Sanctuary cities ban thwarted

The state of Texas’ attempt to ban so-called ‘Sanctuary cities’ has been blocked by a Federal judge — not so surprisingly, the judge, Orlando Garcia, is Mexican by descent, though Texas-born.

He is also (unsurprisingly) a Clinton appointee.

If not for this judge’s action, the ban would have gone into effect on Friday. The judge’s ruling does not stop the ban altogether, but temporarily puts it on hold.

“As a result of the ruling, local law enforcement won’t be given the option of asking people they detain for their immigration status. It was feared that could lead to racial profiling and make the immigrant community much less willing to report crime or cooperate with anyone wearing a badge.”

So the danger of so-called ‘racial profiling’ is greater than the danger of letting unknown aliens, possibly dangerous felons, have free rein to roam our country at will.  Of course the ”immigrant community” is rejoicing over this ruling, and although the San Antonio media do not say so, the American-born ‘Latino community’ is likely happy about this judge’s action. Blood is thicker than water. The judge himself is American-born, as I said, educated and given every opportunity in the old Texas, supposedly a place which held minorities down, and we see where his loyalties lie.

There is a cliche that is often repeated on many so-called ‘race-realist’ sites or forums like Free Republic, and it asserts that most American-born Hispanics are ultra-patriotic and that they oppose illegal immigration just like their Anglo neighbors. If this is true even to the limited extent that I might believe it to be, it assuredly will not be true as the percentage of Hispanics continues to rise in Texas, versus the declining Anglo population. As their share of the population grows, they are flexing their political muscle and asserting their own ethnic power, adopting tactics used by the black Civil Rights militants. Ethnocentrism will rise, especially as members of their ethnic group are placed, like this judge, in positions of power. How long until Texas has a Hispanic governor, and a majority Hispanic legislature and local governments? It happened pretty speedily in California. Watch it happen in Texas. And local Anglos, who want to feel good about themselves, will vote for it, having been taught from childhood that Hispanics had an equal share in founding, first, the Republic of Texas and then the state of Texas.

Hispanics will increasingly act in their own ethnic interests, with, at best, indifference to their Anglo neighbors, or at worst, they will exhibit greater revanchist tendencies as they grow in numbers.

Too many Anglos have caught the ‘equality’ virus even in the South, and they will sacrifice their children’s future for the sake of that abstract and absurd idea. The judge, though theoretically neutral, was acting in his own ethnic group’s interest, not in the interests of the citizenry as a whole, nor out of devotion to justice and upholding the law.

2 thoughts on “Sanctuary cities ban thwarted

  1. So I guess we can reasonably assume who gets the jobs to rebuild Southeast Texas. As one commentator said, and I can’t recall but it was on television right after the storm, but he said “Texas cannot be rebuilt without Mexicans”. We can also expect if and when that happens that such an occurrence will be sensationalized and politicized in a way to further blockade the building of any wall. Why would we? Of course, where would our beloved Texas be without the salvation bestowed upon us by the angels south of the boarder? So then, how can deny them safe and free passage into these lands?

    Some “Conservative Catholic” criticized me yesterday for “politicizing tragedy” when I pointed out the FACT that Houston is in debt due to oil and cheap housing and government handouts to the groups (gays and illegals and their supporters) who in return continue to vote democrats into power. Interestingly enough, she had no care that Houston is elevating itself as the archetype of America (“How American should be” presumable in the wake of Charlottesville) by ignoring that by and large white volunteers who are largely not native Houstonians saved thousands of lives, but instead we see blacks saving Asians, whites saving Hispanics, Hispanics saving blacks, etc. This sort of politicizing is obviously acceptable, I said, because you approve of the underlying message and have yet to substantiate it as something valuable.

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  2. Nick, thanks.I think after Katrina and the bad ‘optics’ for the diversity cult, they are trying to avoid similar bad press. All these photos of the ‘diversity’ rescues that you mention, it all seems staged to me, or cherry-picked, at least, and presented as representative of the reality, which it probably is not. I think it’s more like the Katrina rescues, with White guys doing most of the rescuing, in many cases as volunteers, not paid emergency workers. And I hear stories of the volunteers being shot at, just as after Katrina.
    And didn’t they bus in a lot of ‘migrant’ workers to rebuilt N.O. after Katrina? There were lots of White men who arrived to start work and they were told they weren’t needed after all, and Latino workers got many of those jobs.
    Another chance for TPTB to do some social engineering. What’s the saying, never let a good crisis go to waste?


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