Female supremacism

After seeing so many ‘International Women’s Day’ stories and memes, I’ve decided that I will refer to ‘feminists’ as female supremacists from now on. For decades, ever since this ‘Women’s Day’ thing has been happening, feminists have becoming ever more strident about their attitude of ‘female superiority.’ So if people who are pro-White, or who believe in nations for White people, are ‘White supremacists’ as the anti-Whites say, then surely the ‘supremacist’ label applies to feminists. They constantly crow about how women are superior to men in various ways, and they openly say that women should rule. There’s a meme going around showing a little girl wearing a t-shirt saying ‘The Future Is Female.’ Imagine if the word ‘Female’ were changed to ‘White.’ What a howl there would be about that, but women get away with that kind of rhetoric, as do non-whites.

Feminists have always railed against the idea that God is male, and we’ve seen this ‘witty saying’: ”When God made man, She was only joking.” So asserting that ‘God’ is female is just fine, while saying God is male is shockingly misogynist.

Feminists don’t see — or do they just not care? — that they are inspiring hatred from many men because of the shrillness of their rhetoric and because of their increasingly obnoxious behavior. The sad thing is that women who are not feminists have to reap what the feminist fanatics have sown.

The other sad thing is that many women on the right have been infected with the loathsome attitudes of feminists. I’ve noticed that online on ‘right-wing’ blogs or forums, where supposedly right-wing women take offense at some comment and go into feminist warrior mode, just like lefties. There are even ‘conservative’ men who defend feminist ideas and who, just like SJWs, take offense on behalf of women if somebody says something anti-feminist or anti-egalitarian.

Feminism has invaded the ‘right’ in various ways, and much of it is unconscious I’m afraid. Because feminism, like the rest of the left’s causes, has gone so far off the rails, people on the right have to be more vigilant, being careful not to let it insinuate itself into our way of thinking.  Egalitarianism is so taken-for-granted that we have to be on our guard against it. It may ‘sound good’ but the devil’s whispers sounded good back in Genesis 3, apparently, and we are forever paying the price.


3 thoughts on “Female supremacism

  1. Brilliant! I love it!

    From now on I will refer to feminism as female supremacism.

    I am old enough to remember back in the late 1960s or early 1970s what feminists were promising us if we gave them what they were asking for.

    we gave them that and more…but they always want more and always complain they are victims even though in North America women are the most pampered women in the history of the planet and now enjoy rights and privileges unimaginable only a few decades ago…

    and now after many decades of feminism anyone with eyes to see ( and anyone who is sane ) must admit the last thing feminist want is equality, they want to rule over men, even crush men.

    like other types of leftists ( global warming greenies, gays,anti-white social justice warriors etc etc ) they are intolerant, they want to silence anyone who disagrees with them and they tend to be tyrannical and totalitarian.

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  2. Every single thing that feminists have ever demanded has been given to them. That’s why they’re angry and miserable. Because having been given all these things, having been given the right to pretend to be men, they have discovered that it doesn’t make them happy. Living like a man doesn’t make a woman happy.

    Of course there’s no way they can admit they were wrong. There’s no way they can admit that feminism was a badly flawed idea right from the start. So they just get more and more angry.

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