I learned today. It was in social media from a deplorable, not the MSM.

    It has been linked to autism, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases.

    It is part of the genetic modified food industry. They modify corn or whatever to resist herbicides so they can use extreme levels of herbicides on plants. The corn would die except it was modified to resist. The weeds are killed.

    But because they can use such extreme levels of herbicide and the plant yet live, the herbicide can never be removed. It gets into the plant while it grows and can’t be removed by washing off. It is even in wine and vaccines.

    When it reaches your body it attacks the good bacteria. To fight it, your body has to engage in a process that produces ammonia and formaldehyde. These build up in the brain causing autism and Alzheimer’s. It interferes with both the brain and digestive system. That will then have consequences for every organ of the body which depends on the brain or the digestive system. Last I checked, that was all of them.

    Monsanto is part of this and funded Hillary’s campaign. They got 2 doctors removed from a review panel in October and have gotten FDA to suspend testing by one report.

    Organic foods and grass fed beef are two ways to fight this.

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  2. OA – that is important information, but it seems few people are aware of the whole picture — in part because the media don’t report it. The issue of tainted foods and medicines from the Third World (thanks to ‘free trade’) is another unreported ongoing story, except for a few sources talking about it.
    We do buy grass-fed beef when possible. Organic foods are sadly sometimes prohibitively expensive for some people and I’ve been told that not all foods labeled ‘organic’ are pesticide-free, etc. It’s hard to know what to believe.


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