The continuing war on the Confederacy

It truly makes me feel sick to write about the recent events in which time-honored monuments in the South have been vandalized, desecrated, and destroyed.  And all of this is being done so as to destroy, finally, the image of the Confederacy and the good name of the White people of the South. It’s being done to appease, to flatter, and to pander to blacks, to reassure them that they, in fact, are THE people now; the time of Whitey has passed, and it is now their turn, their time to exact revenge and to demand homage and ‘respect’ from those who (as they believe) have ‘held them down’.

As I’ve written before, the real ‘dark days’ of the South were the days of so-called ‘Reconstruction’, in  which nothing was rebuilt, but much was savaged and destroyed. Newly-freed blacks were then being instructed by their unprincipled ‘carpetbagger’ mentors and ‘protectors’ that they were now entitled to payback for the past, and that they were now free to behave as they pleased. Search out older history books (if the leftists have not eliminated them all) and you may find that the White population of the South was on the receiving end of a great deal of violence thanks to ‘freedmen’, Northern carpetbaggers, and Southron scallywags, all of whom, together, fomented disorder and fear in the South. Those days, Mitch Landrieu, were really dark days; not the antebellum days in the South as you implied in your recent anti-White speech in New Orleans, justifying the destruction of Confederate monuments.

Mitch Landrieu’s uninformed references to the days of slavery and the whole history of the Confederacy amount to the usual anti-White, anti-Southron boilerplate, and it sounds like history as told via Hollywood scriptwriters looking to sensationalize that era (a la Django, 12 Years a Slave, etc. etc.) as one of incredible cruelty, rape, and inhumanity. I believe Landrieu even uses those words.

Most Americans have been force-fed a steady diet of lies regarding the past, especially concerning racial differences, and Landrieu perhaps believes it all himself; but liberals are much more free to make up ‘history’ as it suits them, believing as they do that there is no such thing as objective truth; nothing is absolute, all is relative. It’s all a matter of whose narrative you choose. Obviously Landrieu chooses the nonwhite version of “history”, in which nonwhites are ever-sinned against, never sinning. Nonwhites, in their own eyes, can never be wrong or do wrong. It is always ‘Whitey’s’ fault; the blame can never lie elsewhere; it can never even be shared. Guilt is exclusively the property of Whitey. No one else. Ever.

I wonder if Mitch Landrieu or any lefty has ever heard of the Slave Narratives? If so, the response is simply to ignore it, and failing that, to deny the truth therein. If any of  my readers have not read from that source, I recommend reading some of the stories. The overall picture is not at all the lurid picture of White cruelty and rapine that the current powers-that-be continue to push. I won’t be surprised when and if the politically correct archivists and historians yield fully to PC and expunge those stories from the Internet as well as from libraries. Can’t allow competing narratives, can we? Only the anti-White narrative must be allowed to be read or heard or seen; all else must be silenced, or, as with the Confederate monuments, pulled down, razed, and turned to rubble.

And now that all those who were actually slaves are long gone, there is no one to gainsay the lying depictions of the South as a cesspool of inhumanity, exploitation, torture, rape, and degradation. So the Mitch Landrieus of the world can spread their mendacious stories likening the antebellum South to ‘Nazi Germany’ or whatever other example of ultimate ‘White evil’ they are hyping.

What makes Landrieu’s posturing especially ironic is that there is at least some doubt about his own ancestry; sources say Landrieu’s family was listed as ‘black’ on past census records, and Mitch’s grandfather altered their identity to White. So is Mitch Landrieu a ‘White supremacist’ because he and his relatives now choose to downplay if not deny any black ancestry? I would say hardly; no ‘White supremacist’ would take such a hard-line anti-White, anti-Confederate stand as he is taking. At worst he is a hypocrite on his racial identity, though why he does not proudly claim any black ancestry is beyond me, considering that he extols ‘diversity’ and the holy ‘melting pot’ in his speech. In fact he praises everybody under the sun in that speech except Whites, for whom he reserves his greatest vitriol.  So is Landrieu White or not? Is he self-hating? I mean, if even Rachel Dolezal can proudly claim her black ancestry, why not Landrieu?

Maybe he enjoys posing as the noble White defender of poor downtrodden diversities, hence the decision to be ‘White.’ But he knows that by the old code of the South — and indeed, of pretty much all of old White America — the one-drop rule was applied. If one was a fraction black, one was black. Period. Full stop. End of story. One drop was all it took. Hence people like Adam Clayton Powell. Or some of these people.

For some bizarre reason, The Atlantic seems to insist on Landrieu’s ‘white’ identity; wait — I thought race was just a social construct anyway.

