A refreshing read

Some of you may (or may not) have noticed my absence for the last few days. I go through these phases periodically where I am disheartened about it all, and when I feel quite isolated in my opinions and viewpoint. Even among people who are somewhat like-minded, people who are part of the dissident right, it seems that I find myself out of step with the consensus or the popular viewpoint. The controversy over Milo is one example. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of bloggers who see things as I do on that issue, and most of those few are traditional Christians.

On the Al Fin Next Level blog, he refers to me as ‘the last of a dying breed.’ I don’t know how I feel about being described that way, but it seems to be accurate, judging by how alienated I often feel towards 21st century, post-modern “America, ” yes, even amongst fellow ‘rightists.’

My blogroll contains a link to a blog called The Wrath of Gnon, which I do follow on Tumblr — it’s one of the few worthy blogs in that morass of porn and teen-aged lefty lunacy — and I’ve occasionally posted memes here from Wrath of Gnon, many of which I find very thought-provoking and apt.

On the Amerika blog there is an interview with the Wrath of Gnon blogger, and I highly recommend it for those who haven’t yet seen it. Much of what the blogger says resonates very much with me, and having read it, I feel (for the moment, at least) a little less isolated and alienated. It’s always good to know that there is someone else out there, someone who is obviously of a sound mind and a sharp intelligence, who sees things similarly to the way I see them.

“To maintain the progressive mindset it is vital that people remain detached from reality (from their roots, families, friends, communities), and plugged in or attached to the propaganda machine. Take a man away from media for a fortnight and you will see emerge a more sensible, realistic human being. My own reactionary thinking has only strengthened the more I remove myself from modern media and groupthink.

It is not difficult: stop looking at mass media, distance yourself from all writing that “feels” modern; keep going backwards in times until you find what you are comfortable with.”

This is the core of my viewpoint: I’m a ‘cord-cutter’, living without regular TV and watching only streaming media of my own selection. Some people resent hearing this; they feel that they are being ‘judged’ for still consuming the media product, and they are defensive about it. Fine. My personal decision is simply not to partake of Hollywood movies or other popular culture if at all possible. I read old books to restore my sanity. Some people aren’t ready for cutting themselves off from the media or pop culture. Still, everyone in our society, willing or not,  is steeped in postmodernism and everyone is exposed to the constant barrage of propaganda, try as we might to disconnect from it and to shun it, so it’s a constant effort to examine our ideas for any trace of the taint of the corrupt culture we live in.

Still I agree with the Wrath of Gnon blogger that there are still things worth saving.

“The good thing is that everything we need to turn things around is already here. All the material, all the plans, all the accumulated wealth and knowledge of millennia of human thought and creativity is scattered all around us. We even have a time table for how to do it (and this was suggested by someone on Twitter three or four years ago), we just start turning the clock back, step by step, reversing history as we go along, keeping only the reality compliant, Gnon friendly parts.”

How often are we who are of a somewhat reactionary mindset told by the cynics that ‘we can’t turn the clock back’? I’ve always objected to that. No, we can’t make it 1965 again, but we can hold onto and restore much of what is still there to be used and revived. If we believe we can’t, then of course we can’t; it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and a defeatist one. So it’s a good thing if we reject that attitude.

It’s worth reading the whole interview at the Amerika blog. Having read it I feel somewhat less discouraged about the state of things, and more importantly I feel less isolated and alone in my opinions and thoughts. We all need to connect with like-minded people. We can’t be ‘lone soldiers’ in this hostile world.

6 thoughts on “A refreshing read

  1. It is not difficult: stop looking at mass media, distance yourself from all writing that “feels” modern; keep going backwards in times until you find what you are comfortable with.”

    Yes, that’s definitely the secret. It not only can be done – you find that life is a lot more enjoyable that way.

    For me the cut-off point is roughly the Second World War. I find that I can mostly enjoy the culture of the pre-war period. As the postwar period advances I find less and less that I can enjoy.

    I’m a ‘cord-cutter’, living without regular TV and watching only streaming media of my own selection.

    I cut the cord about a decade ago. I’ve never regretted it.

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  2. Valuable post VA. One of your great strengths is your wide knowledge of other bloggers. You are a hub for this type of know-how.

    If our opponent has turned the clock forward to eliminate us, our only chance is to turn it back.

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  3. Thanks , VA; I cut myself off from TV almost 40 years ago. I have not regretted it; for a few years I watched the NFL, Braves baseball and Masterpiece Theater (back when it was good, some of the time at least); gradually I stopped watching completely. I do watch old movies, operas and classic ballet on Netflix.

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  4. The media and fake consensus is how all this actually happened. Some low rent psychoanalyst named Bernays took the MK-Ultra CIA files and went to Hollywood with it. It was the late 1960s. Take a look at TV Land in the 1960s. Its still America. Lost In Space, Bonanza, Gunsmoke and other TV Classics that are still recognizably American. Beverly Hillbillies, Mayberry RFD and Green Acres are all pretty damn White then. But then Bernays gets MK-Ultra and takes it West to Hollywood. All those shows get cancelled. They get replaced. Laugh-in, Maude, Mary Tyler Moore and others take their place. It goes to Different Strokes, One Day at a Time, The Jeffersons and others.
    Its not TV Shows anymore. Its called PROGRAMMING now. Programming attitudes, through reinforcement. Fake consensus. All the channels repeating the same White Guilt and black heroes everywhere. Dumb Whites and heroic cool blacks. Its PROGRAMMING from MK-Ultra.
    Sounds like Alex Jones doesn’t it? But its Psy Ops from CIA and the Pentagon Black Ops budget.

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