Yes, it’s Columbus Day

Well, technically it isn’t ‘Columbus Day’ because that day falls on October 12. But even though it is not really Columbus Day, I will commemorate it here, in defiance of the PC kommissars who want to force ‘Indigenous People’s Day’ on us.

Artist’s depiction of Christopher Columbus

The late Sam Francis understood what this war on our heritage was really all about.

“What is being fought in the jihad against the Confederate Flag, Thanksgiving, Columbus Day and Christmas is not the ’sexism, racism, anti-lesbian and gay bigotry’ and other pastimes of Western man but the West itself and its local manifestation in American civilization. The isms being denounced are icing on the cake. The real target is the cake itself, and those taking aim at it know the only way they can get to it is by scraping off the symbols and icons that represent it in the minds of most Americans. Americans who still care what the real meanings of their holidays, as opposed to the three-day orgies of stuffing, guzzling and spending the national ruling class wants them to mean, need to know that the war against holidays is a war against their country and against them. If they don’t hang together in defending each others’ myths and icons, sooner or later their enemies will hang all of them separately.

So let’s observe our holidays and traditions while they are still legal. If things continue as they are, such observances will be made illegal, and observances punishable by law. Think I’m exaggerating? Look at what’s happening with our Confederate symbols.

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