This sad story from James Kirkpatrick at VDare could be seen as symbolic of what is happening to old America. An 89-year-old WWII veteran died in a so-called ‘health care’ facility, calling for help, unable to breathe. A supposed ‘nurse’ of the Diverse persuasion laughs, and this after a half-hearted attempt  at giving CPR to the dying man.

Will this ‘nurse’ still have a job after this incident? In a just and sane world, she would not, and probably would never have been employed in such a position, but thanks to some people’s guilt over ”racial injustices”, we are compelled to employ unqualified people because “justice” or something. So the negligent  and heartless employee will likely keep her job or be hired at another such job by another such facility.

Kirkpatrick in his VDare report asks rhetorically whether WWII was worth it, in light of incidents like this one. Yes, I get that the question is half-ironic, but it is a popular attitude now,  and it is often used as a pretext for condemning the ‘Greatest Generation’ or the WWII generation, as being ‘stupid’ for not refusing to fight, or as being willing dupes of the Powers-that-Be in a war that, according to some, should not have been fought. So some blame and deride the generation who fought.

Hindsight is always 20/20, and it’s not valid to blame the people of that era, the average citizens. They grew up and lived in an America which, contrary to Hollywood revisionism, was in fact a pretty good place, with a mostly decent, upright citizenry. People trusted their neighbors, and they trusted our government for the most part. Today’s cynics have a jaundiced view not only of the country of our birth but of the world generally, in a way that most people of that day could not have comprehended. It isn’t just to judge them harshly for their attitudes; they lived in a world that is foreign to today’s Americans, especially the younger ones who never knew the old America, and have no clue. The WWII generation did what they thought right in light of what they knew of the world. What else could they have done? They had no crystal ball in which to foresee the dystopian changeling America in which they would end their days, much less to judge in advance that refusing to fight would be the way to produce an ideal outcome, as today’s generations believe they should have done.

The world is complex; there is no way we can imagine what the outcome could have been, had the war not been fought, given that there are so many variables.

This poor veteran’s life ended perhaps sooner than it might have, had he got good medical and nursing care. The tragedy is that there will be many more helpless elderly dying under conditions similar to this, and what’s being done about it? Nothing, as far as I can tell, except policies that will only worsen the situation: more and more uncontrolled immigration from backward countries, ‘nursing homes’ employing uneducated, untrained employees with likely no experience in such work, and little to no English skills in many cases. This is a crime, and it should not be allowed to continue, but in a world in which unscrupulous, cheap employers hire unqualified and callous people to ‘care’ for the sick and old, nothing good can come of it.

When will the employers as well as the callous employees be held to account?

Someone has said that the way a society treats its weakest and most vulnerable members, such as children, the old, and the sick, is a measure of how civilized it is. By that measure we don’t rate very highly.

Now I am counting down to the first post I read on the Internet in which some callous person says the older generations ‘deserve‘ to die at the hands of abusive third-world ‘medical’ workers because they were so ‘stupid’ as to let our country go to the dogs. I’ve read many, many such comments in the last year or so and it still makes me irate, especially as these hard-hearted remarks go unchallenged, virtually every. single. time.

Silence gives consent.

If only these cynics were brave enough to direct all their anger and bitterness towards somebody other than the old and weak, towards external enemies rather than their own folk, the America we live in would not be in such deep trouble.

Let this veteran and his generation pass on in peace, rather than using his death as an excuse to criticize all those, like him, who lived in a very different time.


From The Free Thought Project blog (H/T Vulture of Critique)

‘Conspiracy Theory Now Conspiracy Fact’

”Please share this story in hopes of waking people up to the fact that geoengineering is not a conspiracy theory, but a scientific reality we should all be fully aware of, and educated about!”

So I’m sharing it here. The above is a quote from the article by Jay Syrmopoulos.

The ‘conspiracy fact’ is that Congress is holding hearings on Geoengineering, or climate modification, including methods such as ‘seeding’ the atmosphere with various substances — an idea which most of us have been trained to laugh at and ridicule, like UFOs. A commenter on a popular blog just the other day sneered at those who talk about ”chemtrails” as being comparable to ‘flat earthers.’

