‘The real fascists’

We’ve all seen the above phrase being used by many Republicans/’conservatives’,  along the same lines as the tiresome “Democrats are the real racists” — as in the statement that the right are not fascists as the left claims; no, ‘the liberals are the real fascists.’

So this post on the Ex-Army-Libertarian Nationalist blog is welcome. In it, we read how the European communists of the last century employed ‘street thugs’ to bully and terrorize opponents, to which the fascists responded by using the same tactic. Yet now the popular belief is that the street thugs, much like those we’ve seen in action in Berkeley (and elsewhere) lately, were originally fascists. Now, of course, anybody to the right of Mao is a ‘fascist’ or a ‘nazi’, deserving of being physically attacked by the hordes of leftist ‘useful idiots’ and organized street thugs.

We’ve seen how ineffectual the ‘conservative’ tactic of calling leftists ‘the real racists’ has been; it seems to roll right off their backs, just as do most of the insults and accusations hurled by the ‘respectable right’ — or even the not-so-respectable right. Like most thoroughly reprobate types, they have no shame, no conscience, and no capacity for reflection or self-examination. They have no honesty. How can anyone expect that calling them a name will shame them, or that it will somehow hit home, causing them to change their ways?

The left is expert at persisting in their lies, saturating our public discourse with certain ideas that come to dominate if only through constant repetition and by the left shouting down anyone who disputes the lie.

Some examples of ‘big lies’ that have prevailed over the last half-century or so: Joe McCarthy was a paranoid drunk who imagined the whole ‘Red Scare’; there were no Communists (big-C or small-c) in high places, or in Hollywood. It was a Witch Hunt, and everybody knows there are no witches. And if there were communists anywhere it was only for the purpose of fighting for ‘social justice, freedom, and equality.’

Another big lie: certain self-defense organizations in the South during Reconstruction were ‘hate groups’, secret vigilante societies that lynched innocent people just because of their skin color.

This, in fact, is sort of a parallel to the lie that it was fascists who started using street thugs to intimidate and attack opponents. The secret societies (which probably have little in common with their present-day counterparts, the ones so ”feared” by the likes of the $PLC) were in response to the reign of terror that was Reconstruction in the South. Those vilified groups arose as a reaction to real dangers to members’ families, neighbors, and property. Not everyone who resorts to force is an aggressor; the left has succeeded too often in blaming those who act in self-defense, in response to the left’s violence and coercion.

And from the article:

At any rate, don’t let anybody pull the “the leftists are the real fascists” line on you. They’re nothing of the kind. Fascists had principles, and for all their failings, had a much more realistic and less ideological view of the world than the Berkely thugs do.”

Communism produced a reaction in fascism. Today’s communists (‘progressives’ or whatever they like to call themselves at any given moment) are causing the appearance of a counter-force, the various new permutations of the right, whether they know it or not.


5 thoughts on “‘The real fascists’

  1. Excellent, VA. A typical leftist tactic is what I call the ploy of reversal. They accuse you of what they do, and thereby gain the advantage of having made the charge first. You’re right. They are utterly shameless.

    One way to defend against their antics is mockery. I was on a radio show one time with some libs, and one of them accused me of being a Joe McCarthy. I replied: “I’m deeply honored that you have likened me to that outstanding patriot.”

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  2. Roland, great comeback to that lefty.
    We need to rehabilitate McCarthy’s reputation. I realize he was a personally flawed man but he was a patriot and he was right about the Communist subversion. I am sure some of the lefties actually know that but pretend that it isn’t true, as usual.


  3. We need to rehabilitate McCarthy’s reputation. I realize he was a personally flawed man but he was a patriot and he was right about the Communist subversion.

    If anything McCarthy underestimated the extent of communist subversion.

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  4. dfordoom – yes, you are right. I think it went deeper than most people realized, probably than McCarthy himself realized — or was he lowballing for some reason?
    In any case it’s a tragedy that he was silenced and discredited and that later generations revile him as a paranoiac and liar.


    • What really annoys me is that so many so-called conservatives parrot the liberal line on McCarthy. Some do so because they have swallowed the liberal propaganda but I believe many do so because they simply haven’t got the courage to stand up and say that McCarthy was basically right.

      One of the few conservatives who has been prepared to champion McCarthy is Ann Coulter.


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