Ulster’s economic migrants

For some time, many of us who keep an eye on these issues thought that Northern Ireland, that is, Ulster, was spared from the mass immigration which has swamped the UK and many other Western countries. We thought wrong, as this article from the ethnonationalist blog Ulster Awake shows us. Ulster, it appears, is in the crosshairs too, and is being ‘enriched’ with diversity, mostly in the form of economic migrants.

Naturally this is hurting the native people of Ulster.

Why employ Brendan or Billy at £9 p/h when we can have Pablo or Gregori doing the same job for £6.95-£7.20 without moaning about overtime/nights or weekends as those much needed funds are needed back home, and with nine to a two up/two down terrace house their living expenses are to a bare minimum!”

It appears that some of the immigration is coming from Eastern Europe and Portugal. For those who are pan-Europeanists or WNs, the thinking is: “what’s the problem as long as they are White?”, after all Eastern Europeans and Portuguese are White (in the latter case, to varying degrees).

But would the people of Ulster agree with that viewpoint? I would say the real ethnonationalist favors his own people over others, and no ethnonationalist would agree with those who imply that all European peoples are basically interchangeable.

Given the false choice of deciding which immigrant group replaces you in your own homeland, how can it be less disastrous to be replaced by those of roughly similar complexion, as opposed to people of another race? Absurd. The real question should be not about who is the least objectionable replacement for your folk, but why that replacement and ethnic cleansing process is accepted at all?

Nor, as some say, is mass immigration acceptable as long as it’s not Moslems who are replacing the native people. It’s pretty cold comfort to be told ‘at least they aren’t Moslems‘, as you watch your neighborhood and country being transformed.

Each people is unique; cultures are not equal, because people — individual people and the various ethnic groups — are not equal.

We can only wish the Ulster folk the best; I believe and hope they have a strong enough sense of their identity and their roots to resist this forced change to their country.



4 thoughts on “Ulster’s economic migrants

  1. Thank you for your kind words, aside from the economic implications, financial migrants are going to politically support what is their best interest which in this instance tends to be the cultural Marxism of Sinn Fein.

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  2. Speaking of forced “enrichment” trough imposing non compatible migrants on us, a few months ago here in Canada our very left/liberal prime minister Justin Trudeau has replaced our immigration minister with a man who’s name is

    Ahmed Hussein.

    obviously he is muslim , he was a refugee himself, and he is non white, he is from Somalia.

    I wish I was kidding but this is real, a muslim refugee is in charge of deciding how many muslim refugees will invade, I mean enrich Canada…that is very close to putting a fox in charge of counting the chicken….

    At times I have to stay away from the computer or any source of information ( or source of propaganda in the case of most news sources ) because it makes me too depressed…depressed and angry.

    speaking of liberals doing all they can to destroy the white race or at minimum white people’s civilization
    the liberals who are in charge of Canada have very recently passed what is called motion 103, it is not yet a law but one day it will surely be and what is it about? it makes it ILLEGAL to say bad things about islam.

    it specifically uses the words islamophobia, islam, but only quickly mentions that other religions ( none of them named ) must also be respected,

    it is obviously a step towards sharia law. give it a few years and it will be sharia law.

    My dear American friends I recommend you build a wall on both sides because in a few years Canada will be a muslim nation.

    to think my own government is about to make it illegal to say the truth about islam makes me want to scream!!!

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    • Canadian Friend – I apologize that your comment didn’t appear immediately; it was caught in the Spam filter. I don’t know why.
      I understand your frustration with what is going on in your country. I’ve been watching the developments from online sources. It does seem as though Canadian political officials, as in a few European countries, have silently submitted to Islam. It seems some kind of deal has been struck to ‘share’ power with Islam and eventually just announce the arrangement after people have got used to it. My impression, anyway, for what it’s worth.


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