A simple Ixquick search on ‘chemtrails’ pulls up a whole page of nothing but ridicule: the Wikipedia entry references ‘The chemtrail conspiracy theory’. RationalWiki says:

“Chemtrails (“chemical trails”), according to various kooks, are a currently ongoing mass aerial dispersal of unknown chemicals by The Powers That Be, for some …”

And so on. It’s funny how those who are perennial skeptics, claiming faith in ’empirical data’ and ‘hard evidence’ and ‘Science’ seem to think that their position of knee-jerk denial is sound. It is usually based only on their implicit claim to know everything, so that they can say with 100 per cent certainty that such and such a thing does not exist, cannot exist. Obviously they don’t know everything; they are usually closed-minded people with a slavish devotion to ‘science’ or ‘reason’, thinking that science knows everything — it doesn’t — or that human reason is infallible.

Oddly, too, many skeptics somehow find themselves defending the mainstream media’s denials on issues like this, and of course the government’s obfuscations and half-truths. Many people who say they distrust media and ‘our’ government nonetheless are quick to give credence to anything we hear from those less-than-trustworthy sources.

It seems the Trump administration is taking the initiative on this issue.

“The push for discussion of geoengineering from the Trump administration should come as no surprise. Back in January 2017, Activist Post reported that ‘the U.S. Global Change Research Program quietly recommended new studies looking into two specific areas of research involving geoengineering.’ With the release of their report, the GCRP became the first scientists in the federal government to formally recommend studies involving geoengineering.”

It’s about time this subject was discussed openly.

For years I, like many others, have noticed the aerial spraying, and no, the ‘trails’ left behind are not normal jet contrails, contrary to what the know-all skeptics insist. Yet when asked, ‘officials’ or scientists go into their denial mode, insisting that no such thing is happening. They have avoided even acknowledging that climate-tampering or geoengineering is even occurring, implying that it’s a delusion. Those with a modicum of curiosity are left to try to guess at what it is all for. My conjectures included a possibility that they were attempting to stop so-called ”global warming”; others speculate that some type of substance to render people more passive could be in use. Sounds like science fiction, right? In fact at least one classic Dr. Who episode had a dystopian society in which people were made passive and stupid by means of an aerosol drug. And maybe that is paranoid imagination, as we know our government could never do such things.

I have some materials in my files from years ago on the geoengineering project, and if I can find those I will post them later.

Further from the article:

“Scientists at the University of Washington formed the Marine Cloud Brightening Project, in an effort to bolster financial support for basic research, in hopes of running small-scale tests of adding particles to clouds.

In addition to seeding marine clouds, the team is also looking into what’s known as “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering,” which involves injecting reflective particles into the upper atmosphere, similar to a volcano during major eruptions, to produce a regional cooling effect.

During Wednesday’s House hearing Committee Chairman Smith noted that geoengineering “could have positive effects on the Earth’s atmosphere,” but cautioned “we have a lot to learn.”

A ‘lot to learn’ is right. First of all, given the fraudulent nature of the ‘global warmer’ cabal, and their fudging of data, their own conspiracies to cover up facts, how can we even know whether a ‘cooling effect’ is needed? They are groping in the dark. And given the lack of veracity on the part of a politically correct, factually incorrect Science orthodoxy, not to mention our less-than-honest government and media, how can we be sure that what is being disclosed is the truth?

I have noticed that nearly 100 percent of the right-wing blogs I read avoid the subject of geoengineering/weather mod/aerosol spraying. I’ve noted only two exceptions, one being a blog that does cover what many would call ‘fringe’ subjects. Otherwise nobody touches this subject, though many are certainly not averse to so-called ‘conspiracy’ theories per se. Yet this subject should concern us; we all live in and breathe the same atmosphere, and our various climates are all part of a worldwide system.

Environmental issues are all too often abandoned to the loony left, yet obviously the ‘progressives’ don’t really care about the environment, only using that issue to assail capitalism and our first-world lifestyle. And since the left dropped all pretense to caring about Mother Earth when it comes to limiting immigration, they have no real claim to being the guardians of our environment.

If you are at all interested in this subject, or even if you haven’t been up till now, I recommend reading the entire article at the link at the top of this post.

Now will the skeptics and chronic deniers admit they have been wrong, or will they just ignore any new information as usual and continue in their closed-mindedness? It’s hard to fathom how, in a world in which actual conspiracies have been confirmed, people still insist on denying them out-of-hand. Maybe that’s a big part of our problem in many cases, not just on this issue.


Nothing new under the sun

In recent years it seems as though the globalist powers-that-be have accelerated their efforts to wreck what’s left of our nations; it seems that they are in a kind of frenzy to complete their agenda of ushering in their New Age of Global Unity.

