More blogs and websites gone

Just a heads-up, one of the links in my blogroll, the link to Northern Ireland Demands the Right, is no longer a good link, as the blog has evidently come down. The message says it was removed by the author, but it may have been removed because of non-PC content, given today’s climate of silencing the right.

There’s a partial list here of some of the sites which have been removed or have come down. I am sure there are more which are not on the list, and most of us on the dissident right know that our days might be numbered. But just take a look at the list.

Sadly there are some sites whose loss is being cheered by segments of the right, and that reflects what I would classify as ‘virtue-signalling’ from some on the right, or ‘punching right’, trying to distance oneself from the ones deemed ‘deplorable.’ Everyone seems to have their own list of ‘deplorables’.

Someone mentioned the taking down of one of the most ”notorious” WN forums, the one with the largest membership, according to their own claims. Lots of ethnonationalists/alt-rightists said this forum deserved taking down, and that it was outdated and out of step as well as being crude and ugly in the content and the kinds of people who posted there. I think it’s a loss, nonetheless. I was not a member, never registered there, though I read it at times. It certainly had lots of posts from people in various countries, so it gave a voice to a real spectrum of people, and ethnopatriots from lots of other Western countries had a voice there, where all nationalist-minded people could read and interact with them — something not found on any other forum or blog to my knowledge.

How did I happen to read it? I was still more of an ethnopatriot American, but a simple search on the word ‘nationalism’ for a blog piece I was writing brought me to that forum. I had vaguely heard of it, probably in a disparaging way, but I found some very intelligent and interesting commentary there, alongside some not-so-intelligent postings — much like any other politically incorrect rightist blog. In fact there was less use of obscene and profane language (because of the rules of the forum) and any discussions of religion were confined to a forum for that topic only, a sensible rule. It made for a change from so many right-wing blogs where Christian-bashing and crude blasphemies were allowed. There was a wide range of opinions representing the right, the ethnonationalist/WN right, there, unrivalled elsewhere in my experience.

Someone said that this notorious ‘extremist’ forum was banned with the excuse that some 100 or so registered members were allegedly ‘murderers.’ I don’t know if a claim like that is verified or if it’s just a number made up of whole cloth. And with hundreds of thousands (I think) registered members, 100 is a pretty minuscule percentage. How many times have we read of terrorists or mass murderers being members of left-wing forums or political groups? Most such people seem also to be active Twitter users, or Facebook users, or habitues of ‘dating sites.’ Does this incriminate Twitter, Facebook, or other social media by association? People have made open threats to politicians and celebrities on social media sites, and those sites continue to operate despite that. Only when the site is a politically incorrect, right-wing forum is guilt transferred to the forum they posted on.

Reading that forum does not turn one into a raving maniac or a dangerous extremist.

In any case, how many White ‘extremists’ have committed violent acts based on their philosophies, versus the number of leftists and minorities who have acted out violently? There is no comparison, no moral equivalency.

Despite all this, the right is seemingly being targeted by the monolithic leftist/multicult media for silencing, and any one of us could be next.

In the meantime, ”Truth is hate only to those who hate truth.

And as always, ‘free speech: use it or lose it.’ Use it while you have the chance.


Sanctuary cities ban thwarted

The state of Texas’ attempt to ban so-called ‘Sanctuary cities’ has been blocked by a Federal judge — not so surprisingly, the judge, Orlando Garcia, is Mexican by descent, though Texas-born.

He is also (unsurprisingly) a Clinton appointee.

If not for this judge’s action, the ban would have gone into effect on Friday. The judge’s ruling does not stop the ban altogether, but temporarily puts it on hold.

“As a result of the ruling, local law enforcement won’t be given the option of asking people they detain for their immigration status. It was feared that could lead to racial profiling and make the immigrant community much less willing to report crime or cooperate with anyone wearing a badge.”

So the danger of so-called ‘racial profiling’ is greater than the danger of letting unknown aliens, possibly dangerous felons, have free rein to roam our country at will.  Of course the ”immigrant community” is rejoicing over this ruling, and although the San Antonio media do not say so, the American-born ‘Latino community’ is likely happy about this judge’s action. Blood is thicker than water. The judge himself is American-born, as I said, educated and given every opportunity in the old Texas, supposedly a place which held minorities down, and we see where his loyalties lie.

There is a cliche that is often repeated on many so-called ‘race-realist’ sites or forums like Free Republic, and it asserts that most American-born Hispanics are ultra-patriotic and that they oppose illegal immigration just like their Anglo neighbors. If this is true even to the limited extent that I might believe it to be, it assuredly will not be true as the percentage of Hispanics continues to rise in Texas, versus the declining Anglo population. As their share of the population grows, they are flexing their political muscle and asserting their own ethnic power, adopting tactics used by the black Civil Rights militants. Ethnocentrism will rise, especially as members of their ethnic group are placed, like this judge, in positions of power. How long until Texas has a Hispanic governor, and a majority Hispanic legislature and local governments? It happened pretty speedily in California. Watch it happen in Texas. And local Anglos, who want to feel good about themselves, will vote for it, having been taught from childhood that Hispanics had an equal share in founding, first, the Republic of Texas and then the state of Texas.

