Which God? Which America?

I’ve been out of touch with what passes for news lately, though I can’t avoid hearing what people are saying in the ‘real world.’ More pressing concerns closer to home have had me preoccupied these last couple of months, and that’s part of the reason for my lack of activity here.

When  I was searching for a live discussion thread on the Inaugural ceremonies I found that Free Republic seemed to be down. I wondered if the usual suspects were behind that or if they were just overwhelmed by the numbers of people who, like me, were looking for live coverage and discussion. And no, I couldn’t access C-Span coverage either.

Online, wherever the lefties (especially the young ones) were hanging out, there was a real fawn-fest going on, with everybody seeming to be teary-eyed over the exit of their Idol from the White House. Now, these are people who are not usually likely to invoke ‘God’, and they usually choke on the word ‘America’ but they were asking God to ‘bless America’. That phony piety was enough to make me choke, but I had to ask just which God are they invoking? And just which ‘America’ are they asking their god to ‘bless’? Certainly not the same God as the one I serve, and the America they are asking a blessing on is not my America, and not in fact the historic nation (and people) known as America.

The lefties in their various mutated forms  (and they are not the left of the old days) no longer inhabit the same universe as the rest of us, and I don’t know how this can all be resolved without a great deal of turmoil and upheaval, most of which they seem to be courting and lusting after. But it must be resolved one way or another; the present state of affairs can’t continue as it is now. I think most people sense that, even if they don’t “know” it.

I realize these are not original observations by any means; I don’t seem to have much wisdom or wit to impart. I do hope I can somehow get back in the swing of blogging provided somebody wants to read my ramblings, but there are still personal concerns that claim most of my time and attention. But if good intentions matter, maybe I will get back to blogging regularly.


5 thoughts on “Which God? Which America?

  1. The lefties in their various mutated forms (and they are not the left of the old days) no longer inhabit the same universe as the rest of us

    Yes, that’s the big difference between the world in which I grew up and the world of today. Between the Old Left and the Old Right there might have been bitter disagreements but there was still the possibility of mutual comprehension, and even grudging mutual respect.

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    • I agree. it’s as though we have no common ground on which to meet. We disagree profoundly on the most basic principles. There’s only contempt and hatred on their side and exasperation (and contempt) in return from the right.


    • Roland, thanks for your message. I vacillate about whether to continue, and there is a lot on my plate right now but I am working at trying to return to blogging more regularly.
      I do appreciate the kind words.


  2. I’ve missed your thoughts, VA. I fact, I thought you really did vanish from us and was worried. Glad to see you’re back.


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