Just another day?

As September 11, 2017 came and went, I was aware that it was the anniversary of the World Trade Center destruction. Usually, over the years that I’ve been blogging, I would post something related to that event. But this year I just had no inspiration to write about it.

This blogger notes as I did inwardly, that there were very few blog pieces or even news stories from the controlled media about 9/11/01.  I also wondered why.

Have we forgotten, in 16 years, what happened on that day? 3,000+ people lost their lives. Those deaths should not have happened. So many decent people’s lives snuffed out, horribly.

Why the apparent indifference? Well, silence does not mean indifference, as in my case; I was deeply affected emotionally and mentally by the attack and the many deaths. I was in a kind of shock for some time afterward; it was traumatic to realize how vulnerable our country was, and how our feeling of security was obviously not grounded in reality.

But are many Americans somehow indifferent or even callous about those many dead people?

First, one thing that is a factor in this change over the last 16 years is that many people who were alive back then are now no longer with us; the older people who were alive then have passed on. The young adults who make up a lot of the voices on the Internet were young children back in 2001, and have no memory of those events, or only a vague one; the event doesn’t have much emotional resonance for them.

Another factor: today there is so much more cyncism and disbelief as to what actually did happen on 9/11/2001 in New York City, in Washington, D.C., and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. It seems that most of the online commentary believes that planes crashing into the WTC towers did not cause the collapse of the buildings, and some even say there ‘were no planes.’ Most people I talk to seem to think that there was at least some foreknowledge by those in power that this attack was coming, and that they ‘let it happen’, at least, much as with Pearl Harbor.

Personally? I don’t know what actually happened, except that I don’t question (as some do) the fact that thousands of people died. I mean, there are those who say in all seriousness that those people who were supposedly on the planes which supposedly hit the towers were actually just spirited away and given new identities.  Sometimes these theories get way out of control and posit what to me are implausible scenarios.

I believe that yes, Islamic fanatics carried out the attack. It’s what they do. No need to make up alternative stories which absolve Moslems of the main guilt.

Was there a Jewish/Israeli/Mossad role in the attack? That’s a claim that is pressed by a lot of people.

The net result of all these conflicting stories is that many people don’t know what to believe, and no longer trust their common sense, or even their five senses. We live in a cynical age, dominated by postmodernism, which denies even the existence of objective truth.

We are also, sad to say, living in a time in which there has developed a certain callousness towards our fellow citizens, a coldness which is in part due to the obvious efforts to divide our folk every which way. It’s worked, to a great extent. We are a divided people.

Right after 9/11, I was still living in a big city, and a local fast food restaurant had a sign reading ‘United We Stand‘, — followed by ‘Celebrate Diversity.

That’s the story in a nutshell; the two ideas are in opposition. We are a diverse nation in every possible way, and there can be no unity in such a society, not even a coming together in mourning.

16 thoughts on “Just another day?

  1. I’m not entirely sure what happened on that tragic day, except that our lives changed in profound ways.

    I don’t know if George W. Bush was involved or not, that planes were remote controlled, that planes weren’t even present, or whether this a Jewish- Mossad created ordeal. Those are far-fetched theories, in my mind. With that said, the science behind this event, especially the mysterious collapse of World Trade Center 7, will always leave in my mind the serious possibility that the official story, which has been criticized by numerous engineers, piolts, fireman and police and retired government personnel, is in fact purposely leaving out crucial details.

    If it were ever uncovered that there was a more detailed plan in place by the highest levels of government to enact certain events that were in their own interests at the expense of 3,000 lives, the blowback would be catastrophic.

    But alas, whatever the case many people died on that day and the world has only become more harsh because of it, especially our nation.

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  2. I, like many others, won’t ever forget where I was when I heard about it. I was a freshman in high school, second period. Two classmates in front of me (I remember all the details like clockwork but won’t be giving away too many as to not inadvertently out myself) were talking about the attack and I thought they were referring to the ’93 attack (which although I was 6 at the time I do not remember).

    Our teacher turned on a TV in the room and we watched the south tower get hit live. The rest, as they say, is history. I remember the erie calm after school when my brother, a senior, and a guy that carpooled with us, and I went to a fast food chain to get something to eat. At that point all flights had been grounded. I remember looking out the window and just marveling at the strange quietness, no aircraft in the skies.

    Was it a Jewish/Mossad conspiracy and/or remote control aircraft? No. Having worked as a federal contractor and having dealt with the military, it’d be too complex even for a group of competent people to pull off.

    I think some of the reason these wild conspiracy theories get thrown out there is that the people that put them forth want recognition (oooh look at me!). Another part of it is they’re truly afraid: they can’t understand Islam (and I say this as having a friend who converted to Christianity from Islam) commands in chapter 9 of the Koran (the last verses revealed to Mohammed, per Islam; furthermore, newer verses trump older ones in the Koran and it’s not in chronological order) to kill all non believers, plunder their possessions, and make sex slaves out of their women and pre pubescent boys. They can’t understand that this is the way it is. They want to believe that there’s something (short of conversion to Islam) that will save their skin.

    Yet another part is most Americans don’t understand how the federal government (or even state or local governments for that matter) work when it comes to criminal matters (which terrorism was treated pre 9/11). There are only so many FBI special agents (who pre 9/11 were focused on federal crimes) and CIA officers (who were still probably focused on eastern Europe and Russia) to look at so many problems. The NSA did intercept a cryptic message and translated it…two days too late. Even if they had the message translated correctly on 9/10/2001, would it have made a difference? “Tomorrow is zero hour. Tomorrow the game begins.” How do you make sense of that?

