Work on the wall? El Paso will penalize you

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

For one West Texas city, the proposition may be simple: Take a contract to work on Donald Trump’s border wall with Mexico and give up any work with the city.

An El Paso city councilman is pushing the idea of prohibiting the city from awarding any kind of contract to a vendor or company working on the proposed wall. The issue will come up Tuesday during a regular meeting of the council.”

Given that El Paso, and much of South Texas along the Rio Grande, are de facto parts of Mexico, (at least demographically), this is not too surprising. I would have guessed that most of the city council of El Paso would be of Mexican origin — but it turns out I was wrong; there are a few non-Latino names on the list of council members. (Scroll down the page to see the El Paso Council members’ names).

However the councilman who proposed this idea of punishing companies working on the border wall is not Anglo, unsurprisingly, despite the ambiguous name. Read the bio here. It’s getting to be boringly predictable, seeing who is who.

Anyway, if the majority of the people of El Paso agree with this, identifying more with the mojados, there’s an easy solution: just build the wall north of El Paso, and let El Paso be part of the state of Chihuahua rather than the state of Texas. How could they object to that?

One thought on “Work on the wall? El Paso will penalize you

  1. VA, you identify some crucial points. How could they object to that? If their goal is to race mix Whites out of existence, they could object to that.

    Their El Paso values don’t match well with Old Gringo Values. If we want to keep Old Gringo Values, we are going to have to build a wall and deport whatever diversity is on the Gringo side.

    We can’t let them advance wall by wall. We have to actively push them out. But as a holding action it would work, if our momentum to keep pushing them out is maintained.

    Maintaining our momentum brings us into conflict with a certain group. That group is intent to stop our momentum and to help other groups have momentum in.

    Thus our real problem with our real opponent. That opponent has to be flushed out.

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