Quebec City shootings

On the shootings at a mosque in Quebec, the usual dishonesty of Reuters/AP and their like is shown in this article, with its mentions of ‘Islamophobia’ and hate crimes. They would like it to be another ‘hate crime’ done by Whites; much of the news coverage insinuates that it was done by French-speaking Quebecois. Meanwhile, if the following unverified information is true, you can be sure the media will be very slow and very reluctant in reporting it.




The media will then have to find some way to whitewash the facts or sweep them under the rug, but not to worry, they are very experienced at that.

11 thoughts on “Quebec City shootings

  1. I live near Montreal city which is about 3 hours from quebec city ( in the province of quebec ) I saw the news last evening on the french speaking state sponsored television cahnnel called radio-canada.

    they had a muslim on the phone who was supposedly there when the shooting happened, and was describing what he saw, and when the anchor woman asked him if he had been able to see the race of the two shooters, immediately I thought that was odd because they usually avoid mentioning race ( to protect colored people who commit over 80 % of crimes here just as everywhere)

    so right there, that unusual question made me think something was not right, they never ask such questions…so the muslim caller said that the shooter were french quebecers, he said the way they spoke was in french quebcois, he said there was no doubt they were ffrench quebecers, then he paused for an ackaward 2 seconds and said then added the word ” souche” .

    “souche” is a word we use to describe those of us who are 100% quebecers, ” souche” is what is left in the ground after you cut down a large tree, all those deep roots that are extremely hard to remove, that is what is a ” souche”

    but thw ay the muslim caller said it after a 2 second pause, it felt like someone had told him to say that, like the caller was receiving instruction and kind of clumsily executing his orders.

    it obviously mean those of us who are the descendants of french quebecers who have been here for hundreds of years as opposed to say a muslim who immigrated here 30 years ago and had children here, those may be quebecers on paper, but theyr are not ” souche” they do not have deep roots here.

    Anyway, I swear the way he paused and added that word, there was nothing natural or spontaneous about it. The muslim caller spoke in broken french, I doubt he even knew what “souche” means, I think he was told to say it.

    I do not who his handlers are, but the way this happened it sounded like after he described the shooters and said he was sure they were white french quebcers, he was told or shown the word on a piece of paper.

    he also said the word alone, not in a sentence as if he did not know how to use it in a sentence. ( he was using a cell phone and if someone whispered that word in his ear, there is no way we could have heard it )

    Sorry I am repeating myself but the way he paused and then ackwardly used the word alone, not in a sentence was too unnatural to be something he said spontaneosly, I would bet thousands of dollars he was told to add that word.

    Sorry for the typographical errors, I’m in a hurry!


  2. radio-canada now says the shooters have been identified, Alexandre Bissonette and Mohamed Khadir.

    If one of the shooters was NOT 100 % french quebecer , then why did the muslim caller put emphasis on the shooters being 100% french quebecers? why did he add the word ” souche” ?

    why did he not say one of them looked middle eastern??? or had a middle eastern accent?

    because the caller was following a scipt or an agenda.

    There is a war on us non-muslims …and our media, most of our politicians and the entire liberal/left are lying trough their teeth, lying in our face because they love muslims but they hate us.

    I know what I am saying sounds radical, but what else can one conclude?

    This not a conspiracy theory, this is not paranoia; most of our politicians, the media, and half the population who votes liberal will say and do anything for their beloved muslims and will say any lie to make us look bad.

    This infuriates me, I can not believe what is going on in western civilization so crazy it is…….it is as if half the whites on planet earth have been hypnothised or have lost their minds, they love their invaders, they love their oppressors but hate those of us who sound off the alarm.

    I am boiling mad.

    I am so fed up with this institutionalyzed anti-white, anti-western, anti-Christian, and anti-conservative witch hunt….fed up that almost everything they say in the main stream media are lies, that our taxes pay for this race replacement program and that we are expected to celebrate our own demise.

    I am boiling mad that every event is used by the left to spit venom in our face, to demonize us.

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  3. Canadian Friend, thanks for your input, being a Canadian as you are, you know the situation there better than most of us who live elsewhere.
    Your feelings are fully understandable, given what is going on in your country, and likewise in all the countries of Christendom.
    I wonder if you see signs that many others feel as you do, or are many people still in denial as in other western countries?