Hispanics will increasingly act in their own ethnic interests, with, at best, indifference to their Anglo neighbors, or at worst, they will exhibit greater revanchist tendencies as they grow in numbers.

Too many Anglos have caught the ‘equality’ virus even in the South, and they will sacrifice their children’s future for the sake of that abstract and absurd idea. The judge, though theoretically neutral, was acting in his own ethnic group’s interest, not in the interests of the citizenry as a whole, nor out of devotion to justice and upholding the law.

‘…for lack of knowledge.’

My people are destroyed, for lack of knowledge.’ – Hosea 4:6.

Hosea of course was talking about spiritual knowledge, knowledge of God. But in our time it’s lack of knowledge in general that has put our people in their present condition.

But lack of knowledge about history, as well as about the world in general and the present realities, is destroying us. We’ve been fed for many decades now on lies and half-truths and distortions of reality, and these lies are reinforced from all sides, so that few people realize how much of their ‘knowledge’ is just flat-out wrong or that it has been wrenched out of historical context.

A case in point: see the ‘conservatives’ at Free Republic discussing how the Antifa thugs are the same as a certain self-defense organization formed in the South back during Reconstruction.  They are discussing an article from The Atlantic to which I am not going to link. I suspect the original article has no more truth than the discussion at FR, meaning, no truth.

On a recent discussion, some ‘conservatives’ referred to this historical self-defense organization as ‘scum’, likening them to the Antifa.

First of all the present day KKK is something I don’t know much about, except that apparently one chapter of it in Florida was said to exist mostly (or completely) of government ”infiltrators.” Leftist magazine Mother Jones mentions COINTELPRO infiltration of so-called ‘right-wing hate groups’ in this piece, though the idea of the piece is to expose the injustice of infringing of the rights of left-wing/minority political activists. Nowadays only right-wing or pro-White movements are classed as ‘hate groups’, and much as the ‘conservatives’ complain of this, they are happy to pile on and denounce said ‘hate groups’ when they are too far right.

So are the Klan of today and the Antifa morally equivalent? Or equivalent in any way? Mirror images? The ‘evil‘ southern societies were formed to defend home and family and to save lives; what are the Antifa defending? What are they preserving?

I don’t intend to defend the KKK of today; I suspect they are not the same as the original group formed during the 1860s or 1870s. But what of the original groups (and they were many, locally formed, not monolithic)? They were formed by men, mostly former members/officers of the army of the Confederacy. These men were not, contra popular belief, ignorant yokels motivated by ‘hate’ and thirst for blood. They were concerned and alarmed over the widespread lawlessness under the Federal occupation of the South, under ‘governance by White scallywag traitors from the South, opportunistic and vengeance-minded ‘Carpetbaggers’ from the North and ‘freedmen,’ former slaves.

White people had no rights to speak of under this regime, having been stripped of the franchise (thus, of representation in what passed for ‘government’), and of their property.

Whites were in danger of violence and various injustices under this sham of a ‘government.’ There are old history books, contemporary accounts, of how dysfunctional and corrupt the whole system was, for those who will take the trouble to find them, on, or on other e-book websites — (get them before the book-burners and censors remove them!) — if anyone doubts what I am saying.

Liberals and anti-Whites in general don’t know these things, or don’t care to know them, but there is no excuse — none — for anybody on the right to be unaware of how things were in the Reconstruction era, occupied South. The left are an ignorant or pseudo-educated rabble; ignorance is expected of them, ignorance and dishonesty. But the right should not fall prey to the same habits.

The men of the Reconstruction South were motivated by nothing more than patriotism (of the healthy kind, not the caricatured patriotism that today’s young right despises) and simply for the sake of protecting their families, their homes, and for the sake of restoring safety and security, in the face of a derelict or hostile government.

The blockbuster silent movie, Birth of a Nation, made in 1916, shows this side of history. While it is done in a melodramatic style (as were many silent movies) it is accurate in the kinds of situations that happened: young women were violated. White people, disarmed as they were, were targets of predators.  What would any normal human being do in such a situation? What could they do when ‘law and order’ was part of the problem, when the system is corrupt and when their rights had been stripped from them?

As to the movie, Birth of a Nation (yes, I know there’s been a ‘remake’ of that movie which depicts only one side — guess which side?) I fully expect it to be banned and removed from circulation. I expect politically correct Amazon (which has banned all Confederate Flag imagery) will remove it from their inventory; likewise Netflix which is thoroughly PC. Remember, even an innocuous children’s movie, Disney’s Song of the South, has long been officially banished by the PC commissars because it doesn’t fit the Narrative.

Now the censors are coming for ‘Gone With the Wind’, again, hardly a political or politically incorrect movie, unless it’s just because of blacks in ‘subservient’ roles. Obviously the anti-South agitators, who are getting more shrill every minute, demand that it be removed.

Birth of a Nation, surprisingly, was not banned all these years, but I expect it will be.

So were the original KKK ‘scum‘, as these posturing cuckservatives and their lefty soulmates claim? If so, then any ethnopatriot, any lover of family and kin, is ‘scum’, because those groups were formed for reasons of self-defense, not for the sake of targeting ‘innocent people’ as the popular myth has it. Few people will say this; some won’t say it because they don’t know the real story; they’ve been lied to all their lives and haven’t bothered to educate themselves or seek out people who know. Some people (too many) know that the popular image is distorted if not an outright lie, but they don’t want to be branded as a ‘racist’ or a ‘hater’ so they say nothing. So, once again, lies go unchallenged, and they rule the day.

