‘…for lack of knowledge.’

My people are destroyed, for lack of knowledge.’ – Hosea 4:6.

Hosea of course was talking about spiritual knowledge, knowledge of God. But in our time it’s lack of knowledge in general that has put our people in their present condition.

But lack of knowledge about history, as well as about the world in general and the present realities, is destroying us. We’ve been fed for many decades now on lies and half-truths and distortions of reality, and these lies are reinforced from all sides, so that few people realize how much of their ‘knowledge’ is just flat-out wrong or that it has been wrenched out of historical context.

A case in point: see the ‘conservatives’ at Free Republic discussing how the Antifa thugs are the same as a certain self-defense organization formed in the South back during Reconstruction.  They are discussing an article from The Atlantic to which I am not going to link. I suspect the original article has no more truth than the discussion at FR, meaning, no truth.

On a recent discussion, some ‘conservatives’ referred to this historical self-defense organization as ‘scum’, likening them to the Antifa.

First of all the present day KKK is something I don’t know much about, except that apparently one chapter of it in Florida was said to exist mostly (or completely) of government ”infiltrators.” Leftist magazine Mother Jones mentions COINTELPRO infiltration of so-called ‘right-wing hate groups’ in this piece, though the idea of the piece is to expose the injustice of infringing of the rights of left-wing/minority political activists. Nowadays only right-wing or pro-White movements are classed as ‘hate groups’, and much as the ‘conservatives’ complain of this, they are happy to pile on and denounce said ‘hate groups’ when they are too far right.

So are the Klan of today and the Antifa morally equivalent? Or equivalent in any way? Mirror images? The ‘evil‘ southern societies were formed to defend home and family and to save lives; what are the Antifa defending? What are they preserving?

I don’t intend to defend the KKK of today; I suspect they are not the same as the original group formed during the 1860s or 1870s. But what of the original groups (and they were many, locally formed, not monolithic)? They were formed by men, mostly former members/officers of the army of the Confederacy. These men were not, contra popular belief, ignorant yokels motivated by ‘hate’ and thirst for blood. They were concerned and alarmed over the widespread lawlessness under the Federal occupation of the South, under ‘governance by White scallywag traitors from the South, opportunistic and vengeance-minded ‘Carpetbaggers’ from the North and ‘freedmen,’ former slaves.

White people had no rights to speak of under this regime, having been stripped of the franchise (thus, of representation in what passed for ‘government’), and of their property.

Whites were in danger of violence and various injustices under this sham of a ‘government.’ There are old history books, contemporary accounts, of how dysfunctional and corrupt the whole system was, for those who will take the trouble to find them, on Archive.org, or on other e-book websites — (get them before the book-burners and censors remove them!) — if anyone doubts what I am saying.

Liberals and anti-Whites in general don’t know these things, or don’t care to know them, but there is no excuse — none — for anybody on the right to be unaware of how things were in the Reconstruction era, occupied South. The left are an ignorant or pseudo-educated rabble; ignorance is expected of them, ignorance and dishonesty. But the right should not fall prey to the same habits.

The men of the Reconstruction South were motivated by nothing more than patriotism (of the healthy kind, not the caricatured patriotism that today’s young right despises) and simply for the sake of protecting their families, their homes, and for the sake of restoring safety and security, in the face of a derelict or hostile government.

The blockbuster silent movie, Birth of a Nation, made in 1916, shows this side of history. While it is done in a melodramatic style (as were many silent movies) it is accurate in the kinds of situations that happened: young women were violated. White people, disarmed as they were, were targets of predators.  What would any normal human being do in such a situation? What could they do when ‘law and order’ was part of the problem, when the system is corrupt and when their rights had been stripped from them?

As to the movie, Birth of a Nation (yes, I know there’s been a ‘remake’ of that movie which depicts only one side — guess which side?) I fully expect it to be banned and removed from circulation. I expect politically correct Amazon (which has banned all Confederate Flag imagery) will remove it from their inventory; likewise Netflix which is thoroughly PC. Remember, even an innocuous children’s movie, Disney’s Song of the South, has long been officially banished by the PC commissars because it doesn’t fit the Narrative.

Now the censors are coming for ‘Gone With the Wind’, again, hardly a political or politically incorrect movie, unless it’s just because of blacks in ‘subservient’ roles. Obviously the anti-South agitators, who are getting more shrill every minute, demand that it be removed.

Birth of a Nation, surprisingly, was not banned all these years, but I expect it will be.

So were the original KKK ‘scum‘, as these posturing cuckservatives and their lefty soulmates claim? If so, then any ethnopatriot, any lover of family and kin, is ‘scum’, because those groups were formed for reasons of self-defense, not for the sake of targeting ‘innocent people’ as the popular myth has it. Few people will say this; some won’t say it because they don’t know the real story; they’ve been lied to all their lives and haven’t bothered to educate themselves or seek out people who know. Some people (too many) know that the popular image is distorted if not an outright lie, but they don’t want to be branded as a ‘racist’ or a ‘hater’ so they say nothing. So, once again, lies go unchallenged, and they rule the day.

Our people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge, and for lack of the truth, both in the spiritual and in the material sense.

Note: I just found this related piece at Intergalactic Source of Truth. Very useful data and information.

3 thoughts on “‘…for lack of knowledge.’

  1. Liberals and anti-Whites in general don’t know these things, or don’t care to know them, but there is no excuse — none — for anybody on the right to be unaware of how things were in the Reconstruction era, occupied South. The left are an ignorant or pseudo-educated rabble; ignorance is expected of them, ignorance and dishonesty. But the right should not fall prey to the same habits.

    VA, I think you might be giving the so called ‘right’ too much credit. I personally highly doubt the average (modern) Joe on the political and cultural ‘right’ has the attention span necessary to educate himself about what actually happened in the Reconstruction South if he would. At least this is my take having had many many discussions on the point with self-styled “ultra-conservatives” over the course of years.

    I might recommend their reading The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History by E. Michael Jones *if* I thought they had the temperament, and the attention span for it. I don’t, so I therefore rarely recommend it to my ‘conservative’ friends and relatives.

    And as you’re very well aware as well, the Overton Window continually moves leftward, and the ‘right’ moves along in lockstep with it. I doubt the average ‘conservative’ has any appreciable conception this is happening to him, or that he has the intestinal fortitude to seek out answers if the notion ever struck him.

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  2. Terry, you are probably right that I am overestimating many on the right, at least the mainstream [sic] right. Once upon a time, though, there were some very well-educated people on the right, but that generation is mostly gone now. There used to be some real scholars on the right, and the level of discourse was much higher than what it has become.
    I don’t know what it would take to educate the average non-reading citizen; maybe if movies were made which actually presented the truth, but that’s extremely unlikely in today’s climate.
    I guess the best we can do is to use the media we have as long as ‘they’ allow some freedom of speech, and spread truth IRL, for the time being.


  3. Well, now they will watch certain videos, but when you recommend a book or books (especially older books like you recommend, which of course were written when we weren’t so pagued by widespread illiteracy, or at least semi-illiteracy, and were therefore written above a third grade reading level – thinking in terms of Nesta Webster’s histories, Plot Against the Church, and those sorts of books) that explains the history of leftist revolutionary movements in great detail – well now, that takes way too much effort on their parts.

    But in any case, here is a documentary I have passed along to some of my friends on the right with some success, helpfully broken down into 15 minute-long segments:


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