    • You are welcome,

      Now the story has taken a bizarre twist, one I would say sounds hard to believe.

      the media here now says that Mohamed Kadhir is not one of the shooter, that he was covering one of the victims with his coat when the police entered, and that the police thought he was one of the shooter.

      that does not make sense, terrorists do not take care of the dead and wounded by covering them with their coat, and if the police saw someone taking care of victims why would they arrest him and say he was one of the shooter?

      then the the following day say they were wrong, the guy was only helping victims.

      How can you mistake someone helping victims for the shooter???

      Were there not witnesses in that Mosque that were not shot, that were there not wounded that were still conscious and who saw the shooters?

      I remember the caller that was talking live sunday evening on radio-canada, he said there were two shooters, he said they were both wearing black masks…but now the media is only talking about one shooter.

      this morning the media is not talking about a second shooter anymore.

      if a witness o the mosque saw two shooters why has the media stopped talking about the second shooter?

      is the shooter still on the run? did other witnesses give a description of him?

      the media simply says the shooter ( as if there was only one ) is BIssonette, and they say the police made a mistake and arrested a man who was helping victims.

      that does not make sense.

      this morning the main story on radio-canada is an article in which many people who know him are saying that Mohamed Kadhir is a very good guy, that the police should compensate him for this mistake.

      there is not one word about a second shooter.

      that reminds me of how the media in the US stopped talking about the wife of the Orlando shooter who murdered about 50 people.

      but now we know that she was involved and that her marriage was a sham and that she has ties to terror organization…which is EXACTLY why the media has lost interest in her.

      I think our media is lying to us.

      the fact they are not telling us anything about a second shooter but focus on this ” injustice” that a muslim was mistaken for a criminal is HIGHLY suspicious.

      I would bet money this fake news.

      Here our media can lie to us more easily.

      Information is not as easy to find as in the USA, thus it is almost impossible to find the truth.

      Our media has always and still to this day calls the biggest mass shooter we ever had ( he killed 14 women in 1991 in Montreal if memory serves ) Marc lepine when his real name was Gamil GharBhir.

      the media had spinned this into ” all males are chauvinist pigs/ this is violence against women” and had hidden far far away from us the fact the guy was a Muslim. ( well it was violence against women because he did target women but he still was a muslim and we know muslim see women as very inferior to men, but that part has and is still never mentioned by our media and politicians )

      to this day most quebecers do not know he was a muslim, they know him by the name Marc Lepine. They never heard of the name Gabil Gharbhir.

      Here in Canada and in even more here in the province of quebec we do not have dozens of right wing bloggers who provide us with the other side of the story, with the complete story. who provide us with links to other sites that show the truth that the media is hiding from us.

      we are about 20 years behind the USA on this.

      the media here has far more power.

      There was a mini scandal two years ago after a lone terrorist has tried to shoot people at the parliament ( our equivalent of congress or the senate ), the conservative party insisted that yes he was a quebecer but that he had converted to islam and had ties to terror groups thus that was an islamic terror act ( which is true, he had changed his name and was an ISIS symphatiser ), but the media and the liberals had managed to spin this into conservatives being paranoid and racist. The media managed to redirect the focus on how racist conservatives are and made people forget the attacker was in fact a muslim. They made the scandal about the racist conservative and the terror attack became a foot note.

      the public believed the media, and with almost no one to defend conservatives, they gave up and the story quickly died.

      And to answer your second question,

      unfortunately most people here are totally brainwashed and are convinced islamic terrorism is such a small problem it is negligible… and they believe those who complain about muslim terrorists are big mean racists and are from the ” extreme right” or the “radical right ” which of course the media – lying trough their teeth – tells us and reminds us every day is a bigger problem than muslin terrorists.

      our media here assures us the radical right is far more dangerous and is a bigger problem than islamic terrorists even though as far as I know there has never been any murder or mass shooting by the radical right in Canada.

      but people here are more sheep like, they believe what they are told to believe, the media tells them what their opinion should be and people here comply like sheep…

      people here are as bad as leftists in the USA who are convinced Trump is Hitler and they believe every word the lying main stream media says

      Almost all my facebook friend are convinced Trump is the most evil man that ever lived and they hate him. And they almost all believe Mexicans are right to enter the USA illegally.