Mitch Landrieu is a politician, and they come and go. So he is not really the issue here; he is just one of many. There are plenty of other anti-White ‘Southern’ politicians today, who deserve the shameful label ‘scallywag’ that our Southron ancestors used for them. When Landrieu and that whole clan are no longer in office (if Louisiana ever runs out of Landrieus to run for office) there will be others, by other names, just as much scoundrels, to take their place.

I don’t know how North and South,black and White, can coexist under the same government, but for some reason the perverse pro-Union types insist, demand, that live together we must, whether we like it or not. Some people, strange though it may seem,  believe that this hideous ‘shotgun (re)marriage must continue, despite divisions and, increasingly, open violence. Is this abstract thing called the ‘Union’ really worth coercing people who distrust and despise and resent each other to live together? And how is that called ‘freedom’?



6 thoughts on “The continuing war on the Confederacy

  1. “I don’t know how North and South,black and White, can coexist under the same government, but for some reason the perverse pro-Union types insist, demand, that live together we must, whether we like it or not. Some people, strange though it may seem, believe that this hideous ‘shotgun (re)marriage must continue, despite divisions and, increasingly, open violence. Is this abstract thing called the ‘Union’ really worth coercing people who distrust and despise and resent each other to live together? And how is that called ‘freedom’?”

    Thank you for your analysis, VA. Always a good read!

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      • Good! I look forward to reading it. I’ve tried reading pieces here and there on the Confederacy but there’s so many splintered groups writing about that I haven’t the first clue who I’m suppose to believe. I know I trust you.

        If I might make a suggestion: One of the things I think a lot of us youngsters that follow you and those like you want to see more of are pieces that clarify our past. One of the things traditionalists, paleocons, and even alt-right bloggers tend to speak on a lot is our past.

        But let me be clear: we don’t know what that is and there is very little in the way of locating solid, trustworthy material.

        I know things are tough some times given the responsibility that rests on your shoulders, especially when its so tempting to be fatalistic in terms of an impending doom. With that said VA, you are a link to the past and in our time not much could be a more important. For a 30 year old like myself, I don’t stand between a generation of our great past and the ilk were living with now. Unfortunately, I’ve grown up in and around the beginning of the millennial generation and spent countless hours bemoaning the hucksters I called “teachers” while figure out ways to de-program, to use a modern term, all the revisionist crap I was taught growing up.

        So what am I to do? I come here – and else where – and read.

        So, please keep writing about reconstruction, about the Antebellum South, about the institution of slavery and how current southerners should think of it because people like me need the historical clarification. We do.

        Let me give you and example. A lot of what you say here is well written and inspirational; however, it doesn’t quite stick like your historical pieces. Once I came here and read something you wrote about the KKK. Unlike so many on the mainstream right today, you didn’t go off on a diatribe about how the Democrats were the real racists. Instead you used your time and blog article to clarify the history revolving around the origins of the KKK. You never defended whatever the KKK became; however, you clarified for me the reason it came to be by explaining reconstruction and the aggression it imposed on Southerners, which incidentally encouraged them to ignite a group of people ton defend their communities from freed blacks and the carpetbaggers that unleashed then on the South. When I read this, I felt freed in a strange way. Freed from a lie. Freed from maybe a hidden guilt. I felt empowered by real information that didn’t inspire to defend the KKK but to, like you, clarify the situation.

        A couple of times I’ve been afforded the opportunity to share this and even more liberal conservatives in my network of friends haven’t the faintest idea of how to respond. It shatters the concept that Lincoln was acting in the interest of all, that the KKK was a band of miscreants out to satisfy their urge for violence, that reconstruction was what the term implied it to be more.

        So, VA I must ask you to please keep clarifying our past. And as always, thank you.


  2. Beware of the two-faced “scallywags”, they should be ousted, and to hell with political stupid correctness. If any American person were to take a look, and they wouldn’t have to look for long, at the sad sorry states of the once beautiful towns and cities of England, Germany, Sweden and all over Europe,where you would easily think you were in Pakistan or diarrhea capitol ,is this what they really want, all these open-border brigades? what gives them the right to make the native British people’s lives a sheer misery. Honestly, every week without fail, innocent white people are being attacked with knives, London Bridge just last week, again? it will never end as long as “people” like that are living among us, so please, America, never allow your still lovely country to fall into the enemies hands. God Bless you all, from Edinburgh

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    • artwork – I’m sorry for this late reply; I’m only just finding these comments which were posted some time ago.
      Thanks for your comments. Yes, it is shocking what is happening in the places you mentioned. I did read about the knife attacks; it’s very distressing. I send prayers for the families and loved ones of those poor victims at London Bridge.
      I do hope both our countries, yours and mine, will come through their troubles.


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