More blogs and websites gone

Just a heads-up, one of the links in my blogroll, the link to Northern Ireland Demands the Right, is no longer a good link, as the blog has evidently come down. The message says it was removed by the author, but it may have been removed because of non-PC content, given today’s climate of silencing the right.

There’s a partial list here of some of the sites which have been removed or have come down. I am sure there are more which are not on the list, and most of us on the dissident right know that our days might be numbered. But just take a look at the list.

Sadly there are some sites whose loss is being cheered by segments of the right, and that reflects what I would classify as ‘virtue-signalling’ from some on the right, or ‘punching right’, trying to distance oneself from the ones deemed ‘deplorable.’ Everyone seems to have their own list of ‘deplorables’.

Someone mentioned the taking down of one of the most ”notorious” WN forums, the one with the largest membership, according to their own claims. Lots of ethnonationalists/alt-rightists said this forum deserved taking down, and that it was outdated and out of step as well as being crude and ugly in the content and the kinds of people who posted there. I think it’s a loss, nonetheless. I was not a member, never registered there, though I read it at times. It certainly had lots of posts from people in various countries, so it gave a voice to a real spectrum of people, and ethnopatriots from lots of other Western countries had a voice there, where all nationalist-minded people could read and interact with them — something not found on any other forum or blog to my knowledge.

How did I happen to read it? I was still more of an ethnopatriot American, but a simple search on the word ‘nationalism’ for a blog piece I was writing brought me to that forum. I had vaguely heard of it, probably in a disparaging way, but I found some very intelligent and interesting commentary there, alongside some not-so-intelligent postings — much like any other politically incorrect rightist blog. In fact there was less use of obscene and profane language (because of the rules of the forum) and any discussions of religion were confined to a forum for that topic only, a sensible rule. It made for a change from so many right-wing blogs where Christian-bashing and crude blasphemies were allowed. There was a wide range of opinions representing the right, the ethnonationalist/WN right, there, unrivalled elsewhere in my experience.

Someone said that this notorious ‘extremist’ forum was banned with the excuse that some 100 or so registered members were allegedly ‘murderers.’ I don’t know if a claim like that is verified or if it’s just a number made up of whole cloth. And with hundreds of thousands (I think) registered members, 100 is a pretty minuscule percentage. How many times have we read of terrorists or mass murderers being members of left-wing forums or political groups? Most such people seem also to be active Twitter users, or Facebook users, or habitues of ‘dating sites.’ Does this incriminate Twitter, Facebook, or other social media by association? People have made open threats to politicians and celebrities on social media sites, and those sites continue to operate despite that. Only when the site is a politically incorrect, right-wing forum is guilt transferred to the forum they posted on.

Reading that forum does not turn one into a raving maniac or a dangerous extremist.

In any case, how many White ‘extremists’ have committed violent acts based on their philosophies, versus the number of leftists and minorities who have acted out violently? There is no comparison, no moral equivalency.

Despite all this, the right is seemingly being targeted by the monolithic leftist/multicult media for silencing, and any one of us could be next.

In the meantime, ”Truth is hate only to those who hate truth.

And as always, ‘free speech: use it or lose it.’ Use it while you have the chance.


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