Trump’s choices

I know my point of view is out of step with much of the right, but I am not happy with some of the choices Trump is making for his cabinet. They seem decidedly politically correct to me.

At first glance it might seem that Jeff Sessions was a sound choice, but given how he is leaning over backwards to prove he is ‘not a racist’, citing his bona fides as a champion of desegregation/civil rights activist, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of the ‘mainstream’ right posturing and marginalizing of the traditional South. It’s already happening, with the usual ‘Democrats are the real racists’ articles.

Sessions was born in 1946 so he is old enough to have grown up amongst unreconstructed Southerners. Truth be told there were very few Whites back in those times who broke rank with fellow Whites — even in the North — to make common cause with blacks; usually only the most liberal would do so. Did he really have an epiphany then or is he just being a typical politician and going whichever way the winds blow? He is also a Methodist by faith and it does seem that Methodists today are a very liberal denomination, given to ‘social justice’ crusading.

Surely, also, Sessions must know something of that certain ‘taboo’ organization, which he ‘broke the back’ of in his state; that at least at its inception it was not a terrorist mob, but a self-defense organization, made necessary by the fact that there was no law and order or justice for the disenfranchised Whites in the South. They were preyed upon by carpetbaggers from the North, traitor ‘scallywags’ from amongst their own, and by the newly-freed slaves, who ran rampant. That now-proscribed organization was at first made up of respectable men, of the upper classes, who simply wanted to protect their families and lives in a lawless situation, that of Reconstruction. There is no excuse for a man like Sessions not to know that history, and I am certain he does know it. He chooses to participate in the anti-White, PC interpretation of the past.

The organization of that same name is apparently not the same now, being mostly composed of agents and operatives, according to what I’ve heard. Even so, how much violence have they committed, such as they are, as opposed to BLM? Or foreign terrorists?

Will anyone ever step forward to try to correct the popular delusions about that era of history? Trump, according to some of the faithful, has destroyed PC — but from where I stand it looks to be as entrenched as ever.

Maybe Sessions will be ‘good’ on immigration. Maybe. But I’m not taking that on faith.

Then there’s Nimrata “Nikki” Haley, who presided over the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag in South Carolina. Trump was aware of the CBF controversy, and I thought he had said something that vaguely indicated support for ‘free expression’ where the flag was concerned. But why, then, pick this woman?

Surprisingly quite a few Southrons, because of what I see as unwarranted blind faith in Trump are giving him a pass on this.

This evidently makes me a ‘purist’ or ‘hard-liner’ in some people’s eyes because I don’t have that kind of faith. So be it; I’m used to this being the case. Despite the amount of time and space I devote to these political things, I have less and less belief in our political system, or in politics per se; everyone these days says politics is all about compromise and dissimulating if need be to trick the enemy (and the constituencies). If so, then there’s no hope of real solutions there. If lying and dissembling is intrinsic to politics, necessarily, then it won’t save us. I have thought more and more that the culture is where the battle is to be fought. As long as the edifice of lies that is our society is still mostly unchanged, politics won’t be the solution. It only reflects the wider world, corrupt as it is.

As far as the endless defenses of moves like this by Trump, I get a definite feeling of déjà vu, taking me back to the ‘W’ years, in which everything G.W. Bush did was rationalized as ‘he’s gaming the system‘, or ‘it’s strategery‘, or ‘it’s rope-a-dope.’ Everything was a brilliant move shrewdly disguised as blundering. No one wanted to admit that his actions were exactly what they appeared to be, rather than some clever, cunning maneuver. I expect that kind of pattern with Trump; the true believers are so invested in him that there will be literally no end of the rationalizations.

7 thoughts on “Trump’s choices

  1. Great post, I may have a fraction more trust in Trump BUT it is important that writers such as yourself keep at it, hold him to the fire. The war continues, we must not rest and we certainly must NOT allow Trump or anyone else who rides us to victory to then betray us. Relentless and tireless. Thank you for voicing this legitimate concern.
    As others (including myself) have said, Trump is a start, the choice that (may) buy us time for a peaceful resolution. But he is not a savior and his victory is not the end-game.

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  2. Great post and good comments. I was also disappointed by Sessions kowtowing to the White guilt complex, but didn’t want to be first since Sessions is now a sacred leader. I’m glad you had the courage to point this out.

