And again



I am troubled by the latest attack in Manchester, England, and sickened that this cycle goes on, needlessly. I do feel deeply for the families of the victims, and my prayers are for them.

However I am not sharing the above ‘meme’ with the motive of inspiring more teary ‘candlelight vigils’ and statements of unity (“we stand with Muslims”, as the millennials like to say). There have been far too many of those and to what avail?

And as I’ve asked, rhetorically of course, to what ‘god’, exactly, are the usual soppy prayers being offered up? More importantly, to what ‘god’ are the victims being offered up? Because they are, seemingly, being offered up by the powers-that-be, for what? An appeasement? An offering to whatever evil gods of whatever far-off-lands may require the sacrifice of innocents?

To give some of the ‘bleeding-heart’ types their due (if they have that right; I am not sure they have), they may be well-intentioned in their feeble, wet-dishrag way, with their prayers and their ‘standing together’ and their teary appeals. But can they really believe that the true God, the God of the Bible, accounts the perpetrators of these atrocities as just as much ‘his children’ as those who worship him in spirit and in truth? Are murderers and victims all equal in God’s eyes? Does God really love them all the same? Is God really morally neutral? If this is the ‘god’ these bleeding-hearts invoke then they are worshipping some kind of heathen deity who does not differentiate or judge morally. Such a ‘god’ is deaf and blind and offers no comfort or consolation. Above all, such a ‘god’ as these post-Christians pray to does not offer justice. As such, he/she is not a ‘god’ at all. So prayers are of no avail. It is no wonder help is not forthcoming to the nations who have decided to bow down to this god-who-is-no-god.

And to some extent, our nation is prey to this same post-Christian delusion that plagues most of Europe, as well as Australia and New Zealand and Canada.

On a simply human level, why do the nations who are the targets of these attacks not finally get angry that their kinsmen are being killed, picked off randomly, in incidents like this? If someone was picking off their family members like this, would people still react with resignation and tears and hand-wringing, rather than reacting with righteous anger and some attempt at healthy self-defense? There must be some deep mind-conditioning going on to cause this passivity and resignation.

One final note: I am waiting to see the first allegation of a ‘false flag’, and the first claim that there are ‘crisis actors’ and staged scenes to fool us into believing a real attack happened.

If this is true, if the powers-that-be are resorting to having to stage fake terror attacks, then the Moslems are falling down on the job; they aren’t earning their keep in our countries, not doing what they were brought here for.

7 thoughts on “And again

  1. It’s an opportunity for Theresa May as prime minister to show some real leadership. But of course we know that she won’t. She’ll continue to support the Invade the World, Invite the World policy that has brought Britain to catastrophe.

    And I agree, candlelight vigils are just an insult to the victims. They’re a way of pretending that the problem doesn’t exist, that it’s all just an inexplicable tragedy, kind of like a natural disaster. We’ll all indulge in group hugs and everything will be OK.

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    • Yes, exactly, they behave as though these attacks are like natural disasters, over which no one has any control or influence, just a force of nature which it is useless to oppose or even complain about.
      And even if some human agency were to blame it would not be the Moslems, of course.


  2. It would be completely justifiable to force mohammedans to get the hell out of white countries tonight, one way or another. These pedophile rapists and child killers -and even more important their anti-white jewish and traitor enablers – have earned the rope they should all swing from. With their lust to corrupt and murder innocent babes – our children, our future- they have earned far, far worse.

    There will be victory or death eternal, and no other alternative despite our desires for peace and cooperation that mean nothing to the coming apocalypse. We will cast aside our cowardice and depravity or we will earn our sorry fate.

    I have always enjoyed your blog. Who cares if there are perhaps but few readers? Sites with thousands more have none of the insight. Thank you for your efforts. They are and shall be remembered.

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    • Thanks for your comment and the kind words, which are much appreciated. It’s always welcome to hear somebody finds one’s efforts useful in some way. Just one comment like that can provide the incentive to keep going despite everything.


    • Nick – actually, I haven’t read the stories on that N.O. incident. I have been finding it too dispiriting to read about these things, much less to write about them but I will take a look at the articles online since you mention it.

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  3. Oh you’re commentary would be very welcomed. I read it yesterday and found it hard to navigate through because, for me, I am still emptying my mind of the public educational stance on those things. So, it can be hard for me to challenge the guy without doing research (which of course is also challenging)

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