Whose agenda is being served

The controversy around Milo continues to grow, and it looks as though the ‘right’, whoever that term includes at any given moment, is becoming more polarized around it. Some are saying that ‘the left’ is causing the division, and maybe the leftists are exacerbating it, as that serves their interest. So is the answer to just dig in our heels and defend Milo et al , in knee-jerk fashion, just because the left attacks him? Maybe they are trying to use simple reverse psychology to get the younger right-wing to rush to Milo’s defense, and in so doing ultimately legitimize the presence of flagrant homosexuality and even (through association) with alleged pedophilia. I mean, how can anyone on the right credibly reject pedophilia and pretend that Milo is not in any way associated with it? It destroys all credibility on this issue on the right. The left would like the right to shut up about ‘Pizzagate’ and yes, they would also like to lower the age of consent and decriminalize certain taboo behaviors. It would suit them fine if the right began to go soft on all these issues — which it seems is the direction the younger ‘right’ is heading.

Whose agenda is being helped by this defense of Milo? What is also happening is that anyone on the right, whether through religious/moral scruples or other concerns, criticizing Milo is being branded a ‘concern troll’ or a Bible-thumping fogey. Either way these defenders are sounding more and more like lefties every day, both in their socially libertarian mores and in their tendency to call names and hurl ad hominems at those who differ with them. There will either be no place for Biblically-faithful Christians on the new right, or the Christians who are not driven away will succumb to peer pressure and go along with this new-found ‘right-wing’ tolerance. Either way, this is not a ‘win’ for our side; the left will win ultimately, as they’ve done so far, with their insidious tactics.

And does the presence of Milo, even as an ‘outside ally’ benefit ethnonationalism or the pro-White cause? Championing a half-Jewish and pro-miscegenist personality helps the racially-aware right how, again? If anything it undermines the side.

2 thoughts on “Whose agenda is being served

  1. Good insights VA, today and yesterday on the MILO op. Milo erupted at the same time as Trump betrayed on DACA, letting dreamers stay. I’d say this was timed in advance on all sides.

    So Trump has issued an open-invite on children of the world and ultimately their parents to come and stay and get education and job priority over Whites. As you say, whose agenda does that serve? It is the White replacement agenda of the same group behind Trump and Milo.

    At the same time, Trump and Pence are apologizing all over again for the Alt-Right and White folks enduring hostility to our real overlords. This also was timed for the DACA betrayal. Milo himself is partly from this group. I have no doubt he will be well compensated for loss of his book deal.

    As Milo said, the video that surfaced has been known for a while by these ruling groups. DACA is worth buying off Milo over a book deal.

    Milo also discredits Breitbart which discredits Bannon. How long until something surfaces on Bannon so that he has to depart?

    Out like Flynn. That may be the catch phrase for the Trump revolution. Fizzle Fizzle Fizzle. A razzle dazzle psyop from before Trump came down the escalator. They intended to let DACA stay then and to keep inviting the world.

    The people in charge of Trump’s career have worked far too long to reduce Whites to a minority in America and Europe to give up now. They intend that in their lifetime, Whites will be removed from ever having a chance at a comeback. The top Whites can’t seem to realize that means the end of their usefulness. They will be ditched quickly when that happens. They can never see it coming. Neither did the Wasp elite.


  2. the new young right likes milo because he won them gamergate. The old right is party of losers who lose everything without fighting. Also milo is loved because he targets feminists HEAVILY.


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