Our people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge, and for lack of the truth, both in the spiritual and in the material sense.

Note: I just found this related piece at Intergalactic Source of Truth. Very useful data and information.

The loss of trust

The following comment was posted on a Free Republic thread, in reference to a previous comment about the increasing willingness to believe in ”conspiracy theories.”

“I think we reached a point, years ago, where people have lost faith in the government completely. Once you don’t trust your own government, you believe it capable of everything and anything. The initial distrust was brought in by the Left, who hijacked every little conflict that existed in the US to demoralize people against the government and each other. Black civil rights, gay rights, feminism, etc. etc. Then, once the Left got enough power from those that they suckered into supporting them, the people on the Right started to distrust their government, because it has become oppressive and hostile to its own patriots. Recall that the US government listed veterans as potential domestic terrorists, as well as those who value the Constitution, and that the IRS was used against right-leaning groups like the Tea Party.

We are in a state of affairs where we cannot honestly expect any limits to the overreach of our government at any level, and thus we’re forced to believe it is capable of anything.”

12 posted on Friday, August 25, 2017 9:25:24 PM by fr_freak

I agree with the comment, and I think he accurately describes how this state of affairs came about: the left, and their ‘culture of critique’ have long spread this distrust because they wanted to undermine the very foundations of our society.

anti-Founding Fathers_New Pioneer 1935Sm

The illustration is from the New Pioneer magazine, published in 1935. That magazine was a Communist Party magazine aimed at children and young people, and it published an English-language edition in America during the 1930s. So the left was busy even then trying to discredit the Founding Fathers, and we are seeing the same process at work today. The difference is that now many on the right are just as likely to believe that the Founders were scoundrels in some way or in many ways.

The fact that few people today seem to trust their rulers with a blind faith is not a bad thing; the calibre of our elected officials today is not what it once was, and blind trust in leaders is not wise at any time; they have to be accountable — or at least that was the original idea. Reality and the ideal vision seldom coincide.

I’ve argued on this blog that to dismiss ‘conspiracy theories’ out of hand is just foolish, because we know that there have always been people who combine and collaborate to attain some end, and that they often do so in secret, sometimes by necessity. Yet there are still quite a few people who, even having seen conspiracies exposed, and seeing their effects playing out before our eyes, refuse to believe conspiracies exist. And now there is the opposite tendency which is more widespread than at any time during my life: the tendency to disbelieve just about everything. The Free Republic discussion I link to above was about a news story involving actor Scott Baio. He apparently re-tweeted a meme alleging that the death of Heather Heyer was a hoax put on by “crisis actors.”

Is it possible that there are hoaxes of that kind, involving ‘crisis actors’? These days it would seem almost anything is possible, given the insane conditions in the world today, and knowing that the powers-that-be and their media are deeply dishonest and manipulative. But I don’t understand the tendency to immediately cry ‘hoax’ before the full facts can be known; it seems some people are determined not to believe in any of these kinds of events, instinctively jumping to the conclusion that it’s a lie until proven otherwise.

There should be some middle ground between complete credulity and trust in the government/media, and complete skepticism which refuses to accept the simplest and most obvious explanation when the facts appear to be clear.

And I don’t see the sense in becoming 100 percent cynical about our history and our forefathers; the left has always regarded the past as suspect if not outright evil, believing that today’s generations are somehow wiser or better than those of the ‘dark ages’ before we and our peers were born. Maybe the belief in evolution fosters the idea that everything grows better and more advanced with time; we are ‘evolving’ towards some new postmodern Utopia, according to those who see the world through that lens. The people who think that way are usually ideologues who think that their ‘-isms’ will save us, even though we’ve seen many of these ‘-isms’ fail spectacularly: socialism, feminism, objectivism, and now we are seeing the disastrous effects of globalism/universalism/open borders.

Conversely, the right used to be the side championing stability, tradition, continuity, order, hierarchy, and respect for the past, or at least the best of the past, was part of the right’s worldview. Now it seems many on the right have bought the cynicism of the left, which thinks of the past as something to be left behind and disdained.

If we no longer value or respect our forefathers and their efforts, we find ourselves in the company of the leftists who see nothing worthy of respect in our past.

Distrusting those in power today is simply being realistic, sad to say, but I hope we as a country don’t follow the left in attempting to relegate our past to the trash heap.



Silencing the right

All the stories about banning and de-platforming of various alt-right and dissident right bloggers causes me to ponder the possibility of this blog being the target of censorship.

The thing that has probably been to my benefit so far is that I am ‘small fry’; not significant enough to bother with, although at times I wondered if I was being ‘driven off’ my former blogging platform, considering some of the odd things that used to happen — my posts disappearing word by word before my eyes as I typed them, and the times when I was occasionally locked out of my blog. I know of other dissident right bloggers who had similar weird occurrences, but their blogs were/are more popular and influential than this blog.