      Not one of them has ever heard of Georges Soros, all of them admire Obama and wish he could still be president

      It is sickening to see people so brainwashed they look like ( pardon my language) they look like they are mentally retarded…they are like zombies that have no brains, they repeat Trump bad! Obama Good! and no fact I present to them will change their mind.

      Conservatives like me in quebec are extremely rare and those who are do not mention it because the media calls us racists and dangerous.

      Here in the province of quebec we have about 5 or 6 political parties all of them are on the left except one.

      I can not relate to the average french quebecer even though I am one.

      They think I am strange for liking Trump. it is like I am a freak of nature or something.

      And I have to say this again, the fact now the media is focusing on the “injustice” of a muslim arrested by error is highly suspicious, and the fact they are not telling us anything about the second shooter makes this even more suspicous.

      The media is hiding something from us and is lying trough their teeth, i would bet money on that.

      If I find out more I will post it here.


  4. Canadian Friend, thanks so much for filling us in on those details. I agree that the whole thing seems fishy; the official narrative does not make sense, and given the media’s (ours as well as yours) proven record of obfuscating, whitewashing, and outright lying, we can’t take what they say as gospel truth, especially when racial/ethnic/religious factors are involved. They are involved in covering up for ‘protected groups’ big-time, on a regular basis.
    It does sound as though the Canadian media are even worse than the American, if that’s possible.
    Please do add any new facts as they come along if you like.


    • I took a quick look at radio-canada’s page this morning, there is no ” big story” but there are 4 “small” related stories,

      one is about how wrong we are about muslim women who cover their hair ( this is pro-muslim propaganda obviously )

      the second is that Fox news had to remove wrong information about the quebec shooters ( that is so hypocritical, radio-canada themselves had to do the same but they make it sound like Foxnews is the bad guy )

      the third story is that a man was arrested in Montreal for saying mean things about muslims. ( this is obviously a way to warn us; we either shut up and love muslims or the police will come and arrest us …I would not be surprised if they were watching my every moves, reading my comments, my email, listening to my phone calls…I am an oddity, a black sheep, a freak here in the french speaking province of quebec for liking Trump and for sounding off the alarm about the race replacement program imposed on the white race in all white nations from Sweden to the USA…my name is probably on a list somewhere, the leftist establisment considers people like me a thousand times more scary than actual terrorists such as ISIS just because of how I see things…they consider my opinions and my words more dangerous than the bombs and firearms of muslim terrorists…we live in a crazy age where up is down, night is day…and age in which our leaders side with our invaders and punish us for complaining…)

      the fourth story is an alleged friend of the shooter saying the shooter did not like non-whites. ( This was so easy to predict…shooters are always right-wing white supremacists according to the lying main stream media and if they are muslims then this is burried deep and the focus is quickly put on something else…the media is pro-muslim I could swear it is owned by the muslim brotherhood…)

      I do not see any stories on how ISIS sells women as slaves, or how many Christians ISIS has murdered in the middle east, or how many innocent people have been burned alive or beheaded by muslim terrorists, or how many acts of terror muslims have committed in recent months,

      and I do not see any stories on how many rapes muslim refugees have committed in Germany, or that those 1.2 million refugees have committed over 400,000 crimes according to German police, or that over 80 % of rapes in Sweden are committed by non-whites and/or muslims

      It is as if the main stream media in all whites nations from Sweden to the USA was owned by some muslim entity such as the muslim brotherhood

      At this rate, with the type of pro-muslim propaganda that is fed to Canadians 24/7…
      I give it roughly 25 years and Canada will be part of the caliphate and Canadians will vote for Sharia law.

      Don’t forget our prime minister Justin Trudeau spent his last vacation a couple weeks ago at the house of one of the top imams of the planet ; Aga Khan

      + Canada along the years has donated about 300 million dollars to the aga khan muslim foundation

      + Two days after Trudeau won the election he was filmed celebrating and dancing ” Punjabi” with a crowd of non-white indians, and Trudeau was wearing non-western clothes / Indian clothes.

      + then a couple weeks later Trudeau put in place our new defense minister; a turban wearing – and he wears it on ALL photos – indian.

