Not just the left

In my previous post about the Texas shootings, I mentioned that the lying media were repeating the bit about Devin Kelley having been a ‘Bible school teacher’ or a ‘Bible teacher,’ with the misleading implication that he was some kind of Bible scholar and a devout believer. This, of course, is meant to slander Christianity and real Christians, something that the left is ever eager to do. Does anyone out there remember how the left relished repeating that ‘Timothy McVeigh was a Christian!’ when in fact McVeigh was an avowed atheist, as Kelley apparently was.

The Bible school thing is a red herring; theoretically anybody who is a church member can ‘volunteer’ to be an aide in a week-long summer Bible class. It does not call for a degree in theology or a divinity degree. Kelley was not a ‘Bible teacher’.

But leftists (and some rightists, as we will see) do not care about the truth. They make up lies to be employed in their gaslighting agenda.

The following comment was posted by an ostensibly pro-White commenter who frequents certain alt-right blogs and comment sections:

Mayson anti-Christian post_2017-11-07_034601

I am sure most of you see this kind of virulent anti-Christian comment on many ‘pro-White’ or hard right or alt-right blogs. Christians are despised by people on both ends of the political spectrum.

While I acknowledge that much of Christianity has embraced globalism, political correctness, cultural Marxism and The Lie, generally, anyone with intelligence or curiosity can learn that there are many Christians who are not in agreement with organized mainstream ‘Christianity’ and especially with the counterfeit version of our faith called ‘Judeo-Christianity.’ There is a remnant of real Christians out there; there are not many faithful churches left as they all succumb to the Delusion of our time. But we knew that would happen. It is no surprise to the real Christian.

I think a great many of the people like the person who posted the ugly comment know they are attacking a straw man, or more correctly that they are only pretending to believe that Christianity is an existential threat to Whites or their interests. They also pretend to believe that Christianity and Judaism are in league — why, then, are Jewish organizations like the ACLU, the AD L and the $PLC always on the attack against Christianity? I suppose the anti-Christians have some convoluted theory to explain that, too. They are skilled at rationalizing their irrational worldview. Many of these people are atheists, and atheists, regardless of their political affiliation or race, have more in common with one another than with Christians. Their ideology trumps all.

In reality, it is ‘pro-Whites’ like the commenter who are de facto allies of the Jews they profess to distrust or hate. They are in fact working toward the same ends: eliminating Christianity from the public sphere, driving it underground, if not eliminating it altogether.

In fact I often wonder, as I’ve said, how many of these people saying provocative and divisive things, creating dissension and divisions within our folk, are operatives, paid agents, only pretending to be ‘pro-White.’ In my book, anybody who says the massacre of dozens of (White) Christians is a ‘good thing’, “no different” than the death of Communists or other ”anti-White collaborator” is himself far from pro-White.

If he is White, (that’s a big ‘IF’) and if he is descended from generations of Christian forebears as are most of us, then he is the ‘anti-White collaborator’, working to the same ends as Moslems or Jews who want Christianity and White Christians gone.

Europe was called ‘Christendom’ for a reason. Our fathers were not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. Christianity was the heart and soul of Europe.

The anti-Christian ‘white’ commenter and his ilk are allying with the traditional enemies of Christendom.

Unfortunately there seems to be more and more of this divisiveness. For some people there has to be somebody to blame, somebody to turn into the Other, the Enemy, even amongst our own people. Lately the ‘boomer’ bashers are devoting more attention to cursing  and blaming their elders than to exposing Jewish influence. What a coincidence that another and better scapegoat happened along just as more people were getting ‘Jew-wise.’

More and more I am in agreement with blogger Cambria Will Not Yield that unless we regain our faith in Christ we have no hope. It was when our folk were true Christians that they were at their peak of strength. When we honored God he was our rock and protector. The farther we’ve strayed from our roots the worse our plight is becoming. A godless Europe can’t recover its strength.Nor can a godless America.

There is no strictly political solution. We are in a spiritual battle, not a strictly worldly one.

And those anti-Christian Whites who think they have to get rid of their Christian kinsmen so as to establish their hoped-for ‘new order’ of things are employing the same strategy that the left and the globalist elites are using: create division and disorder, pull down everything traditional and build a new ‘order out of chaos.’ Whether it’s done in the name of our folk or not, it will just be Jacobinism by another name, purging ”internal enemies” like Christians. We are all still suffering the damage caused by Jacobins and their allies of the left and the ”right.”


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