Still, most of us who are dissident/politically incorrect have always known that the day might come when our views would no longer be allowed to be heard. Some people speculated that the idea was not so much that we be permitted to continue for the sake of ‘free speech’, because clearly the left and TPTB, with their symbiotic relationship, do not care one whit for free speech. ”Hate speech [sic] is not free speech,” so they say. The idea of letting us have our say was more than likely to give us the rope to hang ourselves with, to draw us out and to have us identify ourselves as Enemies to the PC regime. If so, it probably worked well for those in control; we see that the witch-hunting alphabet groups now have little lists of — what was the number? 900+ websites and blogs identified as ‘hate sites’? As far as I know I have not yet made that particular honor roll. Those powerful groups who have only to point the finger and accuse someone of ‘hate’ to cause them to be silenced will be working down that list, and probably won’t spare the ‘small fry’, even people like me who are not in their crosshairs as of now. If history is any guide, they will give no quarter, they will track down any dissenters, no matter how insignificant. Ironic that they pose as ‘teachers of tolerance.’

Me? I don’t like attracting attention; I am a private person, very reserved, and I don’t like being a cynosure in any way, much less to be the target of witch-hunting zealots like those policing the Internet and the world at large. But if the day comes when this blog comes down along with many others — or will they do it piecemeal? — I have to be prepared for the sudden loss of this means of communicating with the like-minded.

Maybe such an event would compel the speakers of truth to communicate face-to-face, to seek out the like-minded in the real world, despite the risks involved in that. I think we would probably find that, as in all totalitarian regimes, there are always people who will inform on their neighbors, even on relatives, thanks to the mind-conditioning process that has claimed the minds of so many people in Western countries. But ultimately the Internet is just one method of communicating, and as we’ve learned, the powers-that-be have learned to use it very effectively to monitor everyone; that’s the big downside to it.

And I do believe that ‘the truth is mighty, and will prevail,’ as the old Latin proverb says.

But in the meantime I think things will no doubt get worse before they get better.

I see that Tumblr bloggers are now circulating a petition to ban all ‘White supremacists‘, so-called, which includes everybody who is even vaguely right-wing in today’s climate. At the time I saw it, the petition had 3,000+ responses (reblogs and likes). The Tumblr crowd is very, very antifa, and yes, they are mostly millennials and Gen Z-ers. Somebody needs to tell these youngsters that they are really very right-wing, or so I keep reading on various alt-right blogs.

So where do we go from here? I have been saying to many people IRL for about 10 or 12 years now that the world seems to be growing darker and darker. It was just a feeling, a sense, that the light was fading, and that spiritually the goodness and truth was diminishing.

Yet because I am a Christian, I know ‘how the book ends’, as it were, and the bad guys don’t win. But I know that we may have a hard road ahead of us for a time, and it’s needful that we prepare –mentally and spiritually — for what may be heading our way. This is where we need Faith, Family, and our Folk.

H.P. Lovecraft




Howard Phillips Lovecraft was born on 20 August, 1890. So the anniversary of his birth is just passed.

I see that one Tumblr blogger offered a birthday ‘tribute’ which included calling HPL ‘crazy’, an ‘insane xenophobe‘ and scoundrel. The blogger professed to be a fan of Lovecraft’s writings, so maybe in today’s climate he felt the need to denounce Lovecraft for his “sins” of wrongthink and ‘hate speech’ towards foreigners and ‘People Of Color.’

No doubt the name-calling Lovecraft fan is aware of HPL’s being ritually denounced by the Science Fiction ‘Community’ in the recent past, so he felt the necessity to follow suit and express his ideological purity by throwing a few appropriate insults at Lovecraft.

But how long will that half-measure suffice to keep the baying hounds from the door? Soon there might well be burnings of Lovecraft’s books, or, watch politically correct Amazon (and the rest) announce that they will no longer carry his books because they are hate speech; they are offensive and inflammatory, and they don’t reflect the new ‘truths’ of 2017, so they must go.

Among Lovecraft’s offenses against the gods of political correctness was sympathy for the Confederacy, as well as a paean to none other than General Robert Edward Lee,  a man Lovecraft unabashedly admired. But then in Lovecraft’s time, and even until not so long ago, many Americans from all regions admired General Lee, not just for his military prowess but for his character. Schoolchildren in public schools, in the Northern states as well as the South, were taught that Lee was one of our great men. It was not unusual for a Northerner to admire General Lee, and more to the point, people still had the freedom of thought and of speech to express that feeling openly, without fear of repercussions: of being denounced as a bigot, hater, Nazi, or fascist, or ‘Supremacist.’ Those days appear to be gone, unless something changes for the better, and soon.

HPL and all the past generations are turning in their graves.

Was Lovecraft a ‘White supremacist’? Because he will, of course, be called that by the mad-dog rabble that is out there now. Lovecraft was not a ‘White supremacist’, though he called himself an Anglo-Saxonist — that is no doubt a thought-crime and hateful these day.

I’ll just leave you with one quote (of many possible quotes) from HPL, one which seems to speak to our present situation:

In my opinion the paramount things of existence are those mental & imaginative landmarks — language, culture, traditions, perspectives, instinctive responses to environmental stimuli, &c.– which give to mankind the illusion of significance & direction in the cosmic drift. Race & civilisation are more important, according to this point of view, than concrete political or economic status; so that the weakening of any racial culture by political division is to be regarded as an unqualified evil — justifiable only by the most extreme provocation.”