      + when I was a young teenager in the 1970s, I remember seeing in a Canadian magazine photos of Pierre E Trudeau (Justin trudeau’s father 0) home in Montreal; all the furniture was middle eastern or one could say the furniture was muslim…

      It would not be paranoid to conclude the Trudeaus love muslims and indians

      oh yeah and Justin trudeau recently said that Canada has no official culture that he will work to make it more multicultural.

      so it is not paranoia either to say he means he will make Canada much less white

      and when someone has made it his mission to make a nation less white, it is not paranoia to conclude he does not like the white race very much.

      when I spread herbicide on my lawn to reduce the number of dandelions, and to have greener grass, I do not do it out of love of dandelion do I?

      well it is impossible to spend billions of dollars on reducing the number of whites and pretend one likes the white race.

      if the NSA or the Canadian police is reading this, they probably have moved my name higher in the list of evil white people who dare want the white race to survive and thrive

      how dare I want my people to be happy? how evil of me.

      how dare I want whites to have the same rights as people of other color? How evil of me

      How dare I refuse to have my culture, race and religion replaced? how evil of me

      How dare I disagree of my nation giving Billions of dollars ( some of my hard earned tax dollar ) to hostile nations who are in a hurry to convert us to their ways and their religion ? how evil of me

      we live in crazy times

      half the white population have lost their minds and are celebrating their own demise and if you don’t join them they see you as evil.

      half of the white population is like Zombies, braindead zombies who repeat what the media tells them to think

      I saw a white liberal woman ( a photo actually ) her sign said she would trade in one Trump for 10,000 refugees.

      that is like a sheep saying she would trade the sheep leader for 10,000 hungry wolves

      I feel like I am in anightmare, like all this can not be real

      hundreds of millions of whites from Sweden to the USA are suicidal and will not tolerate anyone like me who refuses to help and celebrate the race replacement program imposed on us by our traitorous leaders.

      ok I will stop now

      I needed to let some steam out.


  5. All they say about the Montreal man the police arrested yesterday is that he posted on social media ” heinous” comments about muslims.

    they are not saying what the comments were.

    Is what I am posting here considered heinous by the Montreal police? it is unclear what is heinous.

    Did he say he wanted to kill them or did he simply say they should go back to the middle east?

    They will not tell us, and this intentional; they want us to be scared of saying a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g negative about muslims ( or any non-whites or any immigrants)

    So scared that we will simply become good sheeps and join the group and love our invaders …and the day our invaders vote in a muslim mayor and then vote in a muslim prime minister, because there will be more of them and they will vote in whom they want , they will force us to love Sharia law

    oh yeah and they took his computer and cell phone.

    1984 is here, big brother is here

    leftism is totalitarian

    we are not allowed to have opinions or to disagree

    the message is clear ; “accept and celebrate the demise of your race and culture or be persecuted by the governement! “


  6. one more thing,

    radio-canada keeps refering to muslims, especially those that pray in that mosque, as ” les fideles”

    which translates to ” the fidels”

    on tv news sunday they said it at least 6 times; the fidels

    which implies those who are not muslims are INFIDELS

    if muslim praying in amosque are FIDELS then the rest of us who don’t pray in mosques are anot muslim are INFIDELS

    it means many MANY things

    it means radio-canada agrees with islam; non-muslims are infidels

    and we know this means we are inferiro, we are dirty, we are bad

    radio-canada knows muslim use the word infidel to insult us

    so by saying multiple times msulim are THE fidels radio-canada is insulting us

    radio-canada knows that when muslim terrorists post videos in which they say they will kill us, behead us, they call us infidels

    radio-canada knows that muslims who hate us call us infidels

    and radio-canada knows in the koran there are passages where it say that infidels must be either converted, made into slaves or killed

    every time radio-canada calls muslims THE fidels radio-canada is calling us INfidels and is agreeing with the radical muslim who hate us and want to either convert us, enslave us or murder us

    radio-canada may as well call muslim who pray in msque; the clean ones, the good ones, the nice people, the superior people

    it would be the same; it would imply ALL others who do not pray in mosques and are not muslim are dirty, are bad, are inferior

    it sounds like radio-canada is a muslim institution, they refer to muslims as THE fidels thus are telling us we are INFIDELS

    they are using the same words this morning in article about muslim who are back at the mosque where there was a shooting sunday and they are parying, radio-canada refers to them as THE FIDELS

    radio-canada is telling about 7 millions of quebecers that they are INFIDELS

    I have to say it again, radio-canada sounds like it run by the muslim brotherhood or something like that

    radio-canada repeatedly calls us INFIDELS by calling ONLY muslim THE FIDELS and they call NO ONE else FIDELS

    they never say protestants who prayare fidels, they never say catholics who pray are fidels, they never say boudhists who pray are fidel, they reserve this ” honor” to muslims

