Will justice be done?

Will the Southern heritage be defended, or will those in authority turn a blind eye as usual, and allow public monuments to be destroyed or removed from their place, contrary to the law?

Will those in authority have the courage to defy the mob or will they refuse to prosecute and administer justice?

Officials at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill say that campus ‘leaders’, whoever they may be, didn’t anticipate the vandalism and theft of public property. However, given the fact that incidents like this were happening in various places around the South, only an idiot would fail to ‘anticipate’ the unlawful actions of the mob.

According to the article, seven of the far-left mob were charged; one was found ‘not guilty’ and the rest had their charges dropped.

UNC-CH is a liberal college in a liberal area, so I would have been surprised if the guilty had been tried and convicted.

Judging by the surnames of those charged, it seems entirely possible that few of them had Confederate ancestors, and maybe they or their families lack roots in North Carolina or the South. Certainly the name ‘Jiminez‘ was virtually absent from that area until the recent influx of Hispanics into the South, where immigration previously left little imprint on the population.

Changing the demographics of America, especially the demographics of the South, amounts to willfully changing the culture, including the politics of that region. If things continue as they are, soon much of the South will be as heavily ‘diverse’ (read: nonwhite) as, say, California or the Northeast. And that’s exactly the point of it — to outnumber the  historic population, replacing it with people who have no historic ties to the region, and no respect for the true history of the South and its longstanding culture, about which they know nothing and want to know less.

But if these people, both in academia or elsewhere, think they can obliterate the South and its people and culture, by destroying property, they are imagining things. Pulling down and desecrating the statues of our Southron ancestors cannot erase our forefathers and their deeds and their — our — history. It may be that the arrogant far-left think that they can go on ‘winning’ forever because our Southron folk seem quiescent now, but all this naked aggression and intimidation may have unexpected results as they provoke the good people of the South once too often.

This issue is very personal to me; the vandals , being unthinking barbarians, apparently can’t imagine how they might feel if someone vandalized and desecrated monuments to their own ancestors. One of my kinsmen is memorialized in a North Carolina statue, and I can only hope that rabble of Jacobins don’t have their sights set on his statue. Maybe I shouldn’t mention his name or the location lest they add it to their to-do list.

Southron kinsmen, our ancestors need to be defended and our ‘ancient landmarks’ protected from the mobs. If the vandals can flout the law and spit on the graves of our forefathers, what next?

Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.  – Proverbs 22:28


6 thoughts on “Will justice be done?

  1. I believe that theirs is a Lamp that shall be put out in deep darkness, VA.:

    I read that statement by the University official as well, and my thought was precisely yours: you’d have to have been an idiot to not have seen this coming. Obviously I too think these barbaric ingrates ought to be punished to the full extent of the law and then some. One of the main reasons is of course that to go easy on them (which apparently the authorities have done) is to encourage more of the same.

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  2. VA (and all), I could of course go on and on quoting various Southron men in various ways relevant to your post, but I thought the following extract from R. L. Dabney’s lecture titled The New South particularly apropos. The entire lecture (indeed, all of Dabney’s works, among others) ought to be required reading for any young man or young woman who has an ounce of Southron blood running in his or her veins. Here is the extracted passage, without further ado:

    THE NEW SOUTH: A Discourse delivered at the Annual Commencement of Hampden Sidney College, June 15, 1882, before the Philanthropic and Union Literary Societies.

    I recall what my own eyes witnessed at the last great civic pomp in which I was present. This was the installment of that statue of Jackson near our State capitol, which Virginia received as the tribute of British statesmanship and culture to her illustrious dead. At this ceremonial there were gathered almost the whole intelligence and beauty of what was left of the old commonwealth. As the long procession wound through the streets marshaled and headed by General Joseph E. Johnston, under the mild glory of our October sun, while the atmosphere was palpitating with military music and the whole city was gone upon its house-tops, it was easy to perceive that all eyes and all hearts were centering upon one sole part of the pageant, and this was not the illustrious figure that headed it, the commander in so many historical battles, bestriding his charger with his inimitable martial grace; nor was it the cluster containing the remnant of Jackson’s staff. We might have supposed that we would receive some reflected distinction from the luminary to which we had been satellites so near, and that some romantic curiosity might direct itself to those who had habitually seen him under fire, heard, and borne those orders which had decided memorable victories, and bivouacked under the same blanket with him; but no eye sought us. Then came hobbling a company of two hundred and thirty grizzled men with empty sleeves, and wooden legs, and scarred faces, and hands twisted into every distortion which the fiery fancy of the rifle-ball could invent, clad in the rough garb of a laboring yeomanry, their faces bronzed with homely toil; this was the company for which every eye waited, and as it passed the mighty throng was moved as the trees of the forest are moved by the wind, the multitudinous white arms waved their superb welcome, and the thundering cheer rolled with the column from end to end of the great city. It was the remnant of the Stonewall Brigade! That was the explanation. This was the tribute which the sons, the daughters, the mothers of Virginia paid to sturdy heroism in defeat. And as I saw this my heart said with an exultant bound, “There is life in the old land yet!”

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  3. I’m not a Southern but my fiancée is. We plan on displaying a Confederate battle flag once we get a home.

    Long live the South!

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  4. Welcome back, VA; BTW, there is a favorable mention of you today at CWNY (but I’m sure you knew that already).
    The college at Chapel Hill is not really part of the South and never has been.


    • Hi OldSteve,
      Thanks for the welcome back. I wasn’t even sure if anybody would be here or whether I would have become ‘irrelevant’ after so long.

      I did just this evening see Cambria’s post and his very gracious words about this blog and me. I’ve admired his work over the years, I’m sure a lot of us have.
      Thanks for your comments.


  5. VA, it’s been so long that I had forgotten my handle; the oldsteve post above was by me. In any case, welcome back and I hope your health problems are at least bearable.


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