Immigration insanity

I remember blogging some years ago about the L.A. Airport shooting in which an Egyptian Moslem opened fire and killed three people, including himself. He was only living in this country legally because of the Diversity Lottery, which exists only to make America less ‘hideously White’ and Christian. The latest perpetrator of a terror attack, Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, who shot multiple strangers in New York City, was brought to this country and given an opportunity to kill people by means of this program. All because he represents ‘diversity’.

The ‘Diversity Lottery’ is an absurdity, and as we’ve seen, a dangerous program. It’s time, and far past time to end it. It can be done. I am pleased, and I admit it, surprised to see that Donald Trump is saying that he would like to end it, and that chain migration, too, should stop. I will be waiting to see him actually follow through on that, and then I’ll cheer if and when he does.

Too many Americans have been fed this diet of Republican propaganda that makes all legal immigration good, and only illegal immigration bad. For years I’ve hammered on the point that legality or illegality is not the issue — it’s immigration per se. We get too much of it and what we get is not suited to our country.  Still most of the mainstream GOP types at Free Republic, etc., repeat the mantra ”We’re not against immigration, just illegal immigration.” But people like the L.A. Airport shooter and this Uzbek man, Saipov, came here legally — as do the refugees who are flooding parts of our country now. Just because it’s legal doesn’t guarantee it’s desirable or good.

The propaganda we are fed by the ‘lie machine’ has many people believing that immigration is an inevitability, and that it’s absolutely open-ended, no ‘end date.’

And we are also expected to believe — as many do, sadly — that this country was ‘founded by immigrants’, made by those immigrants, and that ”we are all immigrants”; only American Indians actually belong here. So because of our sainted immigrant forebears, who were just like today’s immigrants, we cannot ever stop accepting more ‘huddled masses’ and ‘wretched refuse’ to our shores. Can it really be that so few people get that we do not have an infinite capacity to welcome warm bodies for eternity, especially when those warm bodies have nothing to contribute to our society?

Recently I came across this blog post and it was very refreshing and unexpected to see somebody say that we don’t have to go on accepting more and more, that we do have a right to say no and to be loyal to our own. I say it’s surprising because even on some hard-core right-wing blogs many people say we should ‘call for a time-out’ or an immigration moratorium for a few years. Why is it so unthinkable for so many Americans that we simply close our doors and put our own folk first? Or that we re-draw the boundary lines between peoples that we once acknowledged? Why is it necessary that we be submerged in a sea of other peoples, whether through immigration or through miscegeny?

I think we were acclimated by our government to this situation slowly so that when it passed from simply letting some European war refugees in, or some other more distantly-related European immigrants, people did not realize what lay ahead, as we were asked to absorb greater numbers of much more disparate and alien peoples, and deprived of our right to freely associate.

From the linked article:

“It is not a big leap, to go from agreeing to let a few hundred thousand or million browned people graft themselves onto our branch, to welcoming the inflow of one billion Africans into the West. After all, why not just re-set things there. You say what? they are rapists? Eh, transition pains, it’ll pass. In the meantime, stop struggling and it won’t hurt!”

We got where we are by small steps, gradually, but there has to be a halt to this. Will we ever have sane and realistic officials to change this situation? Can we trust that Trump means what he is saying?

Also: See Ann Corcoran’s post on the terrorist’s story and the overall situation.


2 thoughts on “Immigration insanity

  1. Conceptually, from a mind of a high IQ demon, “immigration” equals “radical autonomy.” Practically, this memes turd ward individuals possess the inherent right to transgress any and all parts of the globe. The reality is that only the most healthy-minded whites will be capable of surviving this chaos as perpetuating remnants.

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