What motivated the Vegas shooter?

Lots of blog posts and news articles are speculating on why the Las Vegas shooter killed 50+ people and wounded many others. I’m sure you’ve all read quite a few such stories, and I don’t know if there is anything original left to say. I do know that all the facts are probably not in, and I suspect that any facts that conflict with the desired ‘narrative’ will stay unknown, or be covered up and rationalized away.

The ‘journalists’ at Newsweek, predictably, point out that it is White men who commit more mass shootings ‘than any other group.’ How do the Newsweek crowd and their fellow lefties at Mother Jones (which source they cite) define ‘group’? Do they include Moslems? I suspect that would be politically incorrect. Or do Moslems just prefer different kinds of weaponry in their mass killings? But the biggest example of dishonesty in naming White men as most likely to be mass killers is the fact that in this country White men are still (for now) the numerical majority, and thus in raw numbers will represent the largest numbers. The writer of the Newsweek piece, in the last paragraph, actually mentions this, as if grudgingly, but the average unaware reader would take away only the message that ‘White men are mass murderers, more so than any other group.’

These half-truths, or twisted facts, taken out of context, are doing us a great deal of damage.

On another blog, someone doubts that the ‘suspect’, Paddock, was “the type” to commit this act, saying that his bio just didn’t show a likely mass murderer. As if things always add up and make perfect sense in this world. People, all of us, are complex, and a quick look at someone’s biography, as reported by those who may be biased or dishonest, does not tell us everything about the suspect. And it may come as a surprise to some people that the ”experts”, so beloved of news sources, do not know everything and cannot predict who will or will not do such things. Yet even Rush Limbaugh, allegedly ‘conservative’, cites his own ‘expert’ as to the motives of this shooter.

At least one blogger, who is a professional in the mental health field, says that mental health cannot predict these things, and explains why.

I’ve often asked those who recommend that we ‘keep track’ of people with mental health problems and try to find in advance those who might ‘snap’ and kill people: suppose we could predict such things? What then? Could people be arrested pre-emptively in case they might be dangerous?

This shooting has brought some odious and twisted comments from the anti-White left on Twitter and elsewhere. This woman, a lawyer and a vice-president in the media was reportedly fired for her callous and malicious comments about the shooting victims. The fact that she is Jewish, some will say is irrelevant, but when her kinds of views are expressed with alarming frequency amongst prominent Jews — is it just coincidence?

I am no coincidence theorist.

However I don’t pretend to know what happened at that fateful concert and I don’t know that we will ever know the whole story. I suspect we will read more of the now-standard claims of ‘crisis actors’, false flags, patsies, sleepers, etc.

Some, even on ‘conservative’ sites, speculated that Paddock might be a ”White supremacist.” Assuming such a thing exists, would a ‘supremacist’ marry or set up housekeeping with a nonwhite woman, as this man supposedly did? If so then the label ‘White supremacist’ doesn’t mean what it’s purported to. Absurd.

Was the shooter an Islamic convert? Was his Indonesian-via-Australia female ‘girlfriend’ or wife Moslem?  Was she a mail-order bride? Does it matter?

There is still so much speculation swirling around that it seems impossible to make sense of it. Some of the information may be mixed with disinformation, assuming (as I do) the basic dishonesty of the media.

But in this life a great deal of what happens doesn’t make sense, especially in recent years, where it seems ‘things fall apart; the center cannot hold.’ It’s become a cliché to quote that phrase from Yeats, but more and more, it describes our times.




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