Book dedication from 1931


From the frontispiece of the book The Devil’s Camera: Menace of a Film-Ridden World, by R. G. Burnett and E.D. Martell, published in 1931.

It can be read on, here. It makes for interesting reading. It can be seen that even back in the 1930s, the movie industry was presenting many bad messages.

Quoted by the authors:

“The white man’s world as revealed in the films: ‘A world of crooks and half-wits, morons and sharpers… A world where men and women have instincts, desires, and emotions, but no thoughts. A world, in brief, from which all that gives the modern West its power … has been left out.’ ” – Aldous Huxley

4 thoughts on “Book dedication from 1931

  1. Hollywood has been evil right from the start. Hollywood has been undermining our civilisation, deliberately and consciously and with malice aforethought, for a century.

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  2. dfordoom – I watch old movies regularly, and the 1930s are the preferred era for me, — but even in that era you can see signs of the agenda they were working, and if you read the news sources and commentary from the time it’s obvious that they had a political agenda, as well as a social one. They (media moguls, etc.) wrote openly about using the media, especially the ‘new’ medium of films, to shape society in the desired direction. It wasn’t accidental.

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  3. It amazes me that so many people think Hollywood has always been just about making money. They’ll assure you that Hollywood just makes the kinds of movies that people want to see. That has never been true.

    In fact right through its history Hollywood studios could have made more money if they had actually made the movies that people wanted to see. Hollywood has always made the movies that they think people ought to see, even if it has cost them money.

    Money matters to these people, but power matters more.

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