‘A peaceful conquest of Europe’

If you haven’t already, I recommend reading the post at GalliaWatch, titled ‘Unprecedented: a peaceful conquest of Europe.’ When I saw the title, my thought was ‘peaceful conquest of Europe? The word ‘peaceful’ does not apply to what is being done to Europe, but the word choice is that of the current Pope, who recently delivered a message about migrants and ‘refugees’.

Tiberge at GalliaWatch quotes from an interview of Philippe De Villiers by the Catholic magazine Famille chrétienne. The interviewer asks Philippe de Villiers for his opinions on the Pope’s recent message.

The interviewer asking the questions seeems to be one of those open-borders liberals who have made themselves the voice of what passes for Christianity today, but Villiers gives very good answers, in my opinion, to the questions put to him. He says that Francis’ message on migration amounts to a recommendation of suicide for the West.

The interviewer asks if the pope would really ‘want to annihilate the West.

Villiers response:

– One would think he wants to punish Europe – he never speaks of its Christian roots. With John-Paul II, Benedict XVI and his predecessors, there exists a “theology of nations”. It is based on the fourth commandment: “Thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother.” This commandment implies worshiping one’s parents and one’s ancestors, hence one’s country. It implies a love that is given preference, which extends to the nation because it constitutes a family of families. If you believe Saint Augustine, politics is, in this sense, the highest form of charity.”

Villiers is sounding a little like a kinist there, although I wonder if the phrase ‘worshipping one’s parents‘ is a good translation of his original remarks. I wouldn’t think ‘worship’ is correct, but yes, we are to honor our parent, including the generations that went before, and by extension our national family, our national forefathers as well as our own immediate family.

But the whole world cannot be our ‘family’; if they are, then the whole concept of ‘family’ becomes null and void, illegitimate according to this postmodern redefinition. If everybody is my brother, nobody is my brother. Family by definition is particularistic and exclusive. It is not possible to love everybody as we love those closest to us; if we claim we do, then we are thus stripping the word ‘love’ of its real meaning as well. This is where this kind of twisted pharisaical ‘charity’ leads us.

Villiers, in the interview, further says that the pope’s viewpoint in essence makes nations and citizenship obsolete or null and void, if any ‘migrant’ anywhere has a right to enter our countries at will, and to stay permanently. We end up with a borderless one-world system, and if Catholics follow the current Pope’s teachings, they become globalist/universalist, basically on the side of the antichrist system. This applies to all the Christian denominations or individuals who adhere to this perverted parody of Christianity and Christian charity.

Please do read the article at Gallia Watch, and if you read French, the complete interview at Le Salon Beige.

Charlie Hebdo’s bigotry

The Houston Chronicle reports how the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo uses callous ‘humor’ to depict the recent disaster in Houston as God’s punishment on the ‘nazis’ of Texas.



It’s interesting to note that not so long ago, in 2015, Charlie Hebdo’s offices were the scene of a gruesome terror attack by Moslems, angry about Charlie Hebdo’s affront to their Prophet. A dozen people there ended up dead.

Despite that massacre, the people who work for Charlie Hebdo persist in their reality-deficient leftist worldview, in which the only villains are ‘right-wing extremists’, and imaginary ‘neo-nazis.’

Charlie Hebdo’s ”satirists” have obviously never been to Houston (probably never even to the United States, except perhaps New York or L.A. — but those places are not American) because if they had been to Houston they might observe that the majority of Houston residents are not White, but represent just about every kind of ‘diversity’ imaginable. Blacks, including a large contingent of Katrina ‘refugees’ strategically relocated by a helpful government to Houston), many Mexicans and Central Americans (legal and illegal), Vietnamese, Chinese, and on it goes. Whites make up at most around one quarter of Houston’s population, at least Houston proper. And ‘neo-nazis’ are few and far between.

But reality and facts are of no interest to leftists, who live in a universe of their own imaginings, one created specifically to rationalize their political agenda, and their cult of diversity and “equality.”

The casualties of Harvey were demographically likely to have been people of color, not Whites, especially not the apocryphal neo-nazis dreamt up by Charlie Hebdo’s ethnomasochist, dhimmi satirists.

This attempt at satire is insulting to the people who have been killed or displaced or who are otherwise suffering because of hurricane Harvey. It’s cynical and insulting to the people of Houston, presuming to frame their misfortunes as some kind of ‘karma’, as leftist new-agers conceive it.