CNN bears false witness

Even I have been surprised at the dizzying speed with which the baying mobs (aided and abetted by elected officials) have been destroying Confederate memorials and statuary. I find this very distressing, and I think we all should, those of us who care about the truth and about our heritage — including the good names of our forefathers.

CNN deceitfully crafts a headline saying ‘The descendants of Lee, Jackson, and Davis want the statues to come down.’ Did they seek out all the descendants of those men and take a poll? Not likely. After so many generations there must quite a few descendants, thousands alive, probably living in widely scattered locations. So CNN managed to dredge up A descendant of each of the three Confederate heroes and lo and behold, they all agree with the rabble who are pulling down the statues, and with the anti-White ‘leaders’ of the cities where this vandalism is enabled and assisted. What a coincidence.

Lee’s purported descendant says that his illustrious ancestor wouldn’t approve of all the violence. Wait; General Lee was a military man, and no pacifist. However he was a chivalrous man and not given to needless violence. Mr. Lee (the descendant, not the General) is, whether he would admit it or not, agreeing with the ill-informed riff-raff who call General Lee a hater and a slave-monger. Does nobody care to defend their forefathers anymore, I mean, their own ancestors? Are we so lost in libertarianish ‘individualism’ that we don’t even feel close to our direct ancestors? I am afraid so, seeing how little spirit is in many of the people of the South now.

But I suspect these men are not necessarily representatives of the traditional South; they are ‘men’ of their time, a product of this evil age, the Age of the Lie.

The men who are supposed to be Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson’s descendants (and even CNN identifies them as ‘two men who say they are the great-grandsons of Stonewall Jackson’) are quoted as saying “we are ashamed to benefit from white supremacy while our black family and friends suffer. We are ashamed of the monument.” Their black family and friends? Are they of mixed ancestry? If so, of course they would take this position; mixed people generally identify with the nonwhite side.

But for the other descendants, they are an illustration of how people in our PC-deranged society are unable even to tell themselves the truth, much less speak it to others, and not even for the sake of defending those who sired them are they able to be honest.

By the way, Adam Grey comments on this story at Faith and Heritage. Generally I agree with Adam Grey on most issues, especially where faith is concerned, but on this story, I am sorry to see him resort to the generational warfare thing:

“Unsurprisingly, these spineless jellyfish are all boomer cucks who have little left to lose as the United States, and the South for which their ancestors fought, slides into Third World corruption and degeneracy.”

Little left to lose? Meaning what, that they will die soon and thus don’t care what happens after they pass on?

As to whether these spineless descendants are boomers, only Mr. Lee’s age is given, as far as I can see. He is said to be 54. This  makes him more a Gen-Xer than a boomer. The ages of the rest? We are not told.

“Gen X are those born between the early 1960s and the early 1980s. The nickname stuck thanks to the novel by Douglas Copeland: ‘Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture’, which was about Americans hitting adulthood in the late 1980s.”

But the generational blame game, so popular now, caricatures the boomers, a very disparate generation with a gamut of political views and social views as the authors of everything bad in our society. It’s a tad simplistic, putting it mildly, but worst of all it’s become acceptable to even wish horrible deaths on boomers — ‘ they deserve it.’ I emphasize, I am not attributing this attitude to Adam Grey, but it’s a not uncommon sentiment around various right-wing blogs; one can hardly escape encountering it.

And what have all the Gen-Xers and Millennials (not to mention the still-surviving ‘Silent Generation’ and even the very oldest ‘Greatest Generation members) done all these years  to stem the tide? Why do they escape their fair share of responsibility for what this world has become? Why do they give themselves a pass? Do they lack moral agency? Truth be told, the statistics tell the story that each succeeding generation is more liberal than the previous one, with the older generations having more traditional attitudes than all the younger ones. I’ve posted data in the past that anyone can look up.

And from a Christian point of view, what about filial piety, and what about the commandment to honor our fathers and mothers? I believe kinists say, as I’ve always done, that we owe our elders respect; we don’t get to decide that ‘they don’t deserve it, so I don’t have to respect them.’ I’ve heard many young people, individuals, saying that about their parents and grandparents. Now it’s a society-wide rejection of our elders as unworthy of our respect or loyalty. It is very disheartening.

“Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.”

Now, I know the ‘judge not’ quote is overused, and is used (often by rank nonbelievers) to stifle criticism of whatever kind of evil, but there is some wholesale judging going on based on age and generation, nothing more. And yes, we can judge, but we’re told to ‘judge righteous judgment.’

I am not a ”capital-K” Kinist as I wasn’t brought up in the Reformed tradition, but I consider myself a small-k kinist, being strongly influenced by my grandparents and their generation, which understood the primacy of our loyalty to blood kin, and especially our direct ancestors. These descendants of the Confederate heroes were evidently never taught that important precept; in that sense they are not even traditional Southrons, much less faithful Christians. They have not honored their father(s) and mother(s), that is, their entire lineage, not just the two people who gave birth to them.

But are we as a society much better than they, if we are willing to figuratively throw our kin, even our direct progenitors to the wolves? Or to divide ourselves by age group? We are all in this together. North or South, young or old.






