Wasted time

I had trepidations about re-posting that piece on chivalry. I should not have bothered. It seems chivalry has fallen victim to the war between the sexes, so it is not in favor with today’s ‘right’, neither is it acceptable to the totalitarian left, with its bizarre ideas on gender and its intolerant feminism.

It seems I am out of touch and out of favor with both right and left.


4 thoughts on “Wasted time

  1. Sadly many if not most modern “liberated” women tend to lift their nose on chivalrous men, they prefer bad boys…it explains the success of the book ( and movies, two now ) ” 50 shades of Grey ”

    PS; I wish I had more time to read your interesting posts( and to give my opinion ) , but things are keeping me busy these days.
    oh! one more thing before I leave!, I found out yesterday that our prime minister of the province of quebec ( the one who had warned us to not criticize muslims or we would have criminal records), well I found out he lived in Saoudi Arabia for about 5 years and worked for some super rich Arab and is close friends with such people…that explains a lot…and Justin trudeau spent his last vacation at the house of a top imam…which also explains why he too is in love with islam and is obsessed with protecting muslims and making us love them….I hate to use such a comparison but it is like a horror movie where one by one people who look like normal humans are actually ” invaded” by some alien thing and their sole mission is to convert us , to make us the same as they are…like body snatchers or something ( I never watch horror movies )

    ok gotta go! Have a nice day !


  2. I had trepidations about re-posting that piece on chivalry.

    I liked that post. It’s difficult to get ideas like that across these days since so few people have any understanding of what the past was really like. So many people think they know about the Middle Ages because they’ve watched A Game of Thrones, and they think they know about the 1950s because they’ve watched Mad Men.

    It seems I am out of touch and out of favor with both right and left.

    I know the feeling. There are people on the “right” who worry me and depress me just as much as people on the “left.”


  3. Chivalry is wasted on lowly whores. Whores love to play like they are ladies, but the Code of Chivalry is first and last about honor. Feminists, witches, whores, and bitches. Not a bit of honor amidst them. When you see a lady of refinement. A tasteful and chaste partner, then feel free to honor her with the Code of Chivalry. But lest you shame all the Great Men of Olde. Do not show such respect to the fallen.


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