Tennessee fires: helping



The story of the fires in Tennessee seems to have been neglected by the corporate media. My heart and prayers go out to those affected by the disaster.

And if you want to help, and to bypass the usual corrupt charitable organizations, a commenter on Vox Day’s blog offered this link on possible ways to help our kinsmen in that area. Also, here.

4 thoughts on “Tennessee fires: helping

  1. Not related to this post, but I didn’t know how else to send you a note about a Christmas poem I heard on a video from 1962, an ironically depressing reminder of a pre-diversity America.
    The poem is from 1905 called “The Little Gray Lamb.”

    I’m sure it would not be allowed today; the gray lamb prays to become white.

    If I get a chance, I’ll edit that part of the Ray Conniff special in which it was featured and send it to you.

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    • Andrew – Thanks for that link. It is somewhat sad, isn’t it, that the poem would not be allowed today. If you like you can send me the link to it (if there is one) and post it here. I don’t have a public e-mail address though I have considered posting some sort of e-mail link here.


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