Genocide, ethnocide, suicide

I’ll confess I had never come across the word ‘ethnocide’, until I read a post by commenter Pierre at Morgoth’s blog.

You might think that the word ‘ethnocide’ would mean the same thing as the ubiquitous term ‘genocide’, but apparently it means, according to the man who coined it, destruction of a people’s distinct culture and way of life. Right, as in what we are seeing with the destruction of historic statues and monuments in this country.

By the way did you know that the word ‘Genocide’ was coined by (((Raphael Lemkin))), in 1943? No surprise, then, that it seems to have been coined to create a word that might be indelibly associated with Jewish history, that is, until it became used for just about anything deemed detrimental towards a member of a protected ‘victim’ group, as categorized at any given moment.

But as to what constitutes ”ethnocide”, we get an inkling of it in the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, from a 1994 document:

“Indigenous peoples have the collective and individual right not to be subjected to ethnocide and cultural genocide, including prevention of and redress for:

(a) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities;
(b) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources;
(c) Any form of population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights;
(d) Any form of assimilation or integration by other cultures or ways of life imposed on them by legislative, administrative or other measures;
(e) Any form of propaganda directed against them.”

The ethnocide passage was ultimately not included in the official declaration.

So if (((Lemkin)) came up with the weapon-word ‘genocide’, which is applied very loosely and readily on behalf of designated ‘victim groups’, coined the word ‘ethnocide’? It was Robert Jaulin, a ‘social scientist’, and like most people in that kind of career, he was/is a leftist and xenophile. So he likely meant for his word to be used to accuse Whites of destroying the cultures of the noble savage ‘indigenous’, rather than the indigenous peoples of, say, Europe.

Of course Americans, that is, non-“vibrant” Americans, are not counted as indigenous, no matter how many generations we’ve been here, because only the American Indians Amerindians Native Americans are indigenous to North America. White Americans don’t count as indigenous; we’re invaders, though somehow the many nonwhite interlopers in Europe or Australia or Canada don’t count as invaders.

But as to what amounts to ”ethnocide”, it’s elaborated further here:

“Collective and arbitrary murder, systematic abduction of children to raise them away from their parent’s culture, active and degrading religious propaganda, forced work, expulsion from the homeland or compulsory abandonment of cultural habits and social structure, all these practices, described by Robert Jaulin, have in common a deep despise [sic] for the other man and woman as representatives of a different cultural world.”

But if we look at the above descriptions, it all sounds familiar from recent history in our country, since, say, the 1960s and the Civil Rights coup. The first item, collective and arbitrary murder — well, the powers-that-be haven’t got quite to that stage yet, but give them time. “Active and degrading religious propaganda“? How about the teaching of evolution in schools? That’s a religious belief for atheists, I would say. And then there’s the constant, implicit or explicit, anti-Christian atmosphere. And what about teaching our children about sexual deviancies, promoting the idea that it’s perfectly normal and healthy, even cause for ‘pride’?

Systematic abduction of children to raise them away from their parent’s culture” — well, wasn’t that the idea behind compulsory state-run education? It seemed more benign in a majority-White, majority Christian America, but as ‘our’ government moved further to the left and more overbearing, then compulsory education was used to program our children in another direction, and this led to the famed ‘generation gap’ of the 60s and 70s. “Compulsory abandonment of cultural habits“? Think busing, and forced school integration — this broke down the social practice of the races keeping to themselves, and compelled the students of all races to mix together, while they were being taught that any separation or distinction was morally wrong. White children were forcibly bused to schools in nonwhite neighborhoods in some cases and black children brought to White neighborhoods.

People were also forbidden by law to exercise freedom of association: landlords and those selling their homes were not allowed to exclude anyone based on race, religion, etc., thus compelling certain White neighborhoods to open themselves to others, with the result being the decline of many once-safe and pleasant neighborhoods. Many Whites felt compelled, then, to uproot themselves and to try to find a more suitable and safe neighborhood or town — until the same process repeated itself in their new home.

The ‘breaking up’ of our neighborhoods via enforced diversity has weakened our cultural and social cohesion, causing more anomie and isolation amongst our folk. We have lost a sense of who we are as a distinct people.

Does this not fit the description of ethnocide?

And it surely would include the constant heavy-handed propaganda meant to instill ‘White guilt”, resulting in White self-hatred which we see in the greatest proportion amongst the young. Now there is a frenzied destruction of physical symbols of our history, our past, our heroes, our symbols, all of which have been attacked verbally and called evil for decades now. If all this was happening to some sacred ‘victim’ group, it would be called ethnocide, genocide, and any other kind of ‘-cide’ they can think of. But when it’s happening to us? It’s just deserts. It’s our “karma” for past evil acts. It’s deserved. Pull them all down; efface every memory of White culture and history.

“Some critiques of the term ethnocide state that it is an unclear term. In addition, when people use the term ethnocide they are unsure of what they are condemning (Mair, 1975: 4). Furthermore, the idea that victims of ethnocide are individuals considered as primitive and indigenous and who are invaded by technologically advanced individuals considered as civilized poses some problems. This is especially problematic when ethnocide is used to describe the abandonment of cultural practices by a group for the practices of others (Mair, 1975: 4). This can be described as a question of cultural change instead of ethnocide (Mair, 1975: 4). Writers such as Jaulin considered civilization as an infectious disease (Mair, 1975: 4). For many, this argument often does not hold ground (Mair, 1975: 4).”

