Charlie Hebdo’s bigotry

The Houston Chronicle reports how the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo uses callous ‘humor’ to depict the recent disaster in Houston as God’s punishment on the ‘nazis’ of Texas.



It’s interesting to note that not so long ago, in 2015, Charlie Hebdo’s offices were the scene of a gruesome terror attack by Moslems, angry about Charlie Hebdo’s affront to their Prophet. A dozen people there ended up dead.

Despite that massacre, the people who work for Charlie Hebdo persist in their reality-deficient leftist worldview, in which the only villains are ‘right-wing extremists’, and imaginary ‘neo-nazis.’

Charlie Hebdo’s ”satirists” have obviously never been to Houston (probably never even to the United States, except perhaps New York or L.A. — but those places are not American) because if they had been to Houston they might observe that the majority of Houston residents are not White, but represent just about every kind of ‘diversity’ imaginable. Blacks, including a large contingent of Katrina ‘refugees’ strategically relocated by a helpful government to Houston), many Mexicans and Central Americans (legal and illegal), Vietnamese, Chinese, and on it goes. Whites make up at most around one quarter of Houston’s population, at least Houston proper. And ‘neo-nazis’ are few and far between.

But reality and facts are of no interest to leftists, who live in a universe of their own imaginings, one created specifically to rationalize their political agenda, and their cult of diversity and “equality.”

The casualties of Harvey were demographically likely to have been people of color, not Whites, especially not the apocryphal neo-nazis dreamt up by Charlie Hebdo’s ethnomasochist, dhimmi satirists.

This attempt at satire is insulting to the people who have been killed or displaced or who are otherwise suffering because of hurricane Harvey. It’s cynical and insulting to the people of Houston, presuming to frame their misfortunes as some kind of ‘karma’, as leftist new-agers conceive it.

5 thoughts on “Charlie Hebdo’s bigotry

  1. One supposes it would be an exercise in futility to point out to the editors at Charlie Hebdo that Nazis are inbred liberals, not “right-wingers.”

    I also like to keep in mind a helpful conversation I personally had a while back with feminist abortion activists. Upon pressing them to tell me what exactly they planned to do about the spate of state level legislative actions restricting access to abortion on demand, they quickly informed me that it was none of my business what they plan to do about it, but that if I must know inasmuch as their plans relate to me personally, that they will “always remember,” and will hunt me down and cut my n*ts out. And if they fail to get to me, they’ll come after my sons.

    True story. Such nice ladies! And as I told them, “well, y’all sure do talk tough, I’ll give you that much.”

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    • Terry – Even with my low opinion of these pro-abortion feminists I am somewhat shocked at the venomous remarks they made in response to you. They are worse than I thought.
      Maybe it’s just bluster and false bravado, trying to be ‘tough chicks’ as in today’s movies, but I would certainly take it somewhat seriously considering how many of these antifas and assorted lefties are acting out violently, including females.


      • Seems like we had several discussions on the topic of leftist violence way back when we both had our old blogs up, and agreed then that leftism’s vaunted ‘pacifism’ was either a bunch of hogwash, or a simple matter of convenience. But in any case I for one am not in least surprised by the recent acts of violence on the left.


  2. I heard, per one blogger (, that supposedly it’s lampooning the Politico cartoon mocking a Texan being picked by the Coast Guard mistaking them for angels. Even if that is the case, which I doubt, CB’s audience is French but they had better understand they killed any good will Stateside here. As someone on the linked blog, not me, said something to the effect of nobody will be crying tears for you when your offices are shot up by Muslims again.

    I personally think, regardless of intent, the magazine cover was idiotic at best. Having family (and having done graduate school) in Texas, it’s a place near and dear to my heart. Screw the leftists (including CB). They’re not edgy or cool. They’re morons.

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    • Yes, I read the blog piece you linked there. I think the blogger is wrong, though I get what he is trying to say. He seems to say that reactions like mine and those of many other Americans (and others) are too thin-skinned, and that the Charlie Hebdo guys are showing us how it’s done; defending ‘free speech’ by publishing their ‘satire.’ The blogger says they are showing us that if they can be offensive so can we. Really? I guess he isn’t aware of how ‘free speech’ is under attack here, that is, free speech which is politically incorrect. Charlie Hebdo et al can offend everyone but they are safe in attacking imaginary neo-nazis in the American South or whatever. I would wager they never go after the ‘sacred cows’ despite their irreverent jabs at Mohammed which caused the bloodshed.
      The lefty version ‘free speech’ is allowed a lot more latitude than anything from the right. So CH can do this kind of thing with impunity as long as they don’t anger the wrong people again.


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