At TakiMag, Jim Goad has a good piece titled ‘Dividing the White’, and he suggests that the goal of the left is exactly that, to divide Whites. Read the whole piece at the link.

I agree that the powers-that be are at all times working to divide White people, and now to divide White people within the right or the alt-right. Now we are seeing a lot of finger-pointing and ‘punching to the right’ as people accuse those to their right of being the problem.

It’s understandable, I suppose, that people condemn those wearing Nazi symbols; those have long been controversial in this country. But where does this condemnation stop? Some on the right, even on the ‘alt-right’, classify the Confederate Battle Flag as in the same category with the swastika, and would bar the flag or other Confederate symbols, some even agreeing with removing the monuments to the Confederacy. So where does this stop, and who gets to decide what symbolism is ‘acceptable’ (for the sake of ‘optics’, you understand)? Whose standards are to be used?

To me this is just conceding to the enemy, and to the people who are not just our enemies but the enemies of truth. Once we give in and accede to their demands we get moved farther leftward, which is just what has happened in this country for the last half-century and more. Gradually we have all been pushed farther leftward, what with the acceptance even among many on the right of ‘gay marriage’, and now the condemnation of all things Confederate and actually all things Southern. Where does this end?

I thought the original intent of the rally was to defend the statue of Robert E. Lee and Confederate symbols generally, as well as to make a showing of unity. Now I am seeing a lot of maleducated people online making very anti-Confederate and anti-Southron comments. Ignorance and left-wing politics go hand in hand and it seems many on the right haven’t ever learned the history of the War Between the States, of abolition and above all, what happened during Reconstruction. These people need to hear the truth or else continue to be duped by the left and used as conduits for the anti-White, anti-Southron narrative.

Those leftists attacking the South and its landmarks and symbols and heritage are by extension attacking Whites, all Whites. Why give credence to their lies or echo their propaganda?

On Vox Day’s blog there was a long discussion in which these subjects were raised and at least this time there were a couple of people correcting misstatements of fact.

southern history_VP commenter_2017-08-14_232521

Yes, and as someone else pointed out, the association of the KKK with the Democrats is just a variation on the feeble ‘DR3’, that is, ‘Dems R the Real Racists.’ Similarly with the ‘Margaret Sanger was a genocidal racist‘ meme.

It seems few people are aware that the Democrats, at the time of the War Between the States and Reconstruction were a de facto White people’s party, while the Republicans were the champions of radical abolitionism and were actively involved in the ‘governing’ of the South while that region was under the occupation government after the War. This is why the South remained Democrat for a long time after the War and Reconstruction; later, the Democrat Party was no longer a friend to White people and is no longer a supposed champion of the ‘Working Man.’ The parties are not the same parties as in the  post-WBTS era.

As divided as Whites were during that era, it seems even more so now.

So the strategy is more than just dividing White against White, which is a longstanding ploy of the left, but dividing the right against itself, as evidenced by this echoing the criticism and name-calling of the left.

More attention needs to be drawn to the ways in which we’ve all been pulled to the left in recent decades, often without realizing, because the left has so permeated our culture with their lies. At this moment I have more contempt and resentment of the anti-White left than ever, because the effects of their dominance have poisoned our culture and environment. There is practically no place we can go to escape their constant propaganda; it’s in the very air we breathe. Worst of all it’s been absorbed by so many passive minds, even among people who identify as ‘right-wing’ in some form. We all need to search out any hint of their influence in our ways of thinking and speaking and judging one another. Don’t let them further ‘Divide the White’ or divide the right.

4 thoughts on “Divisions

    • Thanks for the encouraging words, Terry, and for the link to that article. Very relevant as you say, and he makes some good (and often neglected) points about the place of filial piety in the desire to preserve and honor our forefathers and history.
      I will have to re-read that piece more carefully, lots of food for thought. Good comments after the piece, too.


  1. Thank you, VA. You seem more renewed in your purpose than ever.

    If you have time to write more on who the Democrats and radical Republicans of yesteryear really were, I would certainly like to read more about that. If not could you provide a article on it? I do get tired of the DR3 remarks…

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    • Nick, thanks, I guess I do feel somewhat re-energized and re-dedicated, after a long period of being disheartened. I hope it continues.
      I hate to promise what I can’t deliver (I know I promised a list of links on the South, etc., which I’ve never completed) but I will try. I only wish there were more hours in the day.


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