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‘Conspiracy Theory Now Conspiracy Fact’

”Please share this story in hopes of waking people up to the fact that geoengineering is not a conspiracy theory, but a scientific reality we should all be fully aware of, and educated about!”

So I’m sharing it here. The above is a quote from the article by Jay Syrmopoulos.

The ‘conspiracy fact’ is that Congress is holding hearings on Geoengineering, or climate modification, including methods such as ‘seeding’ the atmosphere with various substances — an idea which most of us have been trained to laugh at and ridicule, like UFOs. A commenter on a popular blog just the other day sneered at those who talk about ”chemtrails” as being comparable to ‘flat earthers.’

A simple Ixquick search on ‘chemtrails’ pulls up a whole page of nothing but ridicule: the Wikipedia entry references ‘The chemtrail conspiracy theory’. RationalWiki says:

“Chemtrails (“chemical trails”), according to various kooks, are a currently ongoing mass aerial dispersal of unknown chemicals by The Powers That Be, for some …”

And so on. It’s funny how those who are perennial skeptics, claiming faith in ’empirical data’ and ‘hard evidence’ and ‘Science’ seem to think that their position of knee-jerk denial is sound. It is usually based only on their implicit claim to know everything, so that they can say with 100 per cent certainty that such and such a thing does not exist, cannot exist. Obviously they don’t know everything; they are usually closed-minded people with a slavish devotion to ‘science’ or ‘reason’, thinking that science knows everything — it doesn’t — or that human reason is infallible.

Oddly, too, many skeptics somehow find themselves defending the mainstream media’s denials on issues like this, and of course the government’s obfuscations and half-truths. Many people who say they distrust media and ‘our’ government nonetheless are quick to give credence to anything we hear from those less-than-trustworthy sources.

It seems the Trump administration is taking the initiative on this issue.

“The push for discussion of geoengineering from the Trump administration should come as no surprise. Back in January 2017, Activist Post reported that ‘the U.S. Global Change Research Program quietly recommended new studies looking into two specific areas of research involving geoengineering.’ With the release of their report, the GCRP became the first scientists in the federal government to formally recommend studies involving geoengineering.”

It’s about time this subject was discussed openly.

For years I, like many others, have noticed the aerial spraying, and no, the ‘trails’ left behind are not normal jet contrails, contrary to what the know-all skeptics insist. Yet when asked, ‘officials’ or scientists go into their denial mode, insisting that no such thing is happening. They have avoided even acknowledging that climate-tampering or geoengineering is even occurring, implying that it’s a delusion. Those with a modicum of curiosity are left to try to guess at what it is all for. My conjectures included a possibility that they were attempting to stop so-called ”global warming”; others speculate that some type of substance to render people more passive could be in use. Sounds like science fiction, right? In fact at least one classic Dr. Who episode had a dystopian society in which people were made passive and stupid by means of an aerosol drug. And maybe that is paranoid imagination, as we know our government could never do such things.

I have some materials in my files from years ago on the geoengineering project, and if I can find those I will post them later.

Further from the article:

“Scientists at the University of Washington formed the Marine Cloud Brightening Project, in an effort to bolster financial support for basic research, in hopes of running small-scale tests of adding particles to clouds.

In addition to seeding marine clouds, the team is also looking into what’s known as “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering,” which involves injecting reflective particles into the upper atmosphere, similar to a volcano during major eruptions, to produce a regional cooling effect.

During Wednesday’s House hearing Committee Chairman Smith noted that geoengineering “could have positive effects on the Earth’s atmosphere,” but cautioned “we have a lot to learn.”

A ‘lot to learn’ is right. First of all, given the fraudulent nature of the ‘global warmer’ cabal, and their fudging of data, their own conspiracies to cover up facts, how can we even know whether a ‘cooling effect’ is needed? They are groping in the dark. And given the lack of veracity on the part of a politically correct, factually incorrect Science orthodoxy, not to mention our less-than-honest government and media, how can we be sure that what is being disclosed is the truth?

I have noticed that nearly 100 percent of the right-wing blogs I read avoid the subject of geoengineering/weather mod/aerosol spraying. I’ve noted only two exceptions, one being a blog that does cover what many would call ‘fringe’ subjects. Otherwise nobody touches this subject, though many are certainly not averse to so-called ‘conspiracy’ theories per se. Yet this subject should concern us; we all live in and breathe the same atmosphere, and our various climates are all part of a worldwide system.

Environmental issues are all too often abandoned to the loony left, yet obviously the ‘progressives’ don’t really care about the environment, only using that issue to assail capitalism and our first-world lifestyle. And since the left dropped all pretense to caring about Mother Earth when it comes to limiting immigration, they have no real claim to being the guardians of our environment.

If you are at all interested in this subject, or even if you haven’t been up till now, I recommend reading the entire article at the link at the top of this post.

Now will the skeptics and chronic deniers admit they have been wrong, or will they just ignore any new information as usual and continue in their closed-mindedness? It’s hard to fathom how, in a world in which actual conspiracies have been confirmed, people still insist on denying them out-of-hand. Maybe that’s a big part of our problem in many cases, not just on this issue.


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