‘Divide and Conquer’

In a recent post at the Amerika blog, Brett Stevens discusses the trope which has it that our ‘elite’ overlords purposely divide us racially, the “us” being the citizenry collectively.

He describes this trope as being rooted in the teachings of Karl Marx, who described how this practice was used to artificially divide the English working class and their Irish counterparts. Marx, seeing everything in terms of class struggle, evidently believed that were it not for the divisive efforts of the ‘ruling class’, who used the media and other public institutions to keep the poor Irish and the English workers from uniting against their common foe, the ‘capitalist class.’

This of course presupposes that the English and the Irish had no natural differences which might cause the existing divisions; to Marx, being an outsider, the English and the Irish probably seemed almost identical to his perceptions.

So did the ‘ruling classes’ of England create any animosity that existed between the Irish workers, whose presence in England undercut wages and took jobs away from the indigenous people, and the English? At worst, they probably could be said to have exacerbated or exploited existing differences. But we might say nature caused any conflicts that existed. Or, as a Christian, I would say God creates ethnic differences, and at Babel he created linguistic divisions and scattered the peoples, thus creating geographical separations and territorial boundaries. See Deuteronomy 32.

Marx also makes an analogy between the situation of the Irish-English antagonism and that between the black in America and the ‘poor White’, who because of economic rivalry looked down on the black, according to Marx. So, while acknowledging the fact that antipathy between the groups existed, he plays down all the factors other than the economic, and sees the ‘ruling classes’ as keeping this animus alive.

When first reading the linked blog piece, I took exception to the denial that the ‘divide and rule’ tactic is being used by the left or by ‘the powers that be’, because it seems evident to me that there has been a decades-, or centuries-long effort to worsen divisions.

However, I see the point which Stevens seems to be making, if I understand correctly; just as with Marx, the media have us think that we could and should be a united country, with race and ethnicity being trivial factors, overridden by our ”common humanity” and our ‘brotherhood as children of God’, as mainstream Judeo-Christians insist.

I’ve been in this world long enough to know that there was never a state of bliss in this country, with a colorblind citizenry all holding hands and celebrating our unity-in-diversity. Any peace and ‘harmony’ that existed across racial and ethnic lines was made possible by the preservation of boundaries, by our agreement, often tacit, to live parallel but separate lives, remembering Frost’s line about “good fences” making “good neighbors.”

However there are generations grown up after the Civil Rights coup who know no other way of life than this multi-cult New World Order, in which we must ‘Celebrate Diversity Or Else.’ They don’t know that there was no golden age of race relations in which blacks were all law-abiding, monogamous, and conservative, as the colorblind Republicans say. And neither were there any evil old days in which White people conducted a nonstop reign of terror over frightened nonwhites.

People are people; differences, even intraracial differences (as those between English and Irish, or Ukranians and Russians, for example) exist, and frictions, up to and including warfare, happen. We can’t wave a magic wand and make those things disappear.


you will not divide us PC twaddle

Whoever created the poster (which I found on Pinterest) demands, in a suspiciously belligerent way, that we all love each other as everyone in Louisiana does, according to this totalitarian-sounding message. “You will not divide us!” the anonymous propagandist declares, after he/she has ordered all the haters out there: “Don’t bring your hate to Louisiana!” The person who wrote that line would have us think Louisiana is a ‘hate-free zone’, knowing nothing of any animosities that the toxic outside world teems with.

But this is an example of the mindset that pretends, and wants to force the rest of us to pretend, that ”hate”, whatever that may mean today or any given day, would not exist except for the presence of outside agitators who are the serpents threatening the Garden of Eden, innocent Louisiana.

By the way, I have a soft spot for Louisiana, especially South Louisiana, having spent part of my childhood there. So while I have no grudge against Louisiana or any of the people therein, I think the truth is a must for everybody; adult people have to face up to the truth instead of creating make-believe narratives in which everybody would love each other if we could only banish ‘hate’ and ‘haters.’

And who is being ‘divisive’? Is it those who recognize racial and ethnic distinctions, and who acknowledge that our ethnic interests usually come into conflict with others’ ethnic interests? Or is it the petty tyrants to believe in a kind of coerced ‘unity’, and who would, rather than preserving boundaries, forcibly ”join together what God hath put asunder?”

The ‘elites’ definitely work with all their might to divide White people within nations, as we see; recent clashes were more about White xenophiles vs. White ethnopatriots, not Whites against nonwhites. The ‘powers-that-be’ fear united Whites and they have very effectively worked to create animosities within the White fold.

As for the Whites threatening the idyllic universal love-fest that is said to exist in Louisiana, that idea is a cynical attempt to enforce xenophilia or to silence anybody who does not buy the Narrative.

Yes, divide and rule or ‘divide and conquer’, as the Romans applied it, is being used against Whites, but nature, or God created the original divisions.

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