Back again

It’s been some time since I blogged; without going into my personal life too deeply I’ll just say that ill health has disrupted my life, and that I’ve had mixed feelings about returning to blogging. But here I am, at least for now.

For most of the time I was away, I deliberately avoided the news, especially anything political. Still some of the ‘news’ seeps through into your consciousness even if you don’t seek it out. I am just now catching up with a lot of things.

This survey caught my attention. It’s called The Demography of the Alt-Right, and it measures racial attitudes amongst various demographic sections of the American population, for example by age group, economic level, education, and religiosity. There was little there that surprised me, but I am sure many on the right will be surprised (if they admit it) about the fact that those who are more religious tend to have a stronger White identity. There is the canard that most Christians, even those who are right-wing, are liberal on all social matters, including race. Many ‘Old Time’ Christians, regardless of age, have not bought what was once called ‘liberation theology’, so it’s not accurate to tar all Christians with the same brush.

And notice the results on attitudes by generation or age group.


It seems that the older generations have the strongest feelings of racial solidarity — thus the young people in the UK who opposed Brexit blamed the ”racist old people” for tipping the scales in favor of leaving the EU. And there is plenty of other data from previous polls, surveys, etc., which show the same generational pattern.

A little more troubling is the survey’s finding that there is only a slight difference in racial attitudes between Southrons and those outside the South. There was a time when the South displayed far more regional loyalty and racial loyalty. Thanks to the mind-conditioning in schools and the media — and let’s not forget the influx of people from the North colonizing Dixie, especially from the 70s onward. There were many Northerners who moved to the South and of course now the immigration tsunami has hit the South.

The demographics of the South have changed, and this survey shows some of the results.

At the link, you can see more results of the survey.

9 thoughts on “Back again

  1. VA:

    Good to see you back. I had wondered whether your absence might be due to a bout with I’ll health. I’m sorry to hear of it, and hope you are doing well.

    Enough about that. You wrote:

    Thanks to the mind-conditioning in schools and the media — and let’s not forget the influx of people from the North colonizing Dixie, especially from the 70s onward.

    Absolutely! My grown and married kids set up a little private family blog some time back, at which they asked me to write articles and essays covering a range of topics for their edification. That “range of topics” includes the “big three” you mention in the quote, namely the mind-destroying modern public education system, the Jewish owned and operated mass media and entertainment industries, and the migration South of Yankee carpet-baggers and their influence on the Southron mind and the Southern way of life.

    About a year ago, while doing some research on one of my favorite Southron characters, Matthew Fontaine Maury, I happened upon a website at which is collected all of the editions of The Southern Literary Messenger (1830-1864). The magazine contains many articles and essays relevant to the topics just mentioned, and we now know of course that what our Southron forbears warned would be the results of radical Yankee abolitionism have virtually all come to bear with a vengeance. The recent push to remove Confederate monuments from their historic resting places is more than a little disconcerting, to say the least, but I have also noted, on more than one occasion and at more than one place, that in some certain cases these monuments probably should be moved out of the crime-ridden cesspits they were originally placed, and to cities or towns in the South where the men whom they were erected to honor would themselves choose to live were they alive today. E.g., the monuments removed from Memphis, and that in Tuskegee, AL.

    I don’t know whether the Daughters of the Confederacy have ever considered doing something like that, or whether or not they even have the funding it would take to complete the task, but I for one would be willing to contribute to such a cause, and to solicit donations from others for the effort if ever that becomes an option The Daughters might consider.

    Again, welcome back.



  2. Hi Terry, how good to see you here. You were one of my original readers on my old blog, so long ago. Glad to see you are still fighting the good fight.

    I was just about to write a post about the vandalism and the removal of the Confederate monuments. Although I am somewhat discouraged when it comes to world events, the war on the South and on our history and culture is enough to bring me back.
    Thanks for the welcome-back; I wasn’t sure if anybody would be here after my long absence.


  3. Good to see you back! I don’t know why I checked your blog after all this time. I must have a sixth sense. Yes, the vandalism of public monuments is discouraging, all the more so because it seems to be part of a broader attack on the history of all European peoples (as attested by the recent removal of a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald). The destruction of our history is a first step to genocide. In fact, I believe it’s part of the accepted definition of genocide.

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  4. VA!!!!

    So glad you’re back! Sorry about your health issues.

    As a member of the 30-44 cohort on that chart (how time flies! I remember commenting under my real name when I found you in ’09 and later as a Visitor) I’m actually heartened by the amount of whites in my age cohort feel solidarity.

    The Left loves rubbing in everyone’s faces how my age cohort is so liberal. Those of us who are right wing on race exist and are growing in number.

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  5. Hi Shotgun,
    “Re-appearing American” would be a more fitting blog name, wouldn’t it?
    Ii think the previous time I was missing for a while, and came back,, Porter at the Kakistocracy blog changed the blog name in his blogroll to ‘Un-vanished American” I think. 😉
    Good to see you here.


  6. Va! I had all but given up hope that you weren’t returning. Something struck compelled me today to hand a look and – wouldn’t you know it! – here you are again.

    I hope all is well. Looming forward to your commentary.


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