    Only muslim are fidels, the rest of us are infidels

    I am very insulted that radio-canada has adopted the language of those who have contempt for us, the vocabulary of those who despise us and see us as inferior and dirty

    I am thinking of filing a complaint at radio-canada but because I have to provide my real name, my home address and all that, I am worried an employee such as a zealous muslim-loving white liberal might provide my personal information to some Soros sponsored group and they will harrass me or slash my car tires or something.


  7. Funny coincidence, my only friend who is not a liberal just sent me an email, he took a few minutes to copy all the headlines at radio-canada ( which also exists in english and is called the CBC ) that mention Trump

    he found over a dozen.

    and not one —NOT ONE— of them says something positive about Trump!

    all Headlines that mention Trump says something bad, negative, or shocking

    It is obvious radio-canada is on a mission

    this not news nor is it information, it is anti-conservative propaganda, it is endoctrination, brainwashing ( and as a bonus to the leftists haters at radio-canada it also encourages hatred of the USA in general, something our media here have done not so subtly for as long as I can remember )

    over 12 headlines about Trump and all of them contain a negative word such as ” causes consternation” or ” has people worried” or” strongly opposed” or ” indignation ” or ” thousands protest Trump…”

    of all the things Trump says and does the hundreds of people at radio-canada can not find one thing Trump said or did that is good.

    radio-canada is on a mission; make people hate the political right and make people love the diversity and especially islam.

    Unfortunately so far they are quite succesfull.

    Almost everyone I know tells me Trump is a crazy dangerous man…and almost everyone I know sides with the illegals and hates Trump and sides with those poor muslims and hates Trump

    I feel like I am stuck in a never ending nightmare where everyone has lost their mind…everyone is disconnected from reality.


  8. My friend just told me he finally found one moderately positive news about trump at radio-canada

    they say trump wants to have medication prices lowered.

    I have not read that article but I would bet money they managed to spin this into Trump is very bad even if he lowers drug prices.

    liberals are deranged people, there is something defective in their head.

    it is not normal nor sane to devote one’s life and carreer to spreading hate as liberals do

    what drives liberals and what and whom they hate

    they claim it is about peace and love, but that is the opposite of the truth

    liberals are permanently at war with someone and are permaenetly full of hatred for someone…it used to be Reagan, then Bush, now it is Trump

    the media is the number one ” preacher” that tells the sheep whom to hate and why

    the left is driven by hatred, the left is 99% hatred.

    when Clinton in 1995 said the USA had to deport illegals he was applauded by the media

    when trump does the same he is demonized and leftists such as the CEO of a guitar and amplificators ( magnatone? I think ? ) company say someone should assassinate trump

    the left is made up of deranged people who love to hate

    they get a rush, they get a high from hating

    the main stream media foments hate if that is good English

    it should be called the hate stream media or the main hate media or something like that ( English is not my first language )


  9. About the muslim caller who called ” live” sunday evening, about 3 hours after the quebec shooting and who claimed he was there and that he saw TWO french quebecers with masks, he even said he heard them yell in the typical french quebecer accent.

    either he was lying ( or was a paid actor?)

    or the police is lying

    The police now says there was one shooter.

    that caller who was in the mosque during the shooting said he saw two shooters with masks.

    one of them is lying.

    Was the caller a paid actor, who was told to embellish this story to make it look like there are many violent french quebecers, and he was told to embellish the story to make muslims look like they are persecuted by large numbers of french quebecers?

    or was there a muslim shooter with the french quebecer and the police ( told by the government ) is now lying trough their teeth?

    One of them is lying.

    next weekend a friend will show me a live recording of the news I saw sunday evening, his tv recorded was on while the muslim caller was telling his story of TWO shooters with MASKS.

    a story that has magically vanished without explanation from our lying media.

    I just spent a few minutes at radio-canada online and there is nothing other than stories about the police arresting another man for saying bad things about muslims.

    why the caller said he saw TWO shooters with MASKS is not mentioned anywhere.


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