    In short, it’s not what you see on TV.

    As far as WTC 7 collapsing, there was a recent documentary on TV a few years back about it. Not surprisingly, CIA had a domestic monitoring station there (given that NYC has the UN which is a target rich environment for bribing politicians to give us needed intelligence) among other things. A camera crew was present along with police and first responders after the towers were hit, which caused structural damage to WTC 7. They eventually had to evacuate because of concern over fires and the towers collapsing. It’s not surprising debris from a 110 story building (IIRC) would hit and take down a 40 story building.

    I did notice on Drudge there was almost no mention of it. Matt’s eyes were on the destruction wrought on by Irma. The one positive thing, if there has been one in 16 years, is that more people are realizing Islam (not Islamism, extremist Islam, etc.) is the problem.

    Re the premature announcement of WTC 7’s collapse is an oft stated axiom in emergency situations: first reports are often inaccurate. Such was the case with WTC 7.

    Long comment I know but my 2¢ for what it’s worth.

    And no, I’m CIANSAFBIMossadGCHQSIS or an evil JOOOOOOOOO. I’m just an American reflecting on arguably the most historical event of my teenage years.

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  3. Whenever we express “Jews” as “evil Jooooooos,” as in ‘I’m not one of them, etc’ the message we’re trying to convey (without saying it explicitly) is that *anyone* who notices that Jews (as opposed to the “evil, shape shifting Jooooos”) are WAY overrepresented in all the categories that matter, is an utter nutjob with whom I want no association.

    And those are the “good guys” who think the evil, shape shifting “Joooooos” are not at all anykind of menace.

    This stuff gets old real fast!

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  4. Mossad did 9/11, using tomahawk missiles to hit targets in New York and Virginia (the Pentagon is NOT in D.C, it’s in Arlington Va.); some sort of holograph technology (available since the 80’s) masked the missiles, making them appear as airplanes. The original planes were scuttled and the passengers all killed. Read James Perloff on this subject.


    • Steve, thanks for correcting me on the location of the Pentagon; that was a careless mistake on my part.
      I’ve heard similar theories to the ones you cite here; I suppose it is possible, but again it seems as if we will never get the truth from ‘official’ sources.


      • Terry, I haven’t read Perloff though I have read many of the ‘alternative explanations’ and some of them are on the face of it very far-fetched but I’ve gotten to where I am not sure what I believe anymore, though at first I accepted the official explanation, like most people did 16 years ago.


  5. It’s VA’s place so I don’t look to pick a fight. I was simply being proactive. Yes, Jews do wield excessive influence. It does get old hearing them blamed for every freaking think. Look at Vox’s debate of Anglin for what I mean by that.


    • It’s not a fight, just a disagreement. I used to feel exactly the way you do, so I get it. But more than just excessive influence, the Jews wield pernicious influence, and that is more to the point.

      Now you might say, with at least some degree of accuracy, that the Jews couldn’t wield a pernicious influence if the majority race did not allow it in their countries. True enough one supposes, but it doesn’t negate the fact that where you find a concentration of Jews armed with political power, there you will *always* find the anti-Christian revolutionary spirit they carry with them.

      Look into who started the NAACP, the SPLC, “People for the American Way”; who runs Hollywood, the porn industry, the MSM, the central banks including the FED; who started the neo-con movement in the U.S., and on and on. You might consider pointing all of this out ‘blaming’ the Jews or even “scapegoating” them. But so be it. If the shoe fits and all that.

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  6. VA, I wasn’t intending to correct you–in fact, I must admit that I hadn’t even read your entire post–it’s just that 99% of Americans, including most professional journalists, either don’t know or pretend not to know that the Pentagon is in Virginia–hell, when I lived up there–and I thank God that those days are gone– I used to drive by it 5 days of every week. Personally I wish it were located in D.C.,; but then again, much of Virginia nowadays might as well be part of D.C. If I were wealthy and could afford to retire, I’d move to Wyoming–but then, those are the people who gave us Dick Cheney–you can’t win.
    Keep fighting!

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    • Steve – no problem. I don’t mind being corrected as long as it’s done in a constructive way. I took no offense at your pointing out the error. In fact it’s better than continuing to make a mistake and looking careless or ignorant. I can be careless at times, especially when I write hurriedly (which is more often, these days).


  7. Überdeplorable Psychedelic Cat Grass:

    I agree with you in principal, but in this case if we look at who benefitted–cui bono–Israel obviously comes to mind immediately; God knows none of the Muslim countries were helped by this.


  8. At the risk of becoming a bore on this subject, I must point out that:
    1) the wings and nose of the airliners could not have entered the buildings the way they seem to be doing; they would have been knocked off and dropped to the ground;
    2) the airliners supposedly hit the WCT towers at speeds of more than 500 mph, but they would not have been controllable by any pilots at that speed/altitude combination.

    No more comment on this post from me.


  9. All the Lies are falling down. The media is no longer believed. Censorship will bring this to hot war sooner than later. Its a farce without a joke. Saddam dead and Osama too, but now North Korea? Its like a sick joke but no one is laughing anymore. They fly in Syrians and look the other way with Mexican Rapists, but Syria must be bombed and North Korea overthrown.
    Its all over but the shooting and burning of that swamp. People know its a lie. That cat ain’t going back in the bag. They’re grasping at straws, but they already lost Civil War II. Who will fight for them anymore? Only a FOOL fights in a burning house…

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