Universal love is no love

At least if you are a mere human being; I think it is safe to say that nobody in this world really has the ability to love ‘everybody’. In this universe, only God is capable of that, and even he has those he hates. Some of my Christian acquaintances don’t believe this; the God they believe in loves absolutely everybody. But as I’ve often said, love is not love if it’s not exclusive and particularistic. Love is bias. We prefer some individuals when we love them, and we care about their well-being whereas we are indifferent to the multitudes out there, the billions of people we will never meet. Love means we pick and choose, and some people have our attention and our affection while others don’t, and can’t.

In his article “Love of All is Love of None” Huntley Haverstock writes about this, and also discusses the recent research about the role played by the hormone oxytocin in bonding us to others.

“Studies have discovered that mice which are genetically engineered to be incapable of responding to oxytocin lose the ability to distinguish between mice from their own group and outsiders. Guess what science discovered in 2010? Here’s an interesting study title:“Oxytocin promotes human ethnocentrism. After an injection of oxytocin, participants became less likely to sacrifice the life of an individual in order to save the lives of a group in the classical trolley problem—if and only if that individual was a member of the same race.”

Of course the politically correct crowd find this unacceptable, because in their view, preference for our own must indicate that we ”hate” others, and I remember when the first reports came out on that research, some on the right speculated that the PC establishment would look for ‘antidotes’ to oxytocin as a way of ‘curing’ people of love for their own. It seems that decades of propaganda have had some effect in creating all these ‘global citizens’ that the article refers to, and the [Judeo]Christians who claim to, or aspire to, love everybody in the entire world. But the fact that there are any people left who still have some love for kin and kind is alarming to the globalist/universalist “lefties and luvvies“, as my English acquaintances call them.

I remember an old Charles Schulz cartoon depicting Lucy saying ”I love mankind; it’s people I can’t stand.” That’s the average lefty; they profess to love ‘mankind’ universally but they can’t stand actual human individuals — especially those of their own ethnicity and culture — unless those people mirror their own preferences and ideology. Everyone else is The Enemy.

Nobody can love an abstraction or a disembodied idealized human, not in any real sense. But our natural affinities should be for kin and kind, spouses and families. As for ‘love’, that word has been so cheapened and overused that it has lost much of its power.  Love is by nature something that is rare and which belongs rightly to those few people with whom we have a truly strong bond.

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