It’s all distressing to watch; who could have imagined the speed with which they’ve done as much as they have towards obliterating the world as we knew it? It’s tempting to feel discouraged and disheartened and helpless — which is what they count on, I’m sure — but are such feelings warranted, or are we giving them too much credit for efficiency?

As a kind of measuring stick we can look at what was being said by the one-world zealots just over a century ago, as World War I was beginning.

This article appeared on the editorial page of a feminist newspaper, The Woman Citizen,  in August 1914.

One world_womencitizen1914Aug_0299s

The writer seems to think that this utopian One World order was an inevitability, and that the American ‘melting pot’ was one of the first steps toward amalgamating everybody and ridding the world of atavistic ideas like nations and peoples and races. Around this time also our ‘friend’ Count Coudenhove-Kalergi was promoting his idea of a blended ‘new race’ to  populate this promised future world.

Coudenhove-Kalergi 1948

But now, judging by the predictions  made by many of the one-world zealots of that time, it seems they are running behind on their schedule. By Napoleon’s prediction, as mentioned in the article, the goal should have been reached some decades ago. It may be some comfort, however small, to think that their plan is being slowed down and thwarted, at least to an extent. Obviously their scheme hasn’t come to fruition as easily as they imagined.

It’s necessary to remind people that this ‘one world’ business was not a product of the 60s; this was all planned and projected many decades ago, perhaps longer than we know.

The people of the World War I generation naively thought that that conflict would be ‘the war to end all wars’. It was an especially ugly war, as wars go, and people seemed to be weary of war at the end of it. It could easily be imagined that the war was specifically engineered to leave the world with a horror of war so great that they would accept any kind of system that promised ‘peace and unity’, as in the Bible’s phrase, ‘peace and security’ or more aptly, saying ” ‘peace, peace’ when there is no peace.”

War, unfortunately, is an inescapable fact of human history, and it can’t be wished away. There will always be aggressors and trespassers. The one world delusion holds that if we just do away with nations and races, that everyone will live happily together in unity.

“In Union there is strength”, as the article quotes, but that union has to be a real union among peers and like peoples. Enforced or coerced ‘union’ is a lie, and will never end well.

There can be no unity unless it’s a unity in truth, not unity built on a delusion and a lie.

Diversity weakens…

…in many ways, and one example is that the presence of so many people(s) in our midst who are not us, who do not share our standards and ethics, leads to more of this sort of outrage:

“The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department says it received a call around 4:45 p.m. Tuesday from someone who witnessed the alleged animal cruelty. He told deputies Enping Qu poured boiling water on the dog at least five times while the animal was locked in a cage.”

For the record, it appears that the ”man’s” surname is a Chinese one, and given the prevalence of cruel treatment of animals in China, it’s not unexpected. Many such stories in the news out of China give us an ugly picture. Of course all cultures are relative, we’re told, and we’re not to judge. Well, if their ‘culture’ allows for boiling puppies alive to make them more tender for the table, then what’s a little hot water thrown on a dog?

I realize that this is probably one of many such incidents that are happening around this country. And invariably there are the hard-nosed kind of Americans who will say “why do you make such a fuss about animals? Don’t you care about people being hurt or abused? After all people are more important.

But it isn’t an ‘either/or’ question; caring about animal cruelty doesn’t preclude caring about human suffering. We can do both. And though our Western, Christian-based culture is not as strong as it used to be, we can still say with some truth that European-descended people are more humane towards animals than any other culture that I know of.  Some cynics say we are too fond of animals, and now with so many childless, single women there are more lap-dogs being coddled and babied than ever before, which is a case of excessive doting on animals. But that’s the business of the people who choose to do it, not my business. It is my business to do something about animal abuse if it’s in my power to do so. No decent person turns a blind eye to animal abuse, neglect, or cruelty.

Biblically, we’re commanded to treat animals humanely. This is the source of our traditions of more humane treatment of animals. Some say that European peoples always treated animals more kindly, and established real bonds between animals and humans, long before Europe was converted. I can’t speak to that; I don’t know of any verification of it, but it may be true.

Adam’s role was to be a steward of creation, and his descendants inherited that obligation. It’s odd that many leftists are ‘animal rights’ fanatics though they don’t believe that there was ever an Adam created by God, nor do they believe in the Bible’s authority on moral matters. Maybe the left’s concern for animals is part of the genetics.

