Silencing the right

All the stories about banning and de-platforming of various alt-right and dissident right bloggers causes me to ponder the possibility of this blog being the target of censorship.

The thing that has probably been to my benefit so far is that I am ‘small fry’; not significant enough to bother with, although at times I wondered if I was being ‘driven off’ my former blogging platform, considering some of the odd things that used to happen — my posts disappearing word by word before my eyes as I typed them, and the times when I was occasionally locked out of my blog. I know of other dissident right bloggers who had similar weird occurrences, but their blogs were/are more popular and influential than this blog.

Still, most of us who are dissident/politically incorrect have always known that the day might come when our views would no longer be allowed to be heard. Some people speculated that the idea was not so much that we be permitted to continue for the sake of ‘free speech’, because clearly the left and TPTB, with their symbiotic relationship, do not care one whit for free speech. ”Hate speech [sic] is not free speech,” so they say. The idea of letting us have our say was more than likely to give us the rope to hang ourselves with, to draw us out and to have us identify ourselves as Enemies to the PC regime. If so, it probably worked well for those in control; we see that the witch-hunting alphabet groups now have little lists of — what was the number? 900+ websites and blogs identified as ‘hate sites’? As far as I know I have not yet made that particular honor roll. Those powerful groups who have only to point the finger and accuse someone of ‘hate’ to cause them to be silenced will be working down that list, and probably won’t spare the ‘small fry’, even people like me who are not in their crosshairs as of now. If history is any guide, they will give no quarter, they will track down any dissenters, no matter how insignificant. Ironic that they pose as ‘teachers of tolerance.’

Me? I don’t like attracting attention; I am a private person, very reserved, and I don’t like being a cynosure in any way, much less to be the target of witch-hunting zealots like those policing the Internet and the world at large. But if the day comes when this blog comes down along with many others — or will they do it piecemeal? — I have to be prepared for the sudden loss of this means of communicating with the like-minded.

Maybe such an event would compel the speakers of truth to communicate face-to-face, to seek out the like-minded in the real world, despite the risks involved in that. I think we would probably find that, as in all totalitarian regimes, there are always people who will inform on their neighbors, even on relatives, thanks to the mind-conditioning process that has claimed the minds of so many people in Western countries. But ultimately the Internet is just one method of communicating, and as we’ve learned, the powers-that-be have learned to use it very effectively to monitor everyone; that’s the big downside to it.

And I do believe that ‘the truth is mighty, and will prevail,’ as the old Latin proverb says.

But in the meantime I think things will no doubt get worse before they get better.

I see that Tumblr bloggers are now circulating a petition to ban all ‘White supremacists‘, so-called, which includes everybody who is even vaguely right-wing in today’s climate. At the time I saw it, the petition had 3,000+ responses (reblogs and likes). The Tumblr crowd is very, very antifa, and yes, they are mostly millennials and Gen Z-ers. Somebody needs to tell these youngsters that they are really very right-wing, or so I keep reading on various alt-right blogs.

So where do we go from here? I have been saying to many people IRL for about 10 or 12 years now that the world seems to be growing darker and darker. It was just a feeling, a sense, that the light was fading, and that spiritually the goodness and truth was diminishing.

Yet because I am a Christian, I know ‘how the book ends’, as it were, and the bad guys don’t win. But I know that we may have a hard road ahead of us for a time, and it’s needful that we prepare –mentally and spiritually — for what may be heading our way. This is where we need Faith, Family, and our Folk.

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