The above quote is from this source.

At least the writer of the above quote acknowledges that sometimes their precious indigenous peoples were not ‘robbed‘ of their unique and vibrant heritage, but willingly gave it up for a few trinkets, much like the Indians who sold Manhattan Island to the Dutch for a handful of beads. Today, however, they sell their culture out for smartphones and ghetto culture, usually.

And sad to say, many White people have not had to have their culture stolen from them; they are happy to jettison it for multicultural trinkets, ethnic restaurants, cheap labor, and the social advantages of being a self-hating ‘world citizen.’

What do we call self-ethnocide?

Was Charlottesville a ‘setup’?

There are allegations that the organizer of the Unite the Right rally was an Obama supporter, and involved with the ‘Occupy’ movement. Suddenly as of November, 2016, he became pro-White and (according to this source) a ‘White supremacist.’

The ZeroHedge blog quotes a statement from the organizer, Jason Kessler, in which he said

“I can’t think of any profession I admire more than the professional provocateur, who has the courage & self-determination to court controversy, despite all slings & arrows of the world.”

Interesting, isn’t it, that he suddenly became a born-again ‘White supremacist’ in early 2017 and founded “Unity and Security for America”.

Several other sources are reporting this story, and the worst of it, to me, is that the whole Charlottesville scenario was allegedly set up, according to an anonymous member of the state police force, for the purpose of touching off a racial war, forcing the pro-White rally participants to be surrounded by violent antifas, with violence the inevitable result.

The Virginia State Police have also disputed or denied some of Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s  allegations about the so-called ‘White supremacists’ at the rally, so it is plausible that some disenchanted members of the VSP have privately spoken to the media about what really happened.

Is this true, or is it just ‘tinfoil hat’ conspiracy-mongering as some of the ZeroHedge comments insist? I will leave that to the reader to decide.

The allegations are made more plausible by the anti-White attitudes and public statements by Gov. Terry McAuliffe and the other politicians involved here.

Early on Saturday evening, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe condemned the white supremacists, telling the Nazi [sic] marchers that “there is no place for you here. There is no place for you in America.”

“Shame on you. You pretend that you are patriots, but you are anything but a patriot,” he continued.

Shame on you, Terry McAuliffe, and on the other politicians who are carrying out this anti-White campaign. You’ve shown your loyalties are not to the people of Virginia as a whole but to the 12 or 13 percent of the population and their (((‘sponsors’))), and you have no respect for the past or to the truly great Virginians who created this state you are now destroying.

It has been obvious to any careful observer that for some years the powers-that-be have been stoking long-existing racial divisions, evidently trying to make them worse, and working the fanatical left and their aggrieved nonwhite allies into a frenzy, making open conflict and violence more and more probable. TPTB seem to be carrying out a continuous campaign of goading White people into action, probably hoping for a pretext to use force against Whites.

Update: also see this piece at The New Nationalist, Bird-Dogging Cutout Operations at Charlottesville Ambush.

The un-Civil war continues

Ignorance on parade: read the following comment from a dissident-right blog, by one ‘anonymous’, in which an urban Northeasterner vilifies and slanders Southrons. Nobody replies, at least as of now.

anonymous on Savant's blog_2017-08-15_230157

One thing which truly riles me is when someone spouts lies and unfounded assertions, and nobody takes issue with any of it. Surely somebody from the South read this person’s diatribe, but evidently felt no need to respond. I know that many people from the U.S. read the blog in question, many, from the South. As for why I don’t respond on the blog myself, Blogger rejects 99 percent of my attempted comments on their blogs. Blogger is not my friend.

Anonymous’s comment illustrates the real animus that many people from outside the South feel towards Southrons. It constitutes real prejudice, meaning that it’s a viewpoint formed from hearsay, false information, and from pre-existing, visceral dislike rather than from wide, firsthand experience. ‘Anonymous’ begins his slur-fest against the South by saying ‘no offense to Southerners…’ and then lets fly a long list of disparaging assertions about the South and its people, past and present.

I’ve said before that I descend from both Yankees and from Southrons, so I know both peoples and regions well. I am “bilingual”, being familiar not only with Southern speech and dialects but also Northern, having grown up with both. I’ve been to all corners of these United States and lived on three of this country’s coasts: the Gulf Coast, the Atlantic, and the Pacific. I’ve lived in urban areas, the suburbs, and small towns, even in a little hamlet of a few hundred souls. There’s no particular pride in having lived in disparate places; many nomadic Americans in our day have lived similarly.

But I do know North and South better than this Anonymous person, whose words bespeak the arrogance and smugness — and insularity — of an urban northeasterner. Nobody, in my experience, is more provincial and insular than a New Yorker, born and bred. To them, the world is bounded by the East and Hudson Rivers; beyond which ‘there be monsters’ or at least backward yokels who are decidedly inferior. Many native New Yorkers have never been outside the State or the Northeast, unless they travel to Europe or some exotic destination, perhaps to the homelands of their recent immigrant families.

