CNN bears false witness

Even I have been surprised at the dizzying speed with which the baying mobs (aided and abetted by elected officials) have been destroying Confederate memorials and statuary. I find this very distressing, and I think we all should, those of us who care about the truth and about our heritage — including the good names of our forefathers.

CNN deceitfully crafts a headline saying ‘The descendants of Lee, Jackson, and Davis want the statues to come down.’ Did they seek out all the descendants of those men and take a poll? Not likely. After so many generations there must quite a few descendants, thousands alive, probably living in widely scattered locations. So CNN managed to dredge up A descendant of each of the three Confederate heroes and lo and behold, they all agree with the rabble who are pulling down the statues, and with the anti-White ‘leaders’ of the cities where this vandalism is enabled and assisted. What a coincidence.

Lee’s purported descendant says that his illustrious ancestor wouldn’t approve of all the violence. Wait; General Lee was a military man, and no pacifist. However he was a chivalrous man and not given to needless violence. Mr. Lee (the descendant, not the General) is, whether he would admit it or not, agreeing with the ill-informed riff-raff who call General Lee a hater and a slave-monger. Does nobody care to defend their forefathers anymore, I mean, their own ancestors? Are we so lost in libertarianish ‘individualism’ that we don’t even feel close to our direct ancestors? I am afraid so, seeing how little spirit is in many of the people of the South now.

But I suspect these men are not necessarily representatives of the traditional South; they are ‘men’ of their time, a product of this evil age, the Age of the Lie.

The men who are supposed to be Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson’s descendants (and even CNN identifies them as ‘two men who say they are the great-grandsons of Stonewall Jackson’) are quoted as saying “we are ashamed to benefit from white supremacy while our black family and friends suffer. We are ashamed of the monument.” Their black family and friends? Are they of mixed ancestry? If so, of course they would take this position; mixed people generally identify with the nonwhite side.

But for the other descendants, they are an illustration of how people in our PC-deranged society are unable even to tell themselves the truth, much less speak it to others, and not even for the sake of defending those who sired them are they able to be honest.

By the way, Adam Grey comments on this story at Faith and Heritage. Generally I agree with Adam Grey on most issues, especially where faith is concerned, but on this story, I am sorry to see him resort to the generational warfare thing:

“Unsurprisingly, these spineless jellyfish are all boomer cucks who have little left to lose as the United States, and the South for which their ancestors fought, slides into Third World corruption and degeneracy.”

Little left to lose? Meaning what, that they will die soon and thus don’t care what happens after they pass on?

As to whether these spineless descendants are boomers, only Mr. Lee’s age is given, as far as I can see. He is said to be 54. This  makes him more a Gen-Xer than a boomer. The ages of the rest? We are not told.

“Gen X are those born between the early 1960s and the early 1980s. The nickname stuck thanks to the novel by Douglas Copeland: ‘Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture’, which was about Americans hitting adulthood in the late 1980s.”

But the generational blame game, so popular now, caricatures the boomers, a very disparate generation with a gamut of political views and social views as the authors of everything bad in our society. It’s a tad simplistic, putting it mildly, but worst of all it’s become acceptable to even wish horrible deaths on boomers — ‘ they deserve it.’ I emphasize, I am not attributing this attitude to Adam Grey, but it’s a not uncommon sentiment around various right-wing blogs; one can hardly escape encountering it.

And what have all the Gen-Xers and Millennials (not to mention the still-surviving ‘Silent Generation’ and even the very oldest ‘Greatest Generation members) done all these years  to stem the tide? Why do they escape their fair share of responsibility for what this world has become? Why do they give themselves a pass? Do they lack moral agency? Truth be told, the statistics tell the story that each succeeding generation is more liberal than the previous one, with the older generations having more traditional attitudes than all the younger ones. I’ve posted data in the past that anyone can look up.

And from a Christian point of view, what about filial piety, and what about the commandment to honor our fathers and mothers? I believe kinists say, as I’ve always done, that we owe our elders respect; we don’t get to decide that ‘they don’t deserve it, so I don’t have to respect them.’ I’ve heard many young people, individuals, saying that about their parents and grandparents. Now it’s a society-wide rejection of our elders as unworthy of our respect or loyalty. It is very disheartening.

“Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.”

Now, I know the ‘judge not’ quote is overused, and is used (often by rank nonbelievers) to stifle criticism of whatever kind of evil, but there is some wholesale judging going on based on age and generation, nothing more. And yes, we can judge, but we’re told to ‘judge righteous judgment.’

I am not a ”capital-K” Kinist as I wasn’t brought up in the Reformed tradition, but I consider myself a small-k kinist, being strongly influenced by my grandparents and their generation, which understood the primacy of our loyalty to blood kin, and especially our direct ancestors. These descendants of the Confederate heroes were evidently never taught that important precept; in that sense they are not even traditional Southrons, much less faithful Christians. They have not honored their father(s) and mother(s), that is, their entire lineage, not just the two people who gave birth to them.

But are we as a society much better than they, if we are willing to figuratively throw our kin, even our direct progenitors to the wolves? Or to divide ourselves by age group? We are all in this together. North or South, young or old.






3 thoughts on “CNN bears false witness

  1. VA, meet the new iconoclasts; same as the old iconoclasts.

    I agree with you, of course. This is all very disturbing, very disheartening. As of this very moment in time, my (“conservative”) friends and loved ones are all deemed to be “Nazis” by the left. As I said in a comment to another blog post yesterday on the subject, if they can rightly be called Nazis, then I take it the actual Nazis were pretty good people (as far as people go) all around. Much better people than their accusers.


  2. Btw, I changed my profile and added the photo because someone has assumed my identity and been posting harassing comments directly under mine at other blogs of late.


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