The Tennessee church shootings

Surprisingly — or maybe not — there’s been very sparse coverage of the shootings in Tennessee recently. Now, it’s a cliche to say it, and it’s painfully obvious, that if/when a White man shoots up a black church, the media go into overdrive with coverage and ‘analysis’ by the usual politically correct shills. But as the murderer this time was from Africa, and an immigrant, the story is being hushed up, it seems, as it’s all but disappeared from the news, even from the right-wing blogs.

I can see how some of the more PC Republicans don’t like to discuss this kind of story; they may make some feeble protestations about our lax immigration policies, but this shooter was, by the accounts I’ve read, apparently here legally. If he were here illegally, the liberal ‘castrated conservatives’ would be denouncing illegal immigration and in the next sentence, saying ‘I’m not against immigration, just illegal immigration!’ Yes, even now some of those liberal Republicans cling to the old trope about how ‘legal immigrants play by the rules; they get in line and go through the correct procedures, and they make good Americans!

And then there’s this trope, or some variation thereof, which gets passed around the various ‘pro-White’ or mainstream GOP blogs: ”The African immigrants are much more intelligent than the American-born ones; they are well-educated, polite, and well spoken, and they have a good work ethic.” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve read that over the past couple of decades…and why do so many White Americans cling to pollyannaish ideas like that about various kinds of nonwhites? The same thing is said about Filipinos, Vietnamese, and Caribbean blacks.

I’ve speculated that it’s another formula whereby Whites with some kind of guilty conscience or fear of being called the ‘r-word’, or whites who just want to reassure themselves that they are not ”racist” try to nullify the stigma of saying something vaguely un-PC. So they grasp at such straws, and search diligently to find the ‘good ones’ that they can say flattering things about: African blacks with “conservative values” or pious Latin Americans who work harder than lazy Whites, or Asians who zealously promote academic excellence in their children.

So when an Emanuel Kidega Samson shoots some White people in a Tennessee church, a lot of people on the fake right are strangely silent. There are, if people are willing to consider the uncomfortable truths, many examples of people’s favorite nonwhites and immigrants committing crimes of this nature.

Maybe, in an ideal world, it should be a positive trait, this desire to find ‘the good ones’ or to praise some out-group as a way of trying to be ‘fair-minded’ or understanding. However, judging by history and the current news headlines, it’s evident that some wariness, at the very least, is warranted in dealing with those who are not-us, who don’t share our genetics and culture, and consequently hold grudges against us, fear or hate us, whose violent tendencies are a danger to us.

The rosy-colored glasses have to go. Reality has to be accepted and dealt with, regardless of whose ‘feelings’ are hurt by the truth.


2 thoughts on “The Tennessee church shootings

  1. Yes, even now some of those liberal Republicans cling to the old trope about how ‘legal immigrants play by the rules; they get in line and go through the correct procedures, and they make good Americans!‘

    As William James said, there is nothing so absurd than when you repeat something often enough people begin to believe it.

    I guess it all depends on how one defines a ‘good [patriotic] American.’ Btw, is there any such thing as a “conservative Republican?”

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  2. Hi Terry,
    You ask whether there is any such thing as a ‘Conservative Republican’? I assume you ask rhetorically. I used to believe conservative and Republican labels overlapped even if they didn’t coincide necessarily. Now it seems the GOPe is liberal but only to a lesser degree than the Democrats, and that when it comes to race they are very nearly on the same page as the Dems. Even those we thought were ethnopatriots (Sessions, et al) have proven not to be what they led us to think.
    I hope Roy Moore will not follow Sessions’ example.


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