Diversity weakens…

…in many ways, and one example is that the presence of so many people(s) in our midst who are not us, who do not share our standards and ethics, leads to more of this sort of outrage:

“The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department says it received a call around 4:45 p.m. Tuesday from someone who witnessed the alleged animal cruelty. He told deputies Enping Qu poured boiling water on the dog at least five times while the animal was locked in a cage.”

For the record, it appears that the ”man’s” surname is a Chinese one, and given the prevalence of cruel treatment of animals in China, it’s not unexpected. Many such stories in the news out of China give us an ugly picture. Of course all cultures are relative, we’re told, and we’re not to judge. Well, if their ‘culture’ allows for boiling puppies alive to make them more tender for the table, then what’s a little hot water thrown on a dog?

I realize that this is probably one of many such incidents that are happening around this country. And invariably there are the hard-nosed kind of Americans who will say “why do you make such a fuss about animals? Don’t you care about people being hurt or abused? After all people are more important.

But it isn’t an ‘either/or’ question; caring about animal cruelty doesn’t preclude caring about human suffering. We can do both. And though our Western, Christian-based culture is not as strong as it used to be, we can still say with some truth that European-descended people are more humane towards animals than any other culture that I know of.  Some cynics say we are too fond of animals, and now with so many childless, single women there are more lap-dogs being coddled and babied than ever before, which is a case of excessive doting on animals. But that’s the business of the people who choose to do it, not my business. It is my business to do something about animal abuse if it’s in my power to do so. No decent person turns a blind eye to animal abuse, neglect, or cruelty.

Biblically, we’re commanded to treat animals humanely. This is the source of our traditions of more humane treatment of animals. Some say that European peoples always treated animals more kindly, and established real bonds between animals and humans, long before Europe was converted. I can’t speak to that; I don’t know of any verification of it, but it may be true.

Adam’s role was to be a steward of creation, and his descendants inherited that obligation. It’s odd that many leftists are ‘animal rights’ fanatics though they don’t believe that there was ever an Adam created by God, nor do they believe in the Bible’s authority on moral matters. Maybe the left’s concern for animals is part of the genetics.

Most animal rights activists do seem to be European-descended people. Even Japan, the Asian country considered most ‘like us’ in their level of civilization, there have been problems with the treatment of animals, though it’s not as bad as other Asian nations, and they do have laws on animal welfare.

The multicultists always insist that we are all the same under the skin, but clearly we are not. Many people with an interest in HBD insist on considering Asians as natural allies or as assimilable. Stories about Asian animal abuse should cause people to doubt the suitability of even the East Asians to become ‘just like us’.

‘High IQ’ is not everything. High IQ does not guarantee moral character or humane ideals, as we can see.

European-descended people are unique in our culture’s emphasis on compassion or empathy, especially towards animals. This is only one the many distinctive features. Mass immigration from non-European sources will destroy most of what is good and unique in our way of life. The culture is the people; the people make the nation.

Diversity weakens our way of life, our standards, our traditions. The loss of our contribution to humanity will not be a good thing for the rest of the world. When we are gone, our ways of life will be extinct.


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