Europe: Independence or union?

I haven’t written anything on the Catalonian independence issue, not because of lack of interest in it, but because it is a complicated issue, and like most outsiders, I don’t have in-depth knowledge of the overall situation, and felt a need to learn more about it.

John Bruce Leonard at Countercurrents touches on the Catalonian issue in this piece at Counter-Currents, as well as the larger issue of the European Union, and whether the fact that the age we live in impels us towards the nation-state and ultimately ‘global governance.’ Leonard’s piece is in response to a comment by a reader who raised these questions, and Leonard makes some good points in favor of independence or balkanization vs. a pan-European superstate or federation.

I’ve written against the latter a number of times, but it is a popular idea amongst some on the right, mostly WNs, who believe that being White is  enough to bind the many European or European-descended peoples together under one government or nation-state. The very fact that there has been violence associated with a peaceful vote on Catalonian independence, with Spain apparently wanting to keep the Catalonians under Spanish rule by force, should illustrate the unrealistic nature of the belief in pan-Europeanism or some kind of White state encompassing disparate European groups. Also, the fact is, the Catalonian people and their culture are no doubt distinct from the Spanish to some extent, but they are not genetically distant peoples. As with many other European ethnicities who seem similar to outsiders, and who may in fact be close cousins genetically, there are distinctions that matter to the people of those ethnic groups. Trying to compel them to live in one nation-state is often a recipe for conflict.

It’s for this reason that I think the European Union is not a good thing, and its totalitarian policies only confirm this in my mind. I think Catalonia would be foolish, if they become independent, to want to stay in the EU, just as I think the Scots are foolish to want to remain in the EU, while threatening to leave the UK.

I think, for this reason and because Scots tend to favor leftist policies, including mass immigration, Scots nationalism is not true nationalism. Catalonia apparently is similar in that they have a significant Moslem population which they seem to accept.

“A fiery editorial in right-wing newspaper La Razon branded Catalonia the “capital of Salafism in Spain.” With this reference to an ultra-conservative branch of Islam, polemicist Alfonso Ussía took aim at local politicians for avoiding the issue and suggested local Muslims had not shown sufficient anxiety.”

Theirs is a strange kind of nationalism if they accept Islam in their midst, especially considering that Moslems occupied the Iberian peninsula until 1492, and a ‘Reconquista’ was required to free Spain and Portugal from Moslem rule.

The Scots, too, seem eager to prove their Islamophilic bona fides by having Moslem members in the Scottish Nationalist [sic] Party, and this policy goes back some years.

However, just because I think these countries are not nationalistic in a true sense, perhaps believing in what we call ‘civic nationalism’, based on documents and ‘citizenship’ or based on adhering to some creed or ideology, they still should be independent. Just as the Confederate states in our country wanted the right to govern themselves and not be held in a ‘shotgun marriage’ with a hostile North, so should these nations have a right to be left alone and to work out their own destiny.

Balkanization,if you like, ethnonationalism and self-rule, self-sufficiency, being governed by our own kinsmen, is better than rule by strangers in distant places, people who do not have our interests at heart.

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