The commenter describes Southerners as ‘backwards and inherently ignorant.’ I am aware that some statistics on IQ scores by state show the Southern states as at the bottom. But I would bet that if the scores of Southern Whites — or native born Southern Whites — were compiled separately, we would see something very different. Some of the stats showing states like Mississippi at the bottom of the list reflect the large percentage of blacks in that state, likewise the other states at the bottom. In this study California, New Mexico, and Mississippi were at the bottom. Two of those states are not Southern, obviously, and the third, Mississippi, is about 38 percent black. California is a very ‘diverse’ state, meaning more nonwhite, populated by many Latinos, blacks, Middle Easterns and Asians.

Subtract the nonwhites and non-Southrons (the many, many Yankees who’ve moved to the South though they probably look down on the native people of that region) and then see the Southern IQ scores climb. As to why the Northeast has a higher IQ average despite the presence there of so very many low-IQ third-worlders, I have no explanation for that. Maybe the presence of so many high-achieving Whites from various regions who moved to the Northeast for career reasons? Or so many Ashkenazi Jews who purportedly have the highest IQs?

Ignorant people from the South? Maybe the writers of our founding documents, who were well-educated and highly literate people — like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, George Mason, and so many others? ‘Anonymous’ and his many counterparts out there have seen too many anti-Southern movies and TV shows.

Anonymous makes a sweeping statement that Southrons hate Northerners. He says that Northern whites are not welcome in the rural South. Having lived in the rural South, I say that’s exaggeration. Once upon a time the people of the South remembered, through their grandparents or great-grandparents accounts of how the Yankee soldiers swept through our land destroying, raping, killing, and looting. This is a matter of record and fact; it is not falsehood.

If the South had done that to the North, then perhaps the North’s seeming hatred for the South would be justified, too. But this didn’t happen. No great city of the North was burned to the ground.

There was no Rebel army on a ‘march to the sea’ in the North, destroying all in their path. No northern cities, those Towers-of-Babel, were razed, there was no widespread crop destruction to cause starvation, nor stealing of the crops and foodstuffs to feed the ravenous invading army — which by the way, was a rabble containing many, many immigrants, drafted to fight for Abe.

And when so many Yankees, even those who move to the South, display at best condescension, or at the very least, disregard for the rightful people of that region, their culture and way of life, can you wonder that some of them resent this and show it? What is really remarkable is that the Southern people, with a tradition of openness, courtesy, and hospitality, are usually friendly towards Northerners, even Northern transplants. I say Anonymous has never been South of the Mason-Dixon line, or if he has, his arrogant attitude brought unfriendly reactions.

Anonymous goes on to ridicule the Southern dialect — which, by the way, is dying out, thanks to the media and their ‘midlands’ Yankee accent. But to many of us, the upper Midwest accent, with its nasal harshness, is more than grating to the ears, or the New Yoahk urban accent, with its ethnic variations. It’s all relative to what one grows up with.

But anyone who says that Southern Whites sound just like blacks has no ear whatsoever, or is too lazy to discern the very obvious differences. Anybody, North or South, would, if honest, say that they can tell a black speaker on the phone versus a White Southron. Anybody. The accents are decidedly not the same, the vocabulary is not the same. And voice timbres are very distinct between black and White speakers. You don’t have to be a dialect/speech expert to discern one from the other. Black people themselves can tell the difference. Anybody who can’t tell needs the services of an audiologist or a hearing aid.

Anonymous is just flinging one last insult, one which he expects will be a stinging insult to Southern Whites. He doesn’t even believe what he says.

His parting remark about how Southern Whites ‘should have picked their own cotton’ — oh, what a witty and original remark! Touche! Why hasn’t someone come up with that barb before?

Actually, the fact is that Whites, especially the recent English colonists in Virginia and the other Southwestern colonies, did pick their own crops until the slaves arrived (via a Dutch ship, or through Jewish traders as some insist) and there was a high mortality rate amongst colonists through heat stroke, and tropical diseases;  malaria and the like. The colonists from the British Isles were ill-adapted to the scorching heat and high humidity of the Southern colonies, whereas the African slaves were well-adapted to it, hence less susceptibility to the heat and disease.

Then there is the simple, obvious fact that many White people did pick their own cotton; if they could not afford slaves or chose not to employ slaves they did pick their own crops, cotton included. Up until modern times, especially post-emancipation, many, many poor Whites picked cotton and did all the backbreaking stoop labor we associate (pityingly, of course) with black slaves. Many poor Southern Whites suffered greater hardships and suffering than blacks. And they did not have do-gooding Northern ‘altruists’ crying over their plight. No, it was the Northerners who agitated for the war and who were hellbent on emancipating millions of slaves who were not in any way prepared for freedom, and damn the consequences.

One last truth: Anonymous and his ilk think that slavery was practiced only in the South. Before Northerners got abolition fever, they too had slaves, black slaves. Some of my Northern ancestors had slaves, and this is known through the records, through their wills. Slavery was not unique to the South. How can any adult American not know this fact?

Since people like ‘Anonymous’ have nothing but contempt and disdain for the South and its people, then let the South go. But I believe people like this would gladly unleash an invading army against the South once again, and kill masses of people, just to force the South to come back.

The Union can’t continue to hold with these kinds of differences and resentments. And that is probably for the best.