Most animal rights activists do seem to be European-descended people. Even Japan, the Asian country considered most ‘like us’ in their level of civilization, there have been problems with the treatment of animals, though it’s not as bad as other Asian nations, and they do have laws on animal welfare.

The multicultists always insist that we are all the same under the skin, but clearly we are not. Many people with an interest in HBD insist on considering Asians as natural allies or as assimilable. Stories about Asian animal abuse should cause people to doubt the suitability of even the East Asians to become ‘just like us’.

‘High IQ’ is not everything. High IQ does not guarantee moral character or humane ideals, as we can see.

European-descended people are unique in our culture’s emphasis on compassion or empathy, especially towards animals. This is only one the many distinctive features. Mass immigration from non-European sources will destroy most of what is good and unique in our way of life. The culture is the people; the people make the nation.

Diversity weakens our way of life, our standards, our traditions. The loss of our contribution to humanity will not be a good thing for the rest of the world. When we are gone, our ways of life will be extinct.


Not just the left

In my previous post about the Texas shootings, I mentioned that the lying media were repeating the bit about Devin Kelley having been a ‘Bible school teacher’ or a ‘Bible teacher,’ with the misleading implication that he was some kind of Bible scholar and a devout believer. This, of course, is meant to slander Christianity and real Christians, something that the left is ever eager to do. Does anyone out there remember how the left relished repeating that ‘Timothy McVeigh was a Christian!’ when in fact McVeigh was an avowed atheist, as Kelley apparently was.

The Bible school thing is a red herring; theoretically anybody who is a church member can ‘volunteer’ to be an aide in a week-long summer Bible class. It does not call for a degree in theology or a divinity degree. Kelley was not a ‘Bible teacher’.

But leftists (and some rightists, as we will see) do not care about the truth. They make up lies to be employed in their gaslighting agenda.

The following comment was posted by an ostensibly pro-White commenter who frequents certain alt-right blogs and comment sections:

Mayson anti-Christian post_2017-11-07_034601

I am sure most of you see this kind of virulent anti-Christian comment on many ‘pro-White’ or hard right or alt-right blogs. Christians are despised by people on both ends of the political spectrum.

While I acknowledge that much of Christianity has embraced globalism, political correctness, cultural Marxism and The Lie, generally, anyone with intelligence or curiosity can learn that there are many Christians who are not in agreement with organized mainstream ‘Christianity’ and especially with the counterfeit version of our faith called ‘Judeo-Christianity.’ There is a remnant of real Christians out there; there are not many faithful churches left as they all succumb to the Delusion of our time. But we knew that would happen. It is no surprise to the real Christian.

I think a great many of the people like the person who posted the ugly comment know they are attacking a straw man, or more correctly that they are only pretending to believe that Christianity is an existential threat to Whites or their interests. They also pretend to believe that Christianity and Judaism are in league — why, then, are Jewish organizations like the ACLU, the AD L and the $PLC always on the attack against Christianity? I suppose the anti-Christians have some convoluted theory to explain that, too. They are skilled at rationalizing their irrational worldview. Many of these people are atheists, and atheists, regardless of their political affiliation or race, have more in common with one another than with Christians. Their ideology trumps all.

In reality, it is ‘pro-Whites’ like the commenter who are de facto allies of the Jews they profess to distrust or hate. They are in fact working toward the same ends: eliminating Christianity from the public sphere, driving it underground, if not eliminating it altogether.

In fact I often wonder, as I’ve said, how many of these people saying provocative and divisive things, creating dissension and divisions within our folk, are operatives, paid agents, only pretending to be ‘pro-White.’ In my book, anybody who says the massacre of dozens of (White) Christians is a ‘good thing’, “no different” than the death of Communists or other ”anti-White collaborator” is himself far from pro-White.

If he is White, (that’s a big ‘IF’) and if he is descended from generations of Christian forebears as are most of us, then he is the ‘anti-White collaborator’, working to the same ends as Moslems or Jews who want Christianity and White Christians gone.

Europe was called ‘Christendom’ for a reason. Our fathers were not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. Christianity was the heart and soul of Europe.

The anti-Christian ‘white’ commenter and his ilk are allying with the traditional enemies of Christendom.

Unfortunately there seems to be more and more of this divisiveness. For some people there has to be somebody to blame, somebody to turn into the Other, the Enemy, even amongst our own people. Lately the ‘boomer’ bashers are devoting more attention to cursing  and blaming their elders than to exposing Jewish influence. What a coincidence that another and better scapegoat happened along just as more people were getting ‘Jew-wise.’

