Minorities voted Trump?

According to the exit polls I’ve seen since the election, there was no upsurge in minority votes for Trump this time, as contrasted to previous candidates. Yet I keep seeing claims on every other right-leaning blog that ‘Hispanics went for Trump’ or ‘lots of blacks voted for Trump.’ Depends on how you define ‘lots’, apparently. According to the Diversity is Chaos blog, citing Reuters/Ipsos polls, Trump got 8 percent of the black vote, and 27 percent of Hispanic votes.

Now, can we please, please dispense with the wishful thinking, the spin, and the half-truths/half lies? Why is this going on? I thought the right was the realist faction in America. Are people purposely lying or are they just pulling numbers out of their hats? Somebody on a right-wing blog today claimed that 33 percent of Hispanics voted for Trump; of course they cited no source.

It does seem to me to be especially important to many people on the right, even on what is deemed ‘hard right’, to imagine that lots of POCs are, or could be, on our side, if we just make them welcome. Obviously that was Donald Trump’s belief (or strategy), given his constant efforts to court minorities, especially blacks and (legal) Hispanics. But all evidence is that it didn’t work, because according to the Diversity is Chaos post, Trump had less support from Hispanics and blacks than any president in the last 40 years. His percentage of the Hispanic vote was the same as Mitt Romney’s, and less than the alleged 40 percent that George W. Bush got in 2004.

Even in that often-cited 2004 total, there were those who doubted that the 40 percent was accurate, but it seemed as if the GOP was doing some magical thinking, as if saying that Hispanics were coming over to our side would make it true.

And if blacks and Hispanics did join the GOP or a theoretical ‘right-wing’ party (none exists, of course) what would we have then? Eventually two parties where Whites and their interests are marginalized.

2 thoughts on “Minorities voted Trump?

  1. …citing Reuters/Ipsos polls, Trump got 8 percent of the black vote, and 27 percent of Hispanic votes…

    Obviously a lot of non-whites do not want whites to take back what is theirs. I do not mean land, I mean dignity, pride and such things.

    and obviously only 27 % of Hispanics disapprove of other Hispanics entering the USA illegally and staying illegally.

    Those numbers say a lot.

    and yes I agree that it is strange that some on the right inflate those numbers and lie ( or repeat what they do not know are lies )

    We whites do not need to be liked by non-whites, we do not need them to vote for white candidates, we need to take back our place, we need to find a way to thrive, to succeed , to repopulate ( instead of replace our race with non-white immigrants who would ” like us ” ) and not feel guilty about it.

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  2. Canadian friend, thanks for your comment.
    It seems your country and mine are in the same predicament and the potential solution is the same: we have to make our own way through this situation without trying to appease or make “common cause” with those whose interests are not our own.


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