Nothing new under the sun

In recent years it seems as though the globalist powers-that-be have accelerated their efforts to wreck what’s left of our nations; it seems that they are in a kind of frenzy to complete their agenda of ushering in their New Age of Global Unity.

It’s all distressing to watch; who could have imagined the speed with which they’ve done as much as they have towards obliterating the world as we knew it? It’s tempting to feel discouraged and disheartened and helpless — which is what they count on, I’m sure — but are such feelings warranted, or are we giving them too much credit for efficiency?

As a kind of measuring stick we can look at what was being said by the one-world zealots just over a century ago, as World War I was beginning.

This article appeared on the editorial page of a feminist newspaper, The Woman Citizen,  in August 1914.

One world_womencitizen1914Aug_0299s

The writer seems to think that this utopian One World order was an inevitability, and that the American ‘melting pot’ was one of the first steps toward amalgamating everybody and ridding the world of atavistic ideas like nations and peoples and races. Around this time also our ‘friend’ Count Coudenhove-Kalergi was promoting his idea of a blended ‘new race’ to  populate this promised future world.

Coudenhove-Kalergi 1948

But now, judging by the predictions  made by many of the one-world zealots of that time, it seems they are running behind on their schedule. By Napoleon’s prediction, as mentioned in the article, the goal should have been reached some decades ago. It may be some comfort, however small, to think that their plan is being slowed down and thwarted, at least to an extent. Obviously their scheme hasn’t come to fruition as easily as they imagined.

It’s necessary to remind people that this ‘one world’ business was not a product of the 60s; this was all planned and projected many decades ago, perhaps longer than we know.

The people of the World War I generation naively thought that that conflict would be ‘the war to end all wars’. It was an especially ugly war, as wars go, and people seemed to be weary of war at the end of it. It could easily be imagined that the war was specifically engineered to leave the world with a horror of war so great that they would accept any kind of system that promised ‘peace and unity’, as in the Bible’s phrase, ‘peace and security’ or more aptly, saying ” ‘peace, peace’ when there is no peace.”

War, unfortunately, is an inescapable fact of human history, and it can’t be wished away. There will always be aggressors and trespassers. The one world delusion holds that if we just do away with nations and races, that everyone will live happily together in unity.

“In Union there is strength”, as the article quotes, but that union has to be a real union among peers and like peoples. Enforced or coerced ‘union’ is a lie, and will never end well.

There can be no unity unless it’s a unity in truth, not unity built on a delusion and a lie.

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