More and more I am in agreement with blogger Cambria Will Not Yield that unless we regain our faith in Christ we have no hope. It was when our folk were true Christians that they were at their peak of strength. When we honored God he was our rock and protector. The farther we’ve strayed from our roots the worse our plight is becoming. A godless Europe can’t recover its strength.Nor can a godless America.

There is no strictly political solution. We are in a spiritual battle, not a strictly worldly one.

And those anti-Christian Whites who think they have to get rid of their Christian kinsmen so as to establish their hoped-for ‘new order’ of things are employing the same strategy that the left and the globalist elites are using: create division and disorder, pull down everything traditional and build a new ‘order out of chaos.’ Whether it’s done in the name of our folk or not, it will just be Jacobinism by another name, purging ”internal enemies” like Christians. We are all still suffering the damage caused by Jacobins and their allies of the left and the ”right.”


Texas church shooting

I hesitated to blog about this massacre (26 dead?) until more was known about the details. Media reports, especially the early ones are notoriously confused and downright false in most such cases. The Internet may provide more information from people close to the event,  but often there are wild speculations and bizarre rumors mixed in with facts. Even now, many hours after, it seems that we are not certain of a lot of things, and much of what we think is true may not be so. And this is a problem.

Then there’s the element of possible disinformation sown in amongst the reports, and the factor of ‘gaslighting’ which seems to be present in much of the ‘mainstream’ reporting on events like this.

We do know, apparently, the name and age of the killer, along with the usual facts: place of residence, marital status, etc. The UK Daily Mail provides a reasonable account here, allowing for the usual biases that creep into every mainstream article.

The media won’t ‘like’ this story much because it lacks a racial angle (unlike the Dylann Roof killings) but of course mass shootings are fodder for the left’s gun ‘control’ agenda. And this massacre is already being used to bash White males, as well as Christians. For instance, though the shooter is said to have been a zealous atheist, most articles mention that he was a ‘Bible teacher’, which is inaccurate. Being a volunteer teacher’s aide in a short vacation Bible camp is not equivalent to being a real Bible teacher. Yet I just know that those who hate Christianity will play up this supposed angle and say his actions were somehow caused by his (possibly non-existent) Christian faith. Or they will try to say that a Christian upbringing — did he even have such? — is to blame for the atrocity he committed.

Some will bring in the ‘redneck, Southern’ tropes as proof for his being a gun-crazy violent hick, as most leftists depict Southrons and especially Texans.

The information we have been given points not to his being the gun-toting, Bible-thumping redneck barbarian which the leftists hope for; rather it points to his being a disaffected lefty atheist with grudges against traditional America. This type is often sort of a creation of overindulgence in popular ‘entertainment’ — movies, TV, games — which has produced at least one generation of young people who have no sense of belonging to the wider world around them. Lost.

Sutherland Springs, Texas is not a town I’m familiar with; apparently it’s just a little spot on the road in South Central Texas. But I do know that area well; most of my kin from my grandmother’s side live in small towns in the adjoining counties. I expect the victims of this massacre (let’s not forget them!) were people much like my kinfolk. The church building itself looks like the little church in which I was baptized. So I feel personally grieved by this.

A number of online comments on this incident asked why none of the church congregation were ‘carrying.’ Do we know for a fact they weren’t? Rural Texas is not a ‘gun-phobic’ area, even among Christians, in my experience. Some of them may have been carrying, if their church allows it, but the gunman took everyone by surprise and it seems unlikely that he could have been prevented or stopped before he killed a number of people.

But for those who think all Christians are utterly passive and too timid to defend themselves, as a Christian is permitted to do, it’s just not true, despite all the publicity given to the liberal Churchians and their Cult of Niceness. I realize that the Southern Baptists, who are probably still a majority of Christians in Texas, have gone all liberal and squishy in recent years but I don’t know if this church is part of the SBC or is an independent church. There’s no point, in my opinion, to criticizing the actions or lack thereof of the congregants. At least some local citizens joined to pursue the killer and stop him, which would not have happened in some localities.

Texas, like the rest of the world, is changing, and not for the better; the old Texas frame of mind and character are disappearing gradually, or in some cases quickly, thanks to changes in the demographics.

Speaking of demographics Sutherland Springs  is a small community and is for all intents and purposes White, so it is likely a very low crime area, and most people there feel secure in their homes and church, with good reason. So it’s misguided to fault them for being ‘too trusting’ or ‘dumb’ for expecting to be safe in their little town. Is expecting to be safe now unreasonable in our country?