    Combining two of your points,

    1) KKK is run by FBI

    2) Henry Francis Hays was leader of KKK pursued by Sessions

    This implies that this was a staged event and trial. That would make Jeff Sessions part of the rigged legal system that is necessary for a rigged government.

    We know the official story for 911 is false. So the establishment can’t afford to have it investigated. So to be attorney general, the person has to be part of the rigged legal system already. Sessions fits that profile.

    We have seen Trump dance on both sides of 911. I don’t expect any real investigation or exposure. So Sessions is probably already part of the cover-up. That doesn’t bode well.

    As Mr. Hurley points out, NWO has no intention to surrender or simply pass away as if they accomplished something up to 911 2001 and now we had self-rule. They intend to continue their rule. That implies they intend to crush us before we can remove them.

    There are many signs that America is being torn down in a way analogous to tearing down Greece and Rome. If Europe stands for Greece and America for Rome, then they are bringing us both down just as they did Greece and Rome.

    Our universities are going full blast teaching our science, math and engineering to Asians. The factories follow the know-how. Thus both White engineers and White factory workers are replaced. More broadly all White professionals and all White blue collar workers are being squeezed out.

    We’ll see if Sessions or Trump does anything to reduce the Asian visa students in our science and engineering departments.

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  3. Good points, VA. Let’s keep our eyes on Trump, and let’s keep them wide open. I’m old enough to remember how people thought Reagan would save us. Look at how that turned out. The lesson is that we shouldn’t look to “great men” to save us. By the grace of God we must save ourselves. So let’s start building our counter-culture from the ground up.

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  4. Good comments. Yes! Many Alternative right blogs have posts explaining Trump’s latest choices as a masterful strategy. Nikki Haley, I’ve read, is going to “eat Shrimp cocktails” all day as the Ambassador to the UN. She’ll be far away from South Carolina we’re told. See, Trump’s a genius. But doesn’t this just bolster her political resume and put her at risk for being ever more influenced by the socialists and globalists running the UN? She’ll be worse than before.

    But what about Trump’s recent comments on uniting a divided Republican party? Might his decisions to welcome in his GOPe rivals simply reflect his desire to do that? Didn’t Reagan do this? And didn’t we get the Bush dynasty? Mistake!

    On top of that, Castro died today. Going back to earlier posts of yours, the Alternative right and other “Conservatives” continue expressing jubilation over his death citing his heinous crimes (in particular “imprisoning homosexuals”). Yet again, the New Right demonstrates it’s deep desire to express it’s disgust over any attack on homosexuality. But why?

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  5. Like you, I’m uncomfortable with his picks, but I am willing to give him a limited period of leniency or trust. I loathe Nimrata Haley, and want to see her political career deader than a doornail. That said, those who note this gets her out of South Carolina and that her replacement, the Lt. Governor, is a Trump supporter who will help with hurting sanctuary cities and deportation of criminal aliens, have a point. I also concede that, since the UN is useless this is unlikely to keep her in the press, and Trump can most certainly fire her later on – so that’s a toss up.

    I know very little about the other mandatory female hire for education. I’d like to see that department abolished wholesale. I’ve read she does support Common Core, but I don’t know. Either way, she strikes me as a classical liberal do-gooder with too much money and time on her hands. Bad pick.

    I like what I’ve heard from Sessions, but agree that the now de rigeur genuflecting towards magical Negroes is nauseating. Whether this is merely posturing to help him be confirmed by Congress this time I don’t know, but don’t like it anyhow.

    Big question is who Trump picks for Sec. State and DHS. State is the Augean stables of the government and Romney’s an evil Ken doll. DHS is intrinsically hostile to individual freedom and traditional American life free from government intrusion, so I hate it overall, but if Kris Kobach gets it and trains it totally on aliens (illegal or putatively legal), I’ll be satisfied. If Trump caves on either position to the GOPe/Priebus, I wash my hands of him.

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  6. Oh come now. You’re not out of step. Trump isn’t a savior. He isn’t one of us. His daughter converted to Judaism. His son in law she married is a Wall Street Hedge Fund Manager. Its no surprise the idiots at Goldman Pennybags are dumb enough to openly fill his cabinet. Don’t underestimate their stupidity. Their claims of intelligence is their Biggest Lie Ever.
    I figure Trump has six months to a year tops. All the good will he has gotten from his Reality Show: Make Amerikwa Gweat Agin will run out then. There’s only one way to end Tyranny. Tyrants don’t get voted out.


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