The world is now a place in which, wherever we live, we feel the need to be wary of people we meet. We are slower to trust, and increasingly suspicious. This is true in regard to our media and government as well. These recent acts of violence like the ones in Las Vegas and New York City and then this one in Texas now bring out the professional cynics and doubters who doubt even that these events happened. And can we prove them wrong? I don’t think so, because any evidence that contradicts their theories or assertions is simply dismissed as more ‘deception.’ It’s troubling to see people who seem otherwise sane and sensible asserting that these events are all elaborately staged fakes, with no deaths, no bloodshed. No victims. Nothing to mourn or grieve about, because nobody died. But all such events can’t be faked, can they?

So though nobody can prove the hoax believers wrong by producing evidence they will accept, neither can they prove their arcane theories about staged events with crisis actors. So we are at an impasse.

Believing that none of these things happened naturally means that we need do nothing; this hyper-skeptical attitude leads toward simply dismissing all this as unreal.

How much more divided can we be when some of us hold opposite views of reality, of what is real and what is fiction?


Immigration insanity

I remember blogging some years ago about the L.A. Airport shooting in which an Egyptian Moslem opened fire and killed three people, including himself. He was only living in this country legally because of the Diversity Lottery, which exists only to make America less ‘hideously White’ and Christian. The latest perpetrator of a terror attack, Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, who shot multiple strangers in New York City, was brought to this country and given an opportunity to kill people by means of this program. All because he represents ‘diversity’.

The ‘Diversity Lottery’ is an absurdity, and as we’ve seen, a dangerous program. It’s time, and far past time to end it. It can be done. I am pleased, and I admit it, surprised to see that Donald Trump is saying that he would like to end it, and that chain migration, too, should stop. I will be waiting to see him actually follow through on that, and then I’ll cheer if and when he does.

Too many Americans have been fed this diet of Republican propaganda that makes all legal immigration good, and only illegal immigration bad. For years I’ve hammered on the point that legality or illegality is not the issue — it’s immigration per se. We get too much of it and what we get is not suited to our country.  Still most of the mainstream GOP types at Free Republic, etc., repeat the mantra ”We’re not against immigration, just illegal immigration.” But people like the L.A. Airport shooter and this Uzbek man, Saipov, came here legally — as do the refugees who are flooding parts of our country now. Just because it’s legal doesn’t guarantee it’s desirable or good.

The propaganda we are fed by the ‘lie machine’ has many people believing that immigration is an inevitability, and that it’s absolutely open-ended, no ‘end date.’

And we are also expected to believe — as many do, sadly — that this country was ‘founded by immigrants’, made by those immigrants, and that ”we are all immigrants”; only American Indians actually belong here. So because of our sainted immigrant forebears, who were just like today’s immigrants, we cannot ever stop accepting more ‘huddled masses’ and ‘wretched refuse’ to our shores. Can it really be that so few people get that we do not have an infinite capacity to welcome warm bodies for eternity, especially when those warm bodies have nothing to contribute to our society?

Recently I came across this blog post and it was very refreshing and unexpected to see somebody say that we don’t have to go on accepting more and more, that we do have a right to say no and to be loyal to our own. I say it’s surprising because even on some hard-core right-wing blogs many people say we should ‘call for a time-out’ or an immigration moratorium for a few years. Why is it so unthinkable for so many Americans that we simply close our doors and put our own folk first? Or that we re-draw the boundary lines between peoples that we once acknowledged? Why is it necessary that we be submerged in a sea of other peoples, whether through immigration or through miscegeny?

I think we were acclimated by our government to this situation slowly so that when it passed from simply letting some European war refugees in, or some other more distantly-related European immigrants, people did not realize what lay ahead, as we were asked to absorb greater numbers of much more disparate and alien peoples, and deprived of our right to freely associate.

From the linked article:

“It is not a big leap, to go from agreeing to let a few hundred thousand or million browned people graft themselves onto our branch, to welcoming the inflow of one billion Africans into the West. After all, why not just re-set things there. You say what? they are rapists? Eh, transition pains, it’ll pass. In the meantime, stop struggling and it won’t hurt!”

We got where we are by small steps, gradually, but there has to be a halt to this. Will we ever have sane and realistic officials to change this situation? Can we trust that Trump means what he is saying?

Also: See Ann Corcoran’s post on the